Malibu Ken – Self-Titled ALBUM REVIEW


Malibu Ken is pure fun for total weirdos.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Dallas Steele says:

loved it man

Stan Goings says:

Thanks for the insight Smoothany Facetanno!

Steve LaRoche says:

Man, I can’t believe that Purple Moss was your least favorite song on this. I loved it!

CanYouHandlebar says:

Album of the Year so far for me.

Andrew Freeman says:

This album was created by ACID…

s h o o k says:

Thats so thicc OH MY GAWD

Equalibrum says:

It was great. Knowing both artists work, it was exactly what I pictured it would be. Definately had a bit of a “collab album” feel but… Its a collab album I was expecting that. My only beefs was the vocal mixing on big gulp not matching the rest of album and also the last track being a bit underwhelming. Also kinda bummed they released the first song in advance. Takes away some of the excitement of pressing play on a new album. It’s a great album. A good example of how weird and odd you could get with boom bap style rap music and sound nothing like boom bap or modern day trap but still sound dope and raw. It works. I like seeing the boom bap side of hiphop evolve and change. Wish more boom bap rappers did more stuff stuff like this.

Tew-D says:

Very good assessment of this album. My favorite tracks as far as production were Corn Maze and 1+1=13. Aes’ lyrics are amazing per usual on all the tracks.

CP 3O says:

His verses always get my creative juices flowing. Too much mumble rap will rot your brain.

gabe le says:

I would happily send money to that go fund me, unironically do it

Nicholas Hamble says:

Agree with most everything, but the closing track Purple Moss is one of the best on the album. Verse 2 and 3 are some of Aesop’s best on the album,.

moonboogie N8 says:

Meh… Blockhead beats always worked better for Aesops style and flow…. Its a fresh sound though, with some good synth noises that might have been better with the vocals left out and aesops a Capella on a separate disc to ponder over. Overall i’d give it a 6.5/10.

funknastyfresh says:

Anyone else think it’s weird how Fantano makes sure to review (and rightly praise) every Aesop Rock release, but doesn’t touch anything that Doseone does?!? Last year’s “Less is Orchestra” and 2017’s “A7pha” are easily two of the greatest indy-abstract-progressive hip-hop releases EVER and are considerably better than anything Aes has done since “None Shall Pass”. Anthony usually has pretty high praise for any hip hop that is daring and pushes the envelope, but he continuously sleeps on this LEGEND who is peaking right now and is making music decades ahead of its time! What’s the deal Fantano?!?!? GET ON IT!!!

D M says:

Aesop is as brilliant as ever

My Name says:

Jude Vol. 1 – The Bright Light Social Hour

MStaynor says:

Aesop Rock: Worst to Best soon?

Adrenaline Rush says:

I would have rated 9/10, but I’m Aesop is also my favorite artist by far so I’m probably a bit biased lol

Ian Good says:

This shit sucks. Demon queen rules. Aesop sound the same every goddamn song. Fuck you dude. You are garbage. Always. You bash genius and love sub par diarrhea. You are a chud you stupid fuck. I hate you dude

Bee Roni says:

Can you please review Movies for the Blind -Cage

bleunt says:

I cannot get into the production of this one. Unfortunately, since Aesop is my favorite rapper of all time.

loli lol says:

Thanks for the written apology for your Bestiary review!

Ethan Johnson says:

Aesop’s great. Tobacco is not.


My favorite hip hop album since Impossible Kid or Hail Mary Mallon’s Bestiary.

Wamu Sylvester says:

That album cover is hard to look at.

darren ramsden says:

Huge fan melon , I know u won’t answer but I am very curious what projects of aesop rock do u find sub par ? The dude is obviously brilliant , and I’ve enjoyed almost all his work , but I can definitely say fast cars , knives & danger was bad and his debut Appleseed was not great eaither , but his sophmore float was good , labor days , none shall pass , skelethon, impossible kid & Malibu Ken are terrific and although some did not care for his work with Rob Sonic , I absolutely loved both hail Mary mallon records , I felt that they were lots of fun And a lighter comedic side we never saw from Aesop thus far , and I also dug the collaboration he did with the female folk singer . Man I wish u did a segment on aesop , he is such a once a generation talent .

Jahmez says:

It’s about time Aesop gets a DAMN good review. Still sad you didn’t dig his hmm album as much but that’s okay.

WLG1 says:

hearing rap reviews always makes my skin crawl. theres something about white guys saying esoteric rhyme scheme that makes me want to jump off a bridge.

Jo M says:

Look into Kimya Dawson’s abuse allegations against Aesop Rock.

Fresh Go Basement says:

It’s dope. Too short tho

Adaline . says:

Why do Cats lie on their backs when they see you?

brandon wilcox says:

This album is pure artistry

Ethan Payne says:

Hey, you made a good video.

pathogen b says:

Go this way ——->

Ian Good says:

Hate all your reviews

JDMC Music Aus says:

The hooks on here are pretty bad though

C.L. The Raccoon says:

I loved it. However I felt it got kind of meh from track 3 to track 5. However after the amazingly haunting Acid King closed out (which I was jamming to WEEKS before the full album’s release), I felt it picked right back the hell up and kicked much needed ass.

Here’s to hoping Hail Mary Mallon will do another album or something, or hey wouldn’t it be fun to mix Aes, Rob Sonic and Tobacco all together sometime?

SmolFry says:

Give amo by Bring me the Horizon a listen

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