Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures ALBUM REVIEW


In this first installment of classics week 2014, Anthony Fantano reviews a shirt.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right? What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?


Jerald Daughtry Jr says:

I agree with everything said here. With one exception. The second album was just as great in my opinion. Seeing as to how Ian was struggling so during it’s making. But that’s just me

Ben says:

would you ever consider doing Jethro Tull’s Thick as a Brick? I personally think it’s one of the most perfect prog albums ever

Jimena Cervantes says:

rip Ian

Primal Ape says:

Do not disrespect closer

darius jefferson says:

Eh I may not always agree with ur opinions oddly enough I usually do but bro I appreciate ur taste and knowledge on music as a whole

Zelario960 says:

Thank you for adding pere ubu there. One of my favorite groups.

Epitaphforyesterday says:

i’m sure this has been explained, don’t care. no one need’s a current album review of an old album, leech. this review has a lot more to do with you than it does reviewing them.

Jaems Harilie says:

Hey Anthony you’ve never reviewed any albums by The Fall! How is that possible?!

A E S T H E T I C _T E C H N O P A T H says:

Fun Fact: The sound effect in She’s Lost Control is actually a can of air sprayed into a mic.

tumblr boy. says:

can you review television – marquee moon?

Alex Estrada says:

Absolutely hate it when people wear an Unknown Pleasures shirt without knowing anything about it

monger of shoes says:

I find it weird how musically the 80s started in the late 70s and ended in the early 90s

electricwildflower says:

I remember the first time i slipped unknown pleasures on the record player it was bleak, disturbing, dark, miserable and after the second side finished i sat there thinking holy shit that was good so flipped over and started again. UP is the finest Post-Punk record EVER in my opinion but then i may be a little biased having an unhealthy obsession with JD.

An ideal for a living E.P & the Warsaw compilation vinyl are brilliant for anyone wanting to hear the more aggressive, Punky JD sound. And must not forgot Post Pleasures stuff Ie Closer material and other such songs Ice Age springs to mind as a really bleak song primarily for the guitar work which is outstanding. Oh yea and the dance rock sound of Isolation which is bleak due to the lyrics.

“Mother i tried please believe me, i’m doing the best that i can, i’m ashamed of the things i have been put through, i’m ashamed of the person i am”

If i could give you more than one thumbs up i would 🙂

Isabel Neves says:

Epic Battle.
It’s real!

Ipostle says:

Enough of analysis.I’d rather hear a band member talking about something.

Andy S says:

You can’t name yourself a nerd. That doesn’t make you cool or cover up the fact that you suck. Thanks for informing us about a band we all know. We don’t need your reviews, you’re reviews don’t matter and neither do you! No namer youtuber guy! YOU SUCK

gregotheus_ says:

I like how Anthony wore his death classic t-shirt for this review – the colour schemes match and obviously *classic*

Kisara Vera says:

one of the best fucking albums

Glenn Jonsson says:

Joy Division is the most important band in my life. Thanks.

Dukepy says:

Did you know, Sumo is just joy division but in Spanish and less depression

cabdolla says:

Sorry dude, but listening to Joy Division is painful. The guys voice is absolutely abysmal. It’s like he never had a day of singing lessons in his life.

teppolundgren says:

It’s a great album because it’s honest. And it’s honest because its makers were incapable of being dishonest.
When you’re morbidly depressed, you can’t easily fake your emotions; they will seep out in one way or another
if you choose to express yourself. And as a man who’s been depressed for decades, it’s impossible for me
to listen to this album and not recognize myself in it. And somehow it’s oddly comforting to realize that other
people have been and are going through similar experiences to mine. It’s so easy to feel that you’re the only person
in the world who could possibly understand what it feels like when you’re (inevitably) closed off from the world
and trapped in your mind all the time. So when you hear an album like this, it feels like coming home and being
accepted. And that’s very special.

Samuel G says:

Classic Reviews missing:

The Cars – The Cars
NiN – The Downward Spiral
Brian Eno – Another Green World
AiC- Facelift or Dirt
Kate Bush?

Hasan Ahmed says:

After watching this idiot video, I’m glad there are no gun laws in America

Alex Marko says:

Review Closer

Mr Barbell says:

It’s closer like “nearer,”  not closer like “finisher.”

Jacob Stromburg says:

This album is good to study to.

Mike Delacour says:

Saw Sixteen Horsepower at the Pinkpop festival in 1998. They did one JD cover.

When 16 HP got to jam and worked on new own material they would warm up with playing some Joy Division.

DM637 says:

one of my favourites- love uknown pleasures, spent a lot of time listening to it. great review dawgy

glitchesandglitter says:

Hamthony Hamtano

Glenn Jonsson says:

Didn´t bother to read the comments. The review is really accurate with the way I perceive the album. However, it´s more of a Martin Hannett experiment than the later recordings. Hannett showed JD what they could be and they didn´t like it to begin with. The cover work is brilliant.

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