Liam Gallagher: ‘As You Were’ – New album Review

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Here is an episode of New Album Review which looks at the new album by Liam Gallagher, which I think will surprise many.

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zoso2000 says:

Great review.  loving this album.

Austin Logan says:

Agreed except that Oasis were overrated. C’mon mate.

simon3102000 says:

I notice he’s delivery and arrangement of words have change, he use to just drag each word out but now he’s putting melody and different timings to it, and also different styles. Apparently Noel was trying to get him to do it for years but he didn’t seem to put the effort in to the latter oasis albums.

Steven S says:

Why do you try talking like you are some sort of clever know it all expert….you either like the album or you don’t…if you do then shut up and enjoy it if not fuck off and go listen to Coldplay or bieber shit.


Bang average album but i like Liam as a man. He gets it but nah, not for me this album

noghd says:

Outsold the top 20 in the charts combined.

Petals on the Paving Slabs says:

Reviewed like a boss. Thank you.

Fillip Hulles says:

Like your open and detailed review of the album. I officially got into Oasis deep since August 2017. New fan so not a longtime fan. Love their music and it’s been my soundtrack since August. Think we’re seeing a mature Liam and although he didn’t write and play the instruments 100% of the way, he never did that in Oasis. Overall, it’s a good record. About as good as BE by Beady Eye. The solo songs he did are good.

Liam’s voice sounds older and rightfully so. People need to realize he’s 45 and not 25 anymore. That 90s voice was gone after Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. Just be thankful he can still sing.

But great review and I like the perception you have of it. Cheers!

Aidy Cannon says:

Amazing album.. ticks all the boxes and better than anyone expected. Can’t stop rocking and belting out the words out loud in the car. Exactly what I was looking for. Well done LG

theselector says:

The review of the album is good but your summary of Oasis’s sound is dead wrong. You’ve obviously listened to them only superficially. To really know this band you have to get into their B-Sides, Bonus tracks & rarieties. Chk out: The Masterplan, Who put the weight of the world on my shoulders, Heart of a Star & Shout it out loud amongst dozens of others. As soon as i hear someone say Oasis sound just like The Beatles I know they’re talking out of their arse.

OtakuGal#1 says:

i can’t get wall of glass out of my head <3 i noticed the change in his voice too, it was kinda weird at first but is nice to see a diference from past works

Josh Matthews says:

This album is MUCH better than I expected it to be. It’s excellent…

MezMakesMusic says:

This guy is just like any other music critic/reviewer, pompous and talks bollocks

19grand says:

His lyrics are so clichéd it’s embaressing to listen to. How come Noel’s work isn’t getting airplay or media attention? Give me Noel any day.

Chloe Peacock says:

“Like hes got some Beatles fridge magnets hes constantly rearranging” lol! great honest review & great LG album (cant stop playing it)

Arnold Mojados says:

This album blowing my mind!! The last blows my mind was MORNING GLORY!!

JO 7Z says:

Great review. Personnaly, as a fan of oasis, I dont expect Liam made a such incredible album with his voice is better than ever. And it’s good to have the opinion of a non oasis fan. Again very good review! Thanks 😉

Stuart Drew says:

The more I listen to it the more I love it, Liam has nailed it well and truly this time!

bob j says:

Some beady eyesk tunes, not a bad thing though. Good album show up the lack of competition out there.

iemandmusic says:

What an amazing review Sir. The way you explain things make people want to listen to music again, thanx for sharing your knowledge!

Chris Clarke says:

Good review but for me it’s just pretty poor,

steven s says:

This album is the best I’ve ever heard…morning glory is up there with it…i love every song…its got everything. You either like him or you don’t but people with taste will love it.

thomas fitzgerald says:

Great review mate

mark rigg says:

I can’t stop listening to the new album.. I love it. But I also love all the Oasis and NGHFB stuff too.

Stephen Charman says:

Good review.. it is an awesome album

truegent says:

really enjoyed the review, do you think liams voice is better because this album is autotuned ?

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