Hollywood Undead – Five – Album Review

For my 853rd review, I discuss the new Hollywood Undead record, and try to articulate why their ‘appeal’ doesn’t quite click.

Best Songs: ‘Whatever It Takes’, ‘Bang Bang
Worst Songs: ‘Black Cadillac’ ft. B-Real, ‘Pray (Put Em In The Dirt)’, ‘Cashed Out’


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98izzark says:

I’m highly curious what metal you like

Ben Callison says:

Hollywood undead is good

Blackout says:

“Hollywood undead sucks”. Sry do I need 2 give u a brain replacement. Their new album “Five” I have never heard an album this gud.

Purple Rhino says:

Fuck you prick HU is the shit they know how to rock and roll your a peace of shit.

Anthony DeLizio says:

Some of their songs are good even great but as a whole they aren’t good.

NumbingDiagram says:

this dude is actually a faggot lol

Caboose DestroyerOfWorlds says:

For me I love the meaning behind they’re more serious songs. The instruments are not basic and the songs have a lot of depth. (Obviously not the party ones) And you talk about how they can’t decide what style they want for this album but, that is they’re style. They’re not subject to any one type of genre. Overall I think you’re review is quite biased and that’s ok cause everyone has they’re own opinions but hopefully you can do reviews in the future where you won’t be so close minded.

Hetzer Hasser says:

You are absolutely clueless about music mate. Comparing “shock value” to Marilyn manson, as that is a good thing, yet you seem to think it’s good. Marilyn Manson is known to have no musical talent, so he synthetisises his voice a lot to fit his……*siigh* “STYYYLEEEE”. Also, saying that their clean vocals got worse, when they got an actually good clean vocals singer on their second album is extremly dumb…Also, what the fuck is with the “Angry white boy phase” thing? Is that the best you can do as an argument? You have to be in a certain phase, to appreciate types of music? I am not some angry white boy (also, probably older than you) yet I can relate to some of their songs, and I listen a huge amound of different music genres, from Black Metal, to K-pop, to Scandinavian Folk, because I am actually open minded to music, unlike you, where you seem biased as fuck, and don’t seem to understand a very important term in music, which is CONTEXT. People who read this comment first before watching, don’t bother watching. Go to better reviewers who actually have a clue about music, like Mike from become the knight, or ARTV
You call this shit a Review yet you clearly have no expertise about music..you probably don’t even play an instrument. The way you word everything in this video (and not only, i have watched a couple of your videos, and you have a very similar format) seems you go a very opinion based path, very biased and stuff.. Look, you don’t have to be a musician to appreciate or dislike music. But don’t call your shit a review like you know what you are talking about, but it’s clearly false, given that you say things like “Marilyn Manson backs that shock value with talent” I sure as hell don’t call my shit reviews.

this Bubbly Goodness says:

i love hollywood undead (yeah, im probs a fanboy tbh), i like their lyrics, their songs are catchy and memorable for me, i like the band members, they’re genuinely nice guys who have a good sense of humour, i like their masks and music videos. but i respect this guy’s review, it reminds me that every review is just an opinion. but the fact that a lot of people asked you to review these guys proves that they’re not dying out, they have a strong fanbase. the only thing you’ve got wrong is that this album IS well produced, the instrumentals are very well done, whether you like them or not, hard work has been put into this album.

P.S i personally never heard of the “angry white boy” phrase to be honest, I prefer more surreal music, i love Hollywood Undead, Daft Punk, Gorillaz and Tame Impala

The Undead Family says:


SkeetThe Heat says:

You’re really bias, put all hate aside and review the album right.

turbowarrior23 says:

Used to listen to these guys when I was 13 LOL

Arcane Senzen says:

I personally like this band a lot, it’s kind of a guilty pleasure. I don’t know what it is, I just do I guess. It takes awhile to grow into it I guess (I’m not angry or white lol). Completely understand your point though. Not a big hip hop fan but something about them makes me like them. Go listen to songs like Mother Murder and Outside then perhaps you can see a little bit potential.

Reagan Legrand says:

Like them or not when I hear an album I don’t like i keep quiet about it instead of voicing my opinion about it because it can piss people off who like the band

Donnil says:

Buddy, try making a song yourself. You can’t put your opinion into something and talk complete crap; and at least they got somewhere. You’re comparing two great artists (Chester Bennington and Danny), and what’s the difference? They’re both different and unique! So stop it, and drop a few bars.

Otavio Popo says:

If you can’t see the instrumental quality, an album containing several instruments (Including harp), and if you can’t see the great quality in production, we have only two choices, or you don’t understand anything about music, or you are simply a hater!


How can you use “shock tactics” in music

Niels Reviews Music says:

The first 3/10 since ‘Stoney’ by Post Malone

LegendBTV says:


Janaka Dombawela says:

“Trust me, in five years, or even five months you’ll be glad you did that, because this, it won’t stick around” – Ha ha lol. If HU are goners they should probably gone by now. But you know…

B says:

Ok then, nice to know your opinion I guess

Kevin Janquart says:

dude Hollywood Undead is one of the greatest rap metal bands ever so shut up you can hate them all you want but they are really fucking good

Dark_The_Psycho says:

Kill yourself you don’t know fuck all about music

Bahamutus says:

You suck bro, go suck your momas tit. HU for live.

Jorrin Knollema says:

Are you going to review Kelsa Ballerini’s latest album Unapologetically?

Thesketchmaster says:

Am I allowed to like HU

Dreigonix says:

Spectrum Pulse gave a negative review to a group I like?! That means he sucks now, because I take any criticism of a group I like as a judgement of me as a person!

(Joking, obviously. You’re still awesome.)

Mi3s9 9 says:

Latterly I only like one song one this album is California Dreamin

Arsenal Celtic says:

go listen to 1D

Jacob Biancardi says:

The only thing I can say about this album is that it has good workout songs.

James Snow says:

yeah… Day of the dead got number one on the charts in like maybe 3 countries and V is probably gonna do just as good so..

Adolf Hitler says:

Complete opinion. You call yourself a reviewer, you suck at it and should stop. To add on to that, considering you aren’t a hollywood undead fan, you shouldn’t review them you bias, souless, fuck. Talking about 1 line of lyrics isn’t putting the point in. You’re such a fucking dumbass.

Aiden_Curtis_24 says:

Well I give you a -9999/10

mmccauley57 says:

review Wolf Alice!

Warren Mitchell says:

Judging from the video cover, I thought this album was titled Fire, which would’ve been a more appropriate album title.

itch says:

god, i remember being like 11 or 12 and just listening to those guys non stop. i didnt even realize what they were talking about since my english was 800% worse than it is today lmao. im pretty sure i stopped giving a damn about them when i figured out what the word “rape” means

Derposaurus yeager says:

00:31 moments taken before disaster

Awesomepotamus 84 says:

You should review the new Big K.R.I.T. album since I think it’s his best to date.

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