Incubus – 8 | Album Review | Rocked

A review on Incubus’ 8th full album about the down side of love, simply titled 8.
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Trey says:

Morning View and A Crow are two best imo

Aiko Yumi says:

Eh, it’s okay.

CJ Ringled says:

Honestly I could listen to this album on repeat for a few hours. I am a big fan of Incubus and honestly this is one of my favorite albums by them.

TKxWeatherman says:

Hey Luke. What are your thoughts on Feed the Machine?

Miah Thorpatrick says:

S.c.i.e.n.c.e. is such a masterpiece. Incubus at their best. but I digress.

great honest review! I’ve found people over-praising this album like it’s the best since Crow.

Machado1328 says:

I just can’t get into what these dudes have been attempting to do the past how many yrs…I get heavy heart every time I give a new album of there’s a chance…I feel like they completely lost it after morning veiw with maybe a few shades of hope sparkling left in crow, but after that you get like maybe two decent tracks per album…it’s probably just me but they use to destroy it like perfection at its finest

Xenny X60 says:

S.C.I.E.N.C.E. is an ATF of mine

Dj Mario says:

Can you please do a review of science

Joseph Gaster says:

I disagree. What I love about every Incubus album is that they have their own unique sound and feel, and this album isn’t any different. Before the album I was hoping Incubus would try something alittle edgy and hardcore and this album had exactly that. Though it’s not my favorite Incubus album, it surely doesn’t deserve a 6/10, more like an 8/10. So in all, not my favorite Incubus album, but it’s still solid and I’m glad to see Incubus still writing unique albums and not sellout weak ones like… *cough, cough* LINKIN PARK *cough* lol

Claire Gonzales says:

Very professional channel!

Wade k 21 says:

Review GHOST. I find it odd how they’re one of the bigger bands right now and I haven’t heard you mention them at all.

Z-Soul 512 says:

science is indeed legendary and should be cherished

Lucas LeCompte says:

I miss science and make yourself. Incubus used to be my fav band. They havent been the same since the funk bassist left. They are basically a indie rock band now.

Sam Garcia says:

Incubus hasn’t released a good album in a long time. So it’s no surprise that the album wasn’t that great. Sure it’s not terrible but nothing to listen to on repeat.

vasquez. i. says:

what’s everyone’s top 5 incubus songs? ☺

CoolCole 64 says:

Rocked, you are awesome! Please do a Regretting the past of Train: Drops of Jupiter! I hate Train so much!!

Xander J says:

What do you think of Chevelle?

Christian Guillen says:

6/10 seems accurate. It’s fine the way it is but kind of not an album I’ll return to that often. I enjoyed what I heard and that’s that. I enjoyed the first 4 tracks the most but then it goes on a bit and becomes forgettable.

Mio Akiyama says:

I love Incubus.
It’s one of the few bands that got me into playing bass.

And I agree, while I did enjoy a fair bit of the album, it’s a bit of a letdown compared to their other work.


This album is horrible

Phunky Phantom says:

I’m a longtime Incubus fan and I was NOT satisfied with this album

Drop Therapy says:


Hanad Farah says:

Great work man defi going sub to you, by any odd chance do you know death grips if so what do you think about them. Its one of my current fav just behind Queens of the stone age. Cheers

Hello!Nurd says:

I’m a die hard Incubus fan, one of my favorite bands since my childhood. I enjoyed the early funk-metal days, I enjoyed their shoe gaze alt-rock days, hell I even enjoyed Light Grenades & A Crow Left Of The Murderer even though people were hating them! But If Not Now, When? was really disappointing. I felt like that album was a bit too safe for it’s own good. But after listening to 8, I actually kinda liked it. Yeah go ahead & laugh I know you want to!

But on this new record they are now full on shoe gaze, having some atmosphere & charming melodies, something that they could pull off! Sure I guess Nimble Bastard was a bit deceiving, but at least there’s more color & dynamic on here than in If Not Now, When? I’m not gonna say that this album is 100% flawless, it did have a few moments that I zoned out on, but a few bad moments are easily passable if there’s enough good moments to balance it out. To me it’s like Lowborn by Anberlin, it’s not as crunchy or fast as previous releases, but they still do a good job w/ adjusting to a new style. & hey, unlike the new LP songs, at least Incubus (regardless of what you think on this album) still sounds like themselves! That alone is kinda worth something.

But, hey I’m no professional critic so what the hell do I know? 😛

drummerguy 85 says:

These guys haven’t put out a good cd since morning view which wasn’t nearly as good as make yourself imo

Starbox Official says:


J G says:

Worst Album I have ever heard from the guys…..

Mean Matts World says:

those are French Bulldogs, not Pugs

Busted Speakers says:

Incubus has been on such a bad track, this was really odd and boring.

Jake The Metalhead says:

Hey Luke, have you ever been interested in doing a review for a Pretty Reckless album? Just a bit curious.

Amy Tomczyk says:

The 4 pre release songs I thought were great and made me excited for the release date. No fun was great as well but a little bit let down with the rest of the album. Overall a solid 7/10 record.

oren meldung says:

Idk about “cruise control”… Trust fall side a and if not now, when? Are VERY different musically.

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