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►My review of the 10th studio album by gothic rock/industrial metal/rock band Marilyn Manson. It’s called “Heaven Upside Down”, changed from the original title SAY10.

“Heaven Upside Down”
Loma Vista Records
Release: 10/6/17
Rating: 4/5

►Favorite tracks: Blood Honey, Saturnalia, We Know Where You Live, Kill4Me, Revelation #12, Heaven Upside Down

►Least faves: Threats of Romance, Tattooed in Reverse

►Killer thumbnail designs by Infinity on Hannah:

►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon:

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Dizzy Dee says:

Wow, get a clue first!

Ed Belle says:

Loved the last cd , emperor but this one blows satanic goat balls

demonic bunny says:

Will listen to it today.

Duggalo says:

I just don’t get it. I grew up listening to Manson since Antichrist and I feel he started to stop trying after Holy Wood. And it feels like I’m the only one that feels that way. It seems everyone is eating up everything he puts out and forces themselves to like it just because it’s Manson. I do like some of the songs on the album but I truly feel people are blindly loving him regardless of what he puts out. I wish he would get his shit together and actually create METAL music again.

runn1nwith5izzorz says:

23 year long fan here. I like meeting new and old fans alike. I really do appreciate it more when I meet older fans

Asher Cota says:

Personally, Pale Emperor would have to be my favorite. I’d like to hear more of that kind of bluesy. There’s something about hearing Manson at his weakest, most honest, complete with the quasi-Southern drawl that gets me

Jaylan Schmidt says:

I just wish that he wouldve injected more political and racism introspectives on the album, wouldve made a more groundbreaking and interesting album. Still good though

Felpaw Gaming says:

I remember him saying something about the whole Church of Satan thing to Bill O’Reilly he said it was a title he was given by Anton LaVey someone he deeply admired and it wasn’t really a position because he never got paid for it so he basically told Bill O’Reilly that it was an honorary title he actually wasn’t a minister in the Church of Satan

Lazy Reviews says:

I keep replaying over and over! Gotta get a review on this once I can settle down. One of his best records in years!

Fly Yourway says:

It’s funny my favs are threats of romance and tattooed in reverse

Brian H says:

the album wasn’t bad. Jesus Crisis is by far my least favorite song. Just awful. Blood Honey was fantastic though. Overall, a solid effort by Manson

nick supreme says:

Manson’s trademark aggressive industrial metal swapped for generic garage rock. Could’ve been a lot better IMO.

Lane says:

My experience with Manson is very much the same. As a conservative Christian, I’ve never agreed with his message, but regardless, his music is amazing and I can always glean something awesome from it.

Roy Orbs says:

I like the idea that tunes like kill 4 me are kind of about his perception of people’s perception of him rather than just what it is on the surface. Great album I think. I would’ve liked 12 songs tho 😉

Leonardo Averame says:

manson lo mejor el mejor artista

Germany DemonHunter1408 says:

Hey ARTV it’s not pathetic that “This is Halloween” was your first song by him you listened to, for me my first and most favorite song by him is Beautiful People.

Tissue Nigga says:

Very repetitive I’m upset

ShadowFreakTV says:

Correction: Manson isn’t a satanist. Still, very enjoyable review.

gothicman03 says:

Despite the fact the way you grew up, I’m just glad you opened your mind to Manson, and I can respect that. Thank you 🙂

anguaa says:

Great review 🙂

CockoftheRock 14 says:

I really want to dress up as Manson this Halloween.

NILUM says:

Awesome one, well done! I’ve also done a video review on this Album!

Wild Card, Crystal Ball, Lovers, Lady Liberty says:


All to llA says:

Blood honey the best song

chuhan yang says:

I’m dripping Blood Honey~

Felpaw Gaming says:

although he did also admit though he rather be himself here on Earth and go to hell then be on his knees and go to heaven

Nathalie Marie says:

I absolutely love your open mind.

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