Jay Rock – Redemption Album Review (All Tracks + Rating)

Jay Rock – Redemption Album Review (All Tracks + Rating)

The mainstream grabs & moments of genericism hold Redemption back a little bit, but it still supplies us with some bangers & introspection! 3.5/5 Click the following link to subscribe to my channel for more hip-hop news & reviews! – http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=lukejamesbgn – And don’t forget to like, comment AND follow me on Twitter & IG @lukejamesbgn (or at least do one of those things)!

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FAVORITE TRACKS: For What It’s Worth, ES Tales, OSOM, Broke+-, Redemption

LEAST FAVORITE TRACKS: Knock It Off, Tap Out, Troopers

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Vladimir Klizschko says:

Troopers was dope though… the rest i agree with.

André BM says:

I can’t get jiggy with those soft R&B sex songs, King’s Dead is not good without Kendrick’s Verse

William Clarke says:

I’m trying to finish his, nas, black thought and jay rock but Nooo Beyonce and Jay-Z trying mess it up a bit I don’t know who to focus on

Steve Brown says:

I had second thoughts on this album before it came out since i dont like win and kings dead, but im wrong. Jay rocks album was really good.

John Abosede says:

Jay rock smashed it such an amazing album production side and vocally he has been really introspective 4/5 for me

Dylan Geiger says:

I didn’t like it at first but every listen it grows on me

Naki Gross says:

When it comes to jay rock he gets more passes than cole this Int better than kod rapping concept or nothing

Daniel Hill says:

I agree with this rating. I don’t agree with everything you said but for the most part we on the same page. I might feel different come next week after I’ve let the album marinate but yea, this was a solid project. My favorite track on here might be The Bloodiest. I fucked with Win too. I mean it’s not something I can listen to any time of the day but that’s a Friday Payday song for damn sure lol. Whoever’s idea it was to put that song with Jeremih on there needs to be punched in the face. I got angry listening to that garbage. Fucked up the flow of the album in my opinion. There were others I would’ve left off too but that one I wasn’t feeling at all. Felt like the label forced that record on there. Overall tho I like the project.

•King Zay• says:

Luke, Jay Rock wasn’t singing on 90059. That was lance skiiiwalker. They sound very similar.

Wesley Rocco says:

I’m pretty much like you with this review, this has some solid tracks on it but suffers from cliche mainstream shit. I had a question for you, I was wondering when you review albums what do you look for to determine how good it is? Is it production, bars, good songwriting, flow and delivery or a mix of all of these? Keep doing your thing homie

A P. says:

Yeah I’m totally with you he tryna get mainstream like his boy k dot. I felt he lost some underground edge

Keyser Soeze says:

Disappointing to me, sounds like jay rock is trying to be mainstream or yg or something… I hate it when rappers just don’t stay in they lane and seem to not understand who there core fan base are… 90059 was the best jay rock album and is everything a jay rock albums should be

Greatest Ever its a Drake Line says:

I thought you might have given it a 3/5 but i get the 3.5. I like this but not a fan of Jay Rock doing the autotune shit it sounds really awkward honestly i thought the production was banging and the tracks i loved i really loved but i wanted more of self reflective album i don’t mind if it’s mixed with some other stuff but a lot of this was just jumbled around i wanted something focused but it’s still a solid album i’ll go with a 3/5 here. I love the Brent Faiyaz feature on for what it’s worth just a super dope song and the best song… ES TALES one of the hardest songs i’ve heard all year.

Brandon Snipez says:

I think that Ab Soul would sound great over these mainstream sounding beats that TDE have been riding lately.

hiphophead555 says:

This was such generic Hip Hop album to me. It was like a copy & paste of what’s poppin atm. VERY disappointing!!! Jay rock has fallen in to the trap of following the trends. Jay rock sounded MUCH better when he first dropped. i’d give it a 2.5 outta 5 personally. Don’t get me wrong it had it’s highlights, but they were few and far between imo. Great review though dude.

Arlo Dante says:

The bloodiest is fucking good

Corbano says:

I still play ‘Say Wassup’ and ‘Gumbo’ on the regular. Add ‘ES tales’ to that list, what a banger. Decent album though. Kind of felt the same way about 90059

Stromboli says:

There are some good tracks but this album sounds very awkward and out of place for jay rock to me.

lorenzo perez says:

The mainstream grabbing tracks are half cringe and half smooth. I can’t decide between a 3.5 or a 4 (out of 5) but i went with a 4. Idk man but when i finished listening to this album it made me appreciate the 1st half of the album more. Idk maybe im a bit biased but it certainly didn’t “dissapoint” me


ES Tales is one of the hardest things I’ve heard all year

Christopher Mezidor says:

I was really anticipating for this album and after giving a couple of listens I found it to be meh and I was a little disappointed mainly because I didn’t like how he went with a more mainstream approach on this album. I get how TDE was trying to get jay some more recognition since he is one of the more slept on artists on the label, but I feel they could’ve executed it better and tapout is easily the worst track on there. And I also feel like the production was a bit weak I wish he had soundwave and the other in-house producers from the TDE label to work with him more. I’m really looking forward to your review on the Jay z and Beyonce collab album they just dropped!

Aarif Majeed says:

Had some great high points for me but there’s a couple tracks I could do without. I had pretty high expectations so I was slightly disappointed but overall it was still a solid album.

Slumped _ says:

I thought ScHoolboy Q should of been in ES Tales

Liam D says:

This is legit the worst project I’ve heard this year. 2 good songs and the rest is garbage. Legit didn’t think any decent rapper could make anything worse than KOD, I was wrong

jakkoffcantt says:

Great review! Personally, the album holds nothing and does nothing new in my opinion. His voice annoys me just like he’s so unrecognisable.

MegaKhalid121 says:

fav tracks on here are OSOM, Broke and ES Tales

Ran Nir says:

The hook is not Brant! it’s Ori Alboher (AKA ORI) – sampled from the album ‘1986’, the song is called ‘Solo’

Elijah Helm says:

Luke check out Life of a Wandering Child by RJ Riddle

blitz* ! says:

Maybe I need to give it more listens, because I struggled to find anything as exciting as some of the track off 90059. Sure ES Tales, For What It’s Worth and OSOM are good, but there’s no track here as good as Necessary, Gumbo, Easy Bake or Vice City.

And what’s worse are Jay Rock’s poor attempts at being trendy, Knock It Off and Rotation 112th were some of the most boring songs I’ve heard in an album all year.

Idk, I was really excited for this album even though King’s Dead was the lead single. But after WIN and The Bloodiest dropped, I almost lost any interest I had in listening to this.

Also, I was looking forward to one of the songs he previewed in IG that sounded like a really grimy trap banger but it’s nowhere here. At least he left that other song he previewed and gave the beat to Blac Youngsta because he didn’t sound good at all with the auto tune.

donkor thomas says:

Rotation 112th on repeat

lorenzo perez says:

And this setup is pretty scary. Even though you ranting about j cole is scarier lol

Fluffy2772 says:

You planning to review the new Busdriver album?

BlackFlame450 says:

Yeah I agree with you on it the mainstream sound and genericism does put a damper on it but man there are some solid ass bangers like ES Tales, The Bloodiest, For What is Worth, Broke, OSOM, and Troopers. Even the K-dot feature on ”WoW freestyle” is cool to bump on the speaker. Jay Rock is a consistent rapper with a good flow and cadence with his gruff demeanor. For me its a 7.5/10 album right here. Also I still dig the new setup Luke and looks more professional and clean looking. Thanks for the review and one more question, any games you getting this fall season and for next year?

Hey Melon says:

I just dont see the point of jay rock, he seems pretty non-essential on TDE. He’s grimy but not as grimy as Q, his wordplay is ok but not on the level of Ab-Soul, and he’s not as conceptual as a kendrick and his glow is just ok. I thought this album was super boring besides King’s Dead, WIN and OSOM. This guy makes J.Cole look like the guy from the most interesting man in the world.

Easy 1.5/5 for me

Dylan Grieb says:

3.5/5. ES Tapes, For What Its Worth (especially the first verse), and Knock It Off were my favorites. Knock It Off was more mainstream sounding but to me, it worked unlike his other attempts, and it gets stuck in my head. None of his albums have reached his potential, but this is a step down from 90059 in my opinion.

YouYouYou!!! says:

You sound like one of those cool school teachers lol

Luke James says:

I started vacation on Friday so the rollout of reviews should continue all week – which is perfect timing since so much new music is out there! Usually I only have a couple of hours at night to work on reviews so I feel spoiled to have all this extra time. How’d you guys like this album? I saw some people trashing it but I really don’t think it’s THAT bad. Fill me in! I have some indie stuff coming up next, then Bey & Jay, and I’m also hoping to wrap-up Black Thought and the new Locksmith & Apollo Brown this week, too! Oh, and one more thing – ya gotta appreciate that Elroy reference (from the old Martin sitcom) on the ES Tales hook. Forgot to mention that!

Isaiah Townsend says:

Too much music dropping at same time bey & Jay, Nas, locksmith & Apollo brown, Jay rock drake coming soon etc..
But da album social commentary was cool wish he could’ve delve in deeper. Es tales, rotation 112 imo are the best tracks cause of the variations of genre’s & styles. 2.5/4 too many generic, formulaic radio bangers non trunk slappers.

alexander brown says:

album was sooo dope…my guy always had that spit game..but he got serious about making ‘songs’. he tripping tho- “troopers” was the hardest joint, and should have been a single.

CGonTheBeat says:

Keep up the good work I been watching your reviews for years now

Mozart Mozart says:

Do 5 seconds review like in your old video

Nick Rubio says:

Is it me or does ES Tales give you an Ice Cube feel?

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