Lightning Bolt – Fantasy Empire ALBUM REVIEW


RI noise rock duo Lightning Bolt is back, continuing to prove they’re one of the most standout names in noise rock.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right? What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?


Jack's Film Orchard says:

They’re still killin it like always!
Wonderful rainbow and hypermagic mountain are my favourite imo.

Trumanshow says:

I was initially against the purity ring review. But after “hmmmmm” you have to do it. That proves legitimate thought on the it, you know you gladly reached for the album quickly after its discovery. Even imagine the enjoyment Cal would receive with the piece.

umcarainteressante says:

Cutetonny Doggano.

HoodieReviews says:

8.3/10 for me

dvon1097 says:

I Live in RI and never heard of these guys

Imbadatdota2 says:

dumb fucking cunt

jaffro321 says:

Dat Xiu Xiu vinyl

Imbadatdota2 says:

ur fucking stupid oblivion hunter is amazing. fuck off.

jabre12 says:

no vic spencer review?

Carlos Lopez says:


phjehan97 says:

Curtis harding soul power

Rafael Hannah says:

hehe puppy

Imbadatdota2 says:

i fucking hate u. real talk. i miss hwen u post on mu and i could call u a pile of shit faggot.

Derek Lowe says:

Going to watch these guys live next month with METZ, should be a good time

Esteban Tevenal says:

the new tame impala song plz

Ilham Maulana says:

Horsepower is one of their best song in this album.

Harlot Bug says:

Thank you for always describing the music so energetically, yet clearly.

Acquiex says:

Really digging this album a lot more than their previous one!

Sam Kilion says:

TOUNDRA IV!!! OMG!!! You haven’t reviewed any of their fantastic albums! Come on! Last one is powerfresh!

Daniel Rauch says:

First release I’ve gotten around to listening to. Pretty intense, I dig it. I definitely understand what a euphoric migraine is now.

Pedro Crispim says:

Melechesh – Enki

thewtfcomedyshow says:

The new Lightning Bolt is a rollicking rolling tundra of electric thunder fudge!!!! 
Dream Genie is my jam. Good review. 

Александр Голиков says:

Thanx for awesome blog, dude. Here’s couple releases I think would be great for you to review: Beastmilk – Climax, last Old Man Gloom, recent No Spill Blood, some Retox, The Body, Young Widows and Dead Rider. Cheers!

Duncan Nortier says:

… that to pimp a butterfly pic with your face on it is slightly creepy

chase ruel says:

i thought it wasn’t quite as chaotic as there passed efforts but, focuses more on being heavy and noisy, kinda steering away from the kind of free jazz elements and more pushing towards a more fuzzed out metal sound

Jakob Kiebach says:

I am here for cal…

Abdullah Aly says:

Where can i get this album lyrics , i can’t seem to find them anywhere

Luke Bonadonna says:

im not going to sleep until you review sandy alex g 

Jeff Lebowski says:

Favorite album of the year so far, with the exception of maybe Sleater-Kinney… Though that’ll probably change whenever Jenny Death drops

Ana Reinke says:

Finally, I was wondering when you were going to review any of Lighting Bolt’s albums.

Willaporte says:

I love this record a lot, it might be my AOTYSF and Lightning Bolt is one of my favorite bands, but I do totally see where you’re coming from with this review. Good job AntFant

qtbrown says:

New King Khan and BBQ Show, Fartony Facetano.

Ezequiel Melian says:

What album is that in the back?

Mark Quick says:

it’s pretty great album it does feel a little bit more polished and feels so much intense as before

jason jeffrey says:

I find it their most listenable album to date (and I’m a massive fan).  They seem to have put more thought into each song, structuring them with more care than previous efforts.  And the fidelity is a cut above too, though not so polished as to neuter their trademark, noisy sound.

chase ruel says:

brian chippendale uses the mic from an old school telephone and runs it through a few distortion and delay pedals, very noisy

Robert Becker Becker says:

Review Ra Ra Riot’s Need your light

kreatorexodus says:

I would really love to hear you review or give an opinion of “Incurso” by Spawn of Possession.

Ward says:

This album is freaking amazing. I’m going to see them May 18th. Can’t wait to be right in front of those two genius Brians!

Jonas Wijte says:

Please review the new Enslaved album next!

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