Japandroids- Celebration Rock ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqaEQTi3rew

On the band’s sophomore LP, Japandroids do a great job of eliciting very righteous, life-defining emotions, but don’t really surround them with anything that’s terribly engaging, musically.

What did you think of this album? Did you love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?






Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Bradon Studebaker says:

Oldthany Vintagetano

Jupiter Bats says:

To me the songs on this record have the same feel as the last record did. Their catchy riffs, and I dig the lyrics. Musically your right, there’s nothing new, but it doesn’t make them any less enjoyable for me.

Alex Beckman says:

12 out of 10

palbo4 says:

That was one of the most pretentious comments I’ve ever seen

ChillDd00d says:

Spot-on review

SuperMuffinman645 says:

Holy shit get a load of this pretentious fuck

Rebreb says:

Post-Nothing is one of my favorite albums of the last few years but celebration rock was a completely overrated affair.  Post-Nothing had much more interesting strong structures and more impressive compositions.  

David King says:

Pfffff I really couldn’t listen to this. Just so boring.

Ally140992 says:

My favourite LP of 2012.

hot aga says:

so much hate and so many arguments on this video 🙁 please stop and think ‘what would based god do?’ and proceed as such… TYBG!

Jack Walker says:

I agree with you %100. A lot of the problems on this album for me are also problems I’ve had with albums by groups like Fucked Up and Titus Andronicus.

Nick Atkins says:

Sorry it’s not tech metal bro. Not all music has to have lots of contrast and dynamic. Take Bob Dylan for example. Excellent song writer and musician. His songs by the standards set in this review would be “bland”. The fact is that Japandroids have created a wonderful feeling. THey have captured the essence of what it is to be young in this generation. For that I give it a solid 9/10

chase ruel says:

i mean theyre not trying to be the next big thing and bring a whole new sound to the table. its a japandroids album, meant to be energetic raw catchy and emotional, its not trying to be a radiohead album. I loved it

Luke Schwartz says:

I dig this album a lot, but I still feel like this is a really good review. Just because Iove it doesn’t mean its perfect.

Hands of Cinderblock says:

It definitely doesn’t grip me as much as Post-Nothing.

Peter Saudino says:

wrong. wrong. all wrong. bad. very bad. not good.

jim staskauskas says:

What a fucking moron.

Fern Fernis Fernie says:

I love Japandroids, but I would recommend ‘Post Nothings’ the first album to anyone who wants to check em out for the first time. I prefer the first album to the second.

LawfulGoodGuy says:

I love this album, but I also love your opinions. 😛 <3

cubyman23 says:

Bruce Springsteen + The Replacements + Husker Du= Japandroids

SteelieSazoo says:

5 is a little low. I’d say 7-8. Its hard to pull off a simple pop song/s. And they do it well. I’ve not heard anything this “good”- and I say good because, its just trying to be that, “good”, nothing else. It does it in a humble way- though the music is kind of bombastic.

high says:

I quite liked this one. The instrumentals are basic, but I like that. As far as lyrics, I mostly agree with Anthony. To say it in “Fantano Terms,” I give this album a strong 6 to a light (or maybe mid) 7.

cc says:

he’s right, if it came out in the late 90s/early 00s it would be classified (and ignored) as emo. which wouldn’t be fair either, but well.

dayjilla says:

My Bloody Valentines

H Ansell says:

Fair enough, make your own opinions on genre. But you’ve now just thrown away a whole bunch of artists because of a loose association with a magazine dedicated to that style of music. You’ve done exactly what you accuse NME of doing.


I understand what your saying about how the songs are repetitive and such……but have you listened to it really? The changes are very very suttle. Like in the giuitar not vocals. That’s what I like about it

CBiscuit25 says:

Whelp, I love it because I’m a high schooler

Swim Thompson says:

Eat six dicks, Bloc Party is twice the band those Beatles wannabe’s called Oasis ever could be. And I don’t even mind Oasis but don’t you dare mock the bloc.

SteelieSazoo says:

More like the The Replacements.

Brandon Warehime says:

U need to be banned from YouTube. I’m writing letter of complaint. This is blasphemous

Shane Macgowan says:

Are you fucking kidding??
You clueless WuTang shirt wearing motherfucker.
Hands down the finest album released this decade.
Just flew 1200 miles to see this band, they’re fucking worth it.Cloth eared cunt.

Bora Kesal says:

Just when I thought he was gonna forget to say forever …

Tally! Ho! says:

I have this on White Vinyl and it sounded just like he said; really punchy

Jane Russel says:

This guys reviews piss me off so much and I can’t stop watching them…..

mathewgene says:

You really nailed this review, I had a very similar train of thought on this album.

didjano says:

what did I just read.

TheHolyFlipster says:

Damn, people are still flaming you from videos you dropped 5 years ago lmaoo

Benjamin Tirone Nunes says:

This album is fun from start to finish, it delivers on every aspect it aims for and is just a hellova good time.

Arian hmn says:

I honestly don’t mind Anthony giving this a bad review, i mean i love thisl album to death, one of my fav this year, but he is not the judging force in the universe…. if you read the last iine in the descriptions : “Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?”
You realize that it is only his opinions, and he have the right to have one just as much as you.

ftr2216 says:

I absolutely love this album but the crux for me was realizing how unbelievably front-heavy it is.  Everything after Fire’s Highway suffers from the ailment of not being Fire’s Highway.

true cowboy says:

u r sew stpd et ltraly hrts mi

Arian hmn says:

I really loved this album, one of my favourite of 2012, this was at least a 8/10 for me

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