Interpol – Marauder ALBUM REVIEW


Marauder offers little more than a washed-out version of post-Bright Lights Interpol.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Ricardo Fajardo says:

I understand the need to post the review quickly, but I think this album is much more of a grower than previous Interpol records and I have found myself enjoying it a lot. I sort of lost faith in Interpol with their self titled album, so much that I pretty much ignored Elpintor, but this one brought me back. It wasn’t on the first listen, though and it wasn’t on listening it on my download, but rather on vinyl. The compression there actually makes it sound more raw, and that’s because of the warmer sound the vinyl offers.

Jon Jon says:

Jesus Interpol still going??

Beyond bllllllllllllllluuuuuuuurgh

xnoidedhermitx says:

disappointing album. 🙁

Paul Scott says:

Review Mouse on the Keys’ new album!

pending says:

I asked for this but this ain’t it chief

germackpaccone says:

i heard the sigh and i clicked out

Will Saleem says:

Oh god not the red flannel

MrBeesknees95 says:

Death Cab?? The Beths?? 😀

WHU Forever says:

Anna Calvi Hunter?

Jason Mahon says:

Ya I agree with you this album is terrible and I love Interpol

Sam Ashkenazy says:

Kamikaze review?

III III says:

Pretty much on point.

Leo Teal says:

Funny how everyone calling TOTBL their finest. While my first Interpol album was Out Love to Admire
and it’s still pinnacle of their music career. For me that is.

Well done says:

Where’s the new idles review??

anon amuz says:

Is this man DEAF? This album is great.

Mohammed Jaouhari says:

how did you not mention “Our Love to Admire”? track 3 “The Scale” is my absolute fav by them!

Grunge Drummer says:

review the new alice in chains album ffs

conroy1724 says:

I don’t know. I liked it.

Will Saleem says:

Ey review the new wombats album

Arrwmkr says:

Totally agree, they have nothing new. Stella was a diver – surely their highpoint. Side note saw them play once in London and they phoned it in, no audience interaction, it was one of the worst live gigs I’ve seen, was so disappointed.

Jared Short says:

I stopped watching at the 00:01 mark after the sigh. This is a great album that is too nuanced to catch everything on the first listen. This album is what classic Interpol is supposed to sound like.

Chief Swallowtail says:

I was extremely excited and looking forward to this particular review. Judging by his demeanor, 10/15 seconds into this critique I could sense which direction he planed to take. Unfortunately, he bit off from other fellow music reviewers that seem to LOVE being negative or are just plain haters. Just like the other reviews, they start out by praising Interpols debut album and how it’s such a modern classic, and for 15+ years the band has been chasing the accolades that came with that record…. If I recall, the band’s 2nd album “Antics” was pretty Damn good!! Also, it seems most folks for some reason totally wrote off their 3rd record ” Our Love to Admire”- which the band did experiment sonically on many tracks using synth. Pioneer to the Falls, Heinrich Maneuver, Pace is the Trick, Rest My Chemistry, the bonus track: Mind Over Time and you know Damn well you rocked “No I in Threesome” many times solo while driving- all of these songs stand up to the bands first 2 records. Interpols “Interpol” (record 4) is their most experimental to date and if the band had to write off one of their records it would probably be this one. For me though, the band still delivers some of my favorite Interpol songs : Success, Barricade and (by far my favorite song performed live) Lights are the highlights from this record. Record 5: El Pintor did capture some of the Interpol of past just like its been written by every freaking music critique who reviewed this record. Finally- the Marauder!!! If you don’t like Interpol then chances are you will not like this record. If you are a fan of the band, then how can you not love these songs. All songs were recorded on tape – 0% ProTools in the making of these fine collection of songs. I’ve been craving the sounds that come from Interpols guitars for 4 years. Everyone is so caught up in their first recording to where it’s a shame because the band will never duplicate that record. They are a different band- they are nearly 20 years removed from that record and minus a bass player( and a helluva bass player at that). Also, the music business is not the same. from 20 years ago. These guys are constantly touring the globe while writing and recording new material. The ways and.means musicians make a buck is a grind compared to what it use to be. When it comes to Interpol, you know what you are gonna get: songs filled with emotion with sometimes head scratching lyrics with awesome swelling guitars- add some kickass mature drums that has recently been brought more up to the fore front- only then you have the Interpol recipe… There is so many great bands and music out here/there and it’s at the tip of our fingertips. Being blessed to have the chance to listen to music and review it can also be stale at times from all the constant music being put out to critique. It seemed as though Mr.NeedleDropper was not in a positive mood when listening to and reviewing this record. With words being used sure as: Sloppy, Lazy, Lackluster, Slog and Sour comes off more like a personal attack than a critique. Try listening to it more than once and the more you listen to this album the songs will be in your head all day. The reason why we mostly love Interpol is because they have stood by their same sound for close to 20 years. Dressed to kill in customed tailored made black suits with Paul Banks haunting voice reminiscing early 80s British goth, swirling guitars that gives a middle finger to guitar tech gods like Steve Vai and J. Satrioni, and killer, mature drums that serves as the pulse for the music by a musician getting close to the age of 50. So, Mr. NeedleDropper- next time be a little considerate with the words you use in relation to another persons/people hard work and art. If you don’t like it then post something you do like. When you deliberately take a doo doo on somebody else it really depicts you as this wormy, pretentious snot that doesn’t suit you from past posts I’ve viewed from you#!!!!

Mason Nemes says:

I feel bad for them because their first album was such a masterpiece that they couldn’t live up to that ever again

Keith Hanisek says:

Some valid criticisms for sure but I don’t think the reviewer cares for this genre of music to begin with. He should stick with hip hop and top 40 releases.

Peter jakowitsch says:

Please stop reviewing anything

Duke Richardson says:

Lol i like the wish my bro george was here in the back melon

conceal says:

I thought you would like stay in touch! The weird chords reminded me a lot of the swells in The New, and brought a lot of nostalgia to me personally! Idk I havent listened a lot but I thought that song was…HOO

21innocentbystander says:

I love this album so much now. It’s haunting.

Duranarts says:

I agree, this was a huge disappointment 🙁

anon amuz says:

Who listens to sings the way this guy does? Breaking it down into bits hum along before you know it you learned all the words. This guy doesn’t like music .

Christopher Matei says:

Let’s just never talk about Our Love to Admire, ever. Wait, what? Was that an album or something?

alrightsoundsalright Cortez says:

antics was sick what are you talking about

spacebeauty says:

Review any Arthur Russell album

slyfauxify says:

Carlos Dengler has said on many occasions that he called his experience with Interpol akin to PTSD and a time in his life he was just doing it for shits and giggles. I respect the mutual split for Carlos and for the band. Anyone wishing for him back or saying he made the band better don’t have respect for Carlos or for the band.

TyphoidBryan says:

Completely agree with Fanthony Antano on the history of Interpol. Since Antics, I haven’t really been interested in or intrigued by subsequent albums. Noticed Marauder came out and didn’t even feel slightly curious about it. I really hope Preoccupations doesn’t suffer in the same way.

Luke M says:

Review new IDLES album? Review new IDLES album.

Jon Bon says:


Zach Likes Bagels says:

Interpol is one of my favorite bands. I think Anthony did a great job on this review, I 100% agree with him. The album did not seem done to me and as an Interpol fan, it was very disappointing to listen too. Bring Back Carlos!!!!!

Fierce Phil TV says:

Anthony you didn’t like the Album that means it’s below 5 simple.
And since its disappoining its a 3 not weak not strong a 3.
You need to get away from your 4-8 scale

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