Jay Rock – 90059 ALBUM REVIEW

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Jay Rock’s highly anticipated 90059 isn’t nearly as exciting as I’d hoped.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Matt Traverso says:

man this is still an 8-9 for me

Alec says:

I’d say strong 7, closer to 8

Todd Barrera-Disler says:

I liked it. Fair critiques, but I enjoyed it. I’d give it a medium 7.

Isaiah Jones says:

You really don’t like Isaiah Rashad do you?

Ethan Mackenzie says:

I respect your opinion cos you can actually back it up, and to be honest I loved some tracks from this album, and if I had to rate this my rating would be pretty similar. I would honestly give it a decent to strong 7

FLOW-RE5 says:

This nigga dumb as hell

Album reviews by me says:

Dude wtf the album was a straight up 10

Lore Galore says:

I think he’s comparing this to Good Kid Madd City.

CalebOnThe 33 says:

so many people though this album was trash yet I don’t see people saying nothing about Blank Face getting a lower score?

Moneymay 1 says:

This album is a good 8. No doubt, the beats are smooth, and Jay Rock delivery is real good and the lyrics are too real

rury carrera says:

90059> TPAB

Mr. 47 says:

Dont do any reviews on TDE.

Moneymay 1 says:

Every song don’t gotta be some club hype song like future/Travis Scott. This some straight smoke a blunt cruise through Cali music

El StrongPunch says:

When it comes to rap, it ain’t possible for this album to have just a strong 6, and imma try to tell you why. These is the only album i see outthere with a gangsta rap instrumental which has an atlanta influence and have tracks a little bit more focus to the club, that has a strong lyrics, lyrics that talk about something important and not pussy money weed, is the only album outthere you can ear it without feeling it’s a waste of time, for me man it’s really sad to ear this kind of mainstream cticism but imma try not to follow you,please don’t talk about rap if you don’t listen to it,i’ll aprecciate that

Jaap Jaap says:

After listening to the album a few times it has really grown on me, especially gumbo! A light 8 is in place

BasedGod Montymont says:

I think this was atleast a solid 7 +

aiyachristian says:

i don’t care what anyone says gumbo goes hard as fuck

josh kinsman says:

you fuckin scrub you didn’t like gumbo

Niko says:

andale, vamonos
feelin like osama, got my llama close

McDudes says:

I really like this album its a strong 7 to a week 8 to me.

josh kinsman says:

im convinced he didnt even listen to it

Groovy Tony says:


DANGER Noble says:

Strong 9 for me. And telegram was the best song on the album. And i love gumbo hahaha. Vice city is hard as fuck my nigga!!!! But i feel u in a way

Can't Be Fucking Bothered says:

Great album.

Hoose says:

I agree. This album was tame compared to his mix tapes 4/10

Cesar Escamilla says:

Why’s everybody so butt hurt about your review? Music doesn’t make feel everybody the feel the same way. Let the dude share his opinion.

Groovy Russ says:


Gabriel Humphrey says:

Was there ever a Live And Grow review Casey Veggies

Swnk Mstr-e says:

That album is fuckin dope af

Manuel Venegas says:

this dude don’t know shit, don’t let the high number of subscribers fool you.

King Danger says:

Comon guys stop bitching around u came here for his opinion and views it’s really sad that u come here and expect him to think the same as you I can get most of u will agree and some of u won’t and that’s fine Anthony stays true to what he says no matter how u try to change his opinion so don’t whine because ONE person doesn’t see the album the same way u do

MyCameron23 says:

One of the best albums of 2015. I guess you were expecting “hype” music or something. Not sure how you thought vice city wasn’t amazing 9/10

Mr. 47 says:

Fantano,bro u got it fucked up.

Jaylin Palmer says:

Eat a dick nigga

Carlos Jurado says:

always have something negative to say in every album

yung kenpachi says:

honestly feel like this album was a solid 7/10, I feel like jay rock made an album all hip hop old heads would appreciate, jay rock is completely different from rappers now in days, he has a very original and old school way of rapping, and on this album he kept the same flow but beats that people in this generation would prefer, like somewhat trap instrumental, I think its a good mix.

kobron1559 says:

See Anthony can spot if Kendrick has a weak verse. People think he rides Kendrick endlessly lol

Angel Lopez says:

wtf hell nah this shit ain’t no 6! fuck outta here if u don’t know how to rate rap /hiphop music

PJPayway says:

Easy Bake or Pay for It?

Thraitor says:

7/10. not really many bad songs but not many standouts either

Top Dawg Ent says:

album is good 7 to a light 8 for me

Nick cage says:

Album is fucking great IMO not an actual bad song on the album BUT and there’s a massive BUT. This Album I felt wanting more, there felt like it was missing something. I’d give it a 8/10. It was great quality music but needed something else to feel like a proper Album. I have no idea what that something is, dunno if it needed more songs or what. It just felt like a collection of good songs rather than a album if you know what I mean

Marlon DuBois says:


donnie darko says:

All these real hip hoppers in their feelings lol it honestly wasn’t very good. I deleted the album after like 2 weeks.

s7v7n says:

Uh! 6/10!! You sir Mr: Needledrop underestimated the heavens out of the album.

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