Jay Rock, member of TDE has just released his new album titled REDEMPTION. After features with Kendrick & Future on the new Black Panther Album and a notable leave from the spotlight we see he’s received the motivation for another body of work.

Jay Rock – REDEMPTION Full Album
1. The BIoodiest
2. For What It’s Worth
3. Knock It Off
4. ES Tales
5. Rotation 112th
6. Tap Out featuring Jeremih
7. OSOM featuring J. Cole
8. King’s Deab featuring Future
9. Troopers
10. Broke +-
11. Wow Freestyle featuring Kendrick Lamar
12. Redemption featuring SZA
13. Win

Best Tracks – Redemption/ES Tales/For What Its Worth/Rotation 112th/Troopers

Worst Tracks – FUTURE/Wow Freestyle/Win

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H2Code says:

lol nice birdman drop

Ignat Intellect says:

This album FUCKING FIRE!

M.C. says:

Wait, what did Vince Staples say? Lol

The Dark Wayne says:

Hey Shawn love the videos, been watching you for awhile now, the quality and entertainment keeps rising. Keep it up. Also real quick kings dead its actually jay rock’s song. To be honest I’m not a fan of future’s part either. But when I saw live in San Diego, Kdot & Jay Rock performed it with the crowd. That shit was super lit and dope everybody was wildin. So i don’t mind to much. Live versions tend to justify it

Isaiah Reynolds says:

That’s some nice photoshopping skills! (Seriously)

Samuel Sungu says:

You should have your own personal rating system like 1 to 10

kcb267 says:

Swole shoulder cee in the building!

Harvey Specter says:

I really agree with your opinion on the album, it is good, but nothing special. I do like how it is music you can put on when you are with your homies.

Biggy jones says:

Shawn lowkey annoying

Mike Craig says:

Lmao Future is in the worst tracks

Braden Stickney says:

How is OSOM not in your best tracks

SeriouslyNot aRobot says:

Damn Shawn you have some gainz

Renato P.C says:

track 2 vocals by brent faiyaz

Deathpool says:


Lunersome 57 says:

Shawn we not gonna let that thumbnail slide lol.

bobbyw223 says:

Oh shit my nigga got some muscles on him lmao

Tony Closse says:

WIN is fire bro. Repetitive? yes. catchy and hard as f? hell yes

Valenya23 says:

Lol, the editing on King’s Dead. Perfect.

Mike Craig says:

Why tf they take out Kendrick’s verse on King’s Dead. They made the song worse

Mohamed Hashi says:

Shawn Cee every album review: *Its good, but i feel like its missing something*

Alex Baker says:

You didn’t like wow freestyle or win? Not watching. I stopped watching you a while ago and came back to give you another chance. Discredited.

Alex Martini says:

This shit is a classic bro stop

Alejandro Ramirez says:

I didn’t know the name of the song from the spongebob meme of the squeaky boots and it’s a song off black panther. haha

Guro says:


Deanz Beber says:

Shawn is the only real one. Reacted jay rock and nas straight away. I barely see any other youtubers doing it.

Lehilani Santiago says:

Can someone please tell me what the second album on the middle left is on Shawn’s wall?

JohnnyOmm says:

everyone knows jay rock had the most memorable verse on kings dead

dillon says:

album is lack luster…jay rock lost his style on this one…90059 is so much better…seems he is trying to get recognition from more people but is loosing his style in the process

draxler blue says:


papa addo says:

Way above a 6 rating

Aashish says:


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