Marilyn Manson – Heaven Upside Down ALBUM REVIEW


Shock rock legend Marilyn Manson returns with his 10th album, Heaven Upside Down.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


M Goode says:

Best review I have seen on this album. Agreed 100%

Eli Hopper says:

I am angery. This is my angery comment.

PRATIK1900 says:

Please review Blut Aus Nord – Deus Salutis Meæ

ClassicAntiZero says:

I agree with you on the point that Manson does seem a bit directionless. He seems content to just kind of mock conservative Christians, and make edgy drug references, as if that sort of thing was still subversive in this day and age of Islamic tension with the west, Trump, and SJW moral hypocrisy. I don’t pretend to know his politics in depth, but he still acts as if it’s shocking when it’s really just tepid retreads of what was once kind of subversive two decades ago. Musically it’s some what bland as well. Although I do think Say 10 and Blood Honey are good songs.

John Smith says:

Spot on man.

nabil ravat says:

hey needle unrelated but, what do you use to listen to music? Headphones, speakers’s and what company type?

AlphaBanjaxedBanshee says:

You better not review Shady Revival when Eminem releases it in 2 months…I’m unsubscribing because you suck you’re wording and your poor critique makes me shit eyeballs

Dustin Baker says:

I truly feel and believe that Trent Reznor needs to be the only one who is involved in anything Marilyn Manson produces. Portrait of an American Family,Smells like Children and my personal favorite and what kept me listening for more Antichrist Superstar albums that ended up being finished up and produced by Trent Reznor are the most memorable and most distinct. Mechanical Animals was really taking a different route in another direction to show it could be done, but everything after up to the new album is in my mind,just lost…not really having a straight path,or kept in line with what we would expect from Marilyn Manson. this is just my opinion and I’m not trying to piss anyone off, or dick ride. Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails is and will always be my favorite band. music just keeps evolving, and every time I listen to any music from him or them,I hear something I never heard before. it’s like Christmas for my mind,heart,soul, and definitely my ears. can’t wait for more to come. thanks for anybody’s time if they read this. have a good night, be safe.

bensley56 says:

blue flannel = tepid review.

lol manimajeff says:

I love tattooed in reverse tho

Jason Vaughn says:

I give it a 7/10. In a world where controversy and shock are served piping hot everyday , and “rebellion” is an opportunity for a photo , you’re gonna be hard pressed to find a true artist that’s going to reflect this farce of rebellion in their craft.
He’s stayed true to what he is and his music reflects that perfectly .

Tyler Moorhouse says:

I definitely feel like The Pale Emperor is the best of his recent offerings. Born Villain had a few decent tracks but is in the same boat as Heaven Upside Down, nothing really blew me away, a few catchy tracks that I’ll remember but nothing spectacular.

Dustin Baker says:

in regards to my last comment. I am glad that we have also heard some of the music and demos of Marilyn Manson before Trent Reznor got involved and I think it’s great that we as fans get to hear all that ever was and will be created but put to the side or discarded instead of it going on the final projects album for publication or mass production. it’s music buisness. meaning the sale of music. budgets can hurt ideas and imagination. it can’t be rushed, only kneeded and molded into what the artists is truly trying to say or make u think about. no such thing as mistakes in art.

Petohmi Frost says:


Nemoris Inferioris says:

“Everything’s been said before, nothing left to say anymore. It’s all the same you can ask for it by name.” Lyrics aren’t offensive? He doesn’t try to the person he used to. He has done his job. It isn’t his job to be the leader of the revolution anymore.

Hero Zero says:

The record will have a great life as background music in Hot Topic.

KassiusOH says:

You singing Marilyn Manson so hilarious to me. You need to do his voice more!

Huevos says:

bald people are stupid, this album rocks

Michel Bakhos says:

you’re right i didn’t like the album, i bought it because of the good reviews.. was soo disappointed..

weedman513 says:

This guys good

lawschoolnerd1 says:

“Revelation #12” and “Blood Honey” are my favourite album tracks. I like “We Know Where You ****ing Live” too.

Sadlave MCMXC says:

Yea… After last album I really waited for to new one, but after hearing single and couple more songs before album release I lost interest.. but I should at least give a listen to it..
Actually I think that up to date the pale emperor is my favorite album.

Annika FuckthisShit says:


Blake Friday says:

anthony failsono

Free Celt says:

his only targets are God and Christianity

Chad Miller says:

You are in the minority with not liking this album as many including myself think it is a brilliant release from him and is getting rave reviews. Can’t figure out why so negative on this review and cringe cringe attempting to sing and or mock the lyrics ,vocals. I know you won’t remotely give a fuck about my opinion though as I’m not a subscriber and was just giving your channel a try and was going to subscribe if you were worth it but sadly you are not.

Darran Gwynne says:

Makes me wonder when Tom Waits is going to do an new album…

Cringe Singe says:

Garbage review

Oscar Molina says:

Im enjoying the album personally, but i get where this review is coming from. Kill4me is an awesome track…

Ondřej says:

what if I just like the music?

Taker 469 says:

imo Marilyn Manson hasn’t came out with a great album since Holy Wood

TheJordanChronicles says:

I wanna find out what kind of food and drugs Manson has been consuming this last decade so I can stay the fuck away from them.

The guy is so bloated and haggard its absurd. I swear, he looks like my 63 year old aunt from Cleveland.

And it is not just age. Look at how David Bowie looked at the age Manson is now. He was so good looking and just looked like a rock god.

BlackMetalRebellion says:

Saturnalia was easily the least enjoyable track on the album for me. Loved the 1st three tracks then it kinda muttled off from there. I still give it 7.5 or 8 out of 10 tho.

turbostewi says:

“”… and I will step on you on my way up, and I will step on you on my way down…”” , MM wants to piss you/ us of in both directions.

mooseburger88 says:

He makes a good point…. if you can’t offend people in 2017, who even are you

N N says:

Marilyn Manson’s last truly great album was Holywood. I will say that these most recent two albums while not being anywhere close to his glory years are still much better than his 2007 – 2012 output (Eat Me, Drink Me – Born Villain).

GoNzo ZoltArd says:

For once i agree 100% with you Anthony.

Free Celt says:

saw his jcac show in 95 .. it totally blew. so boring. at 25 i was easily the oldest person there

Jackson Lux says:

While I agree with most of your assessment of the album, I disagree that Manson doesn’t have pull. I’m twenty, got out of everything I was raised in within the past year, and I attribute a fair amount of it to his words and music.

Tiadiad says:

Holywood was their last great album. He keeps singing about the devil, but I think he doesn’t want to admit that the devil also brews liquor. And liquor kills skill and talent. It’s fucking unfortunate.

Jay Gonzales says:

Never a decent review for Manson by this guy. And he completely misinterprets his new work, and clings to the old works by him. He’s always shitting on the entire thing. The Amazing Atheist gave perhaps the best review and thoughtful review for Manson’s new works. Dude get over yourself, everyone loves this album, fuck lol, it peaked number 1 in it’s first week its amazing considering that saturated music industry. So fuck you and this review.

5annent says:

He went too dark) a really satanistic place) his father’s death, probably pushed him over the edge, to a bitter hideous place?) this CD was too scary) way more than the others) then I didn’t listen to it on a good stereo system) my phone might not have given CD quality)

dead so dead says:

I was so fucking hyped for this album ever since Say10’s preview. Like I love MM to death. But this new album sucks. Like I keep listening and it’s getting worse not better. Like damn, I got mad respect for MM. But I’m just not hyped for this album anymore.

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