Hollywood Undead – Five | Album Review

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►My review of rap/rock band Hollywood Undead’s aptly titled 5th album, “Five”.

BMG Music
Release: 10/27/17
Rating: 2.5/5

►Favorite tracks: California Dreaming, Black Cadillac, Your Life, Renegade

►Least faves: Riot, Nobody’s Watching, Cashed Out, Ghost Beach, Broken Record, Bad Moon

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Packers4life says:

I been an hu fan from the beginning, and I like how the combine styles, personally I’m not a huge fan of electronic sound but I respect that every album has different mixtures of songs, every member brings something to the band in terms of lyric styles, and I though Danny was really good on this album, and Hollywood unread have always been kinda cheesy

Terrell Pinder says:

i respect you opinion mate but V is a great album.

Clorox Bleach says:

Day of the dead is my fave

Richard Juttner says:

Whatever it takes and Black Cadillac were fucking amazing….I love this album

Anastazja Lopes says:

Others say that Da Kurlzz is not in the band because he was Trump follower

Lacuna says:

It was named 5 because they never thoight they would ever get to 5 records. It was their goal and they actually made it, they never thought they would.

TheUltimateShade667 says:

Theyve always had a couple tracks from each album that I enjoyed, and the rest I forget about. But this album I enjoy listening to at least half the album on a regular basis, so Id say this is my favourite album of theirs.

Pizza Rat says:

this album disappointed me so much… I justwant them to break up so I can have Charlie be perfect on his own like he was in his old band

TheKilpatrick3 says:

I literally love every song they have ever put out, but notes from the underground is by far their weakest album. Personally I’d put “V” up with Swan songs. Again I don’t dislike NFTU but it’s just not as good as the rest

Revolutionary Cinema Productions says:

this review is coming from someone too biased to be accurate. five is by far one of the best if not the best album theyve ever come out with, forsure. nearly EVERY SINGLE song is catchy as hell and all the members verses and chorus all have a great flow, and are all different from eachother. this is one of the best albums ive heard all year, and after hearing this album ive gone back and listened to the rest, and still this is the best imo.

klay m-lee says:

What the fuck happened to one of the best rapcore band?

Justin Fortune says:

To me danny voice is even better than before and ghost beach was a nice breath of fresh air in my opinion

Destructive Whale says:

Danny isnt good anymore? How dare you judged the greatest (in my opinion) member of this band! And what is this about him progressing for the worse? He sounds even better than in American Tragedy, the album that Danny preformed the best in.
(BTW Riot is great)

SlimBack121 says:

Mixing genres is not a valid reason for disliking an album. Diversity is almost a good thing. If it’s all the same then it’s bad, if it’s diverse then it’s bad, some people are never happy.

omightysaurus says:

their a diverse band and I’m going to say with full confidence that none of the songs are trash its the HU style and if you’re not HU then you wouldn’t understand anyway XD

TheRandomPhantom YT says:

Excuse me, Dakurlzz left. He was never kicked out or in your words “removed.” Don’t treat Dakurlzz as if he had no contribution to the band except for the occational screams and his awesome skills in drumming. He was and still is friends with the members of Hollywood Undead. He is just currently taking up his solo artist work, but not like Deuce did since Deuce created NineLives. Dakurlzz is making progress and Hollywood Undead respects his choices and supports him if you were to look at their Instagram. Stop looking at Wikipedia and start looking at personally voiced research on their social media pages.

NinjaTrixx101 says:

Felt rather disappointed by this album. Completely agree with this review. There just seemed to be a lack of variety and it started to get boring. I still think Swan Songs is their best but NFTU is a close second.

trey says:

Most People in my senior year high school hated this music but then again its 2017 I graduated last may

Christian Herbert says:

You’re wearing a green day shirt your opinion isn’t valid

xF1reheart5743 says:

I disagree with pretty much everything in this review. I loved this album, i loved Day of the Dead, I cant really recall any album I didn’t like. And you have to remember, its about opinion. He thinks riot is a terrible song… while I really like it. I dont understand why you even waste your time doing a review on music when you dont even like the type of music your reviewing on. You said it several times through the video that this type of music isnt something you’re a huge fan of. So leave it to the people to choose. You doing this review could stop people from listening to the album even though its something they may really enjoy. Because personally, This is one of my favorite albums in general, not just by Hollywood Undead.

#Woken EnigmaTV says:

Well I don’t care I like that you have your personal opinion but to me the albums have never really been at all bad, but its your opinion and that’s what matters not to me personally but yeah

Shaun Reyna says:

I think I finally get why HU is so polarizing. From what I’ve heard from most people that don’t like their music is that they don’t get what their doing genre wise, which 100% makes sense. I think I like them so much because I’m the kind of person whos playlist can go from a song like War Child to some piano songs from like Lucas King or something and I would barely notice, so the different kinds of songs they make are all cool to me. When you look at all their music as a whole I could see how someone could be turned off by the lack of consistency, but I think people who look at each song as their own individual things like them better than people who like to keep a consistent flow when listening to music.

SMX Games says:

this is actually the 6th album. people keep forgetting desperate measures.

Jessy says:

HU are just ahead of their time tbh… People can’t seem to get used to them having so many variating sounding songs and style on their albums, just like they had on EVERY album prior, Some rock, some hip-hop, Club/Party songs, emotional slow songs. People just aren’t buying the fact that a band can be versatile. Sad really.

Slimshadow457 says:

While I liked Day of the Dead quite a bit (some of the tracks on it were certainly a lot of fun), this album just feels tired and forced. It feels like 5 dudes struggling to do what came naturally before. This just goes to show that a band can’t get away with making the same shit over and over again until it sells. That said, I still got my tickets for their show in 2018, I won’t cancel because they are incredibly fun live, but this album really didn’t do it for me.

Like you said, 5 albums in, we’re kinda trying to look for something more.

Lucile Francois. says:

I do understand why someone wouldn’t like this album given that they seemed to rely on an angry vibe a lot and kinda slide through genres with no real flow to the transition but I still liked it because I actually like the angry vibe as well as their genre shifting. Basically what does it for me I completely understand if it turns others off.

Caleb Carson says:

da Kurlzz left the band himself because he wanted to do other things in life than just music. he left on good terms with the band and they are still friends, unlike HU and Deuce.

bmkproductions says:

American Tragedy is probably my favorite album from them. This album is pretty good though, California dreaming, broken record and your life are my favorite songs. As for Riot I think it’s a good party song or to hear them play at a concert

ARTV says:

Desperate Measures is NOT A STUDIO ALBUM. You people claim to be fans, you don’t even know it’s a LIVE ALBUM. Rant over.

Cody Scroggins says:

Not gonna lie I didn’t like a lot of songs on this album we own the night and calfaronia dreaming were the only two it was really kind of a step down

Jacob Biancardi says:

Your Life is an amazing workout song.

Trenton Reese says:

The best song on there is Ghost Beach!

Thomas Jones says:

I don’t usually hate, but the reason the songs are so different becuase they all Wright music together, and obviously they are all gonna like different things. They also do different song so that they’re not tied down to a certain genre where fans get mad that the switched genres. Yeah it sounds different but it’s all they same down to its roots. Ghost beach sounds amazing in alot of ways, and this guy does not know what he is talking about. In fact they had at least 40 songs made and they picked their favorites becuase they couldn’t put more than 14, do more research before you try to rant on how “bad” their album is

Leslie Bushey says:

Music is a very personal thing like spirituality. Don’t judge a band, don’t judge an album in its entirety. Judge each song not by technical standards but by how it makes you feel, how it resonates with you and your ability to relate to it. Judge it by how hard it is for you not get off your ass and dance. I don’t like Marilyn Manson, but I like some of his songs because they *are* good so into my library they go. I do have some bands I love as a whole. Green Day, however, is not and never has been one of them. In their entire discography, they only have one song I like. Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Based on that, I can safely say I do not like the band. So. No offense, but in my opinion, and that’s all it is, a guy reviewing an album in a Green Day t-shirt automatically loses all his credibility in my eyes. I have a HUGE music library and my taste is *extensively* eclectic. Because I take each song as a separate entity. I will buy the entire album if I like a majority of their songs. However, most of the time, you probably *won’t* love *every* song on every single album a favorite band of yours makes and that’s okay. That doesn’t make you less of a fan. So, don’t buy the songs you don’t like. Buy the ones you do and screw what anyone else has to say about it. That’s why we have the option of buying individual tracks now. That said, I don’t disagree with *everything* that was said in the review, but I strongly disagree with the reviewers opinion of Danny’s vocalizing. He and Charlie Scene have amazing voices and they’re actually my two favorite band members because of that. Danny was on point in each of his performances. He always is. Also? Are any of you old enough that the term ‘B sides’ means anything to you? Because bands typically have ‘b-side’ songs on their albums and those are the songs that typically don’t become hits. B-sides are the ‘filler songs’ you speak so extensively about. They’re *supposed* to be there and have been since the dawn of the music industry.

Justin Fortune says:

I loved this album

Adam Reis says:

do you have a less snobbish and annoying voice

Trenton Reese says:

5 unless you count Desperate Measures.

Kyle Drury says:

Riot was one of the best songs I’ve ever heard kys

Asis feen says:

Yea…slow tempo songs, songs with cheesy, lame-ass lyrics…I also do like only a few out of this album. Riot – I mean I wouldn’t mind the energy if I was drunk partying but holy shit it’s just not okay to have nu-metal songs and this shit on one album. I’m very disappointed, especially since they are one of my favorite bands.

Μinister Lemon says:

It was not my favourite alboum by any means….. some songs were bad….but i liked nobody’s watching… it remembered me a bit of linkin park …. you went too hard on that song … i found the others a bit stupid and aggresive for no reason…

William Edmondson says:

I thought Ghost Beach was one of their strongest songs off the album

Gunner Pichon says:

Bruh Danny sounds fine he still good and my favorite singer and all the songs in my opinion are great and I think they should keep doing what they are doing like its nice when they do softer music sometimes like Nobodys Watching is one of the best along with We Own The Night


totally agree dude, this album is 2/5, for me, they went down hill rapidly after swan songs,, deuce was the true talent in this band,

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