Mastodon – Emperor of Sand ALBUM REVIEW


On Emperor of Sand, Mastodon pads out rehashed ideas from their last several albums with alt-rock choruses that went out of style with the 90s.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


akhmad alfan says:

@theneedledrop please review sandrider or akimbo

Oliver Mace says:

Ok, Mastodon has never came out with a bad album. Emperor of Sand is insanely good. Ok, stop writing the bad reviews man. This is prolly one of their best.

Mister Scarisma says:

ouch. if it was so bad, why did you spend 12 minutes talking about it? anyway, entitled to your opinion and I still like you as a reviewer. I think they’re trying to get away from that today is the day/ lethargy thing. though it’s not the same as their old, frenetic sound, I thought it was their best since crack the skye. easy 8 for me.

Sebastian Gonzalez says:

Even though I don’t agree with your video, I still gave it a like because I appreciate you coming out with a genuine opinion despite it being unpopular. I hope you will never get bogged down and discouraged by all the bad responses to your negative Metal reviews, and I hope you can keep reviewing all genres of music (Including Metal).

mike schantz says:

this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about

kevin waltz says:

This album rocks you’re dumb bro

Cameron Peavler says:

You’re garbage.

Patrik Evans says:

Fuck this pretentious dickhole.

D Dcass says:

Maybe they’re playing the music they like to play

Oliver Mace says:

I love this album

Squiddle says:

They do what they want to do, thats the simple solution to them derailing.

Prophetz Of The Sound says:

wow, i actually really liked this album

Honsolo_124 says:

Hey Fantano, I think you might want to give this a less critical re-listen. I can normally see where you are coming from, but the vocal strength, instrumental prowess, and the amount of emotion put into this album really create a beautiful album in my opinion. Obviously, to each their own, but you might like it more this time around!

Richard Binkard says:

You got this one very wrong

Boris Almishev says:

Don’t care about the MBDTF 6, it’s not nearly as controversial as this review. I can’t forgive you the 4, but on top of it all the “I wish Mastodon were black so I can get away with this murder more easily” bit was way too much.

Ben Hasting says:

Focus on his saying “old material is most celebrated by fans and critics alike” i only hear people fans or not enjoy this album the most. Melon is speaking his truth, which i love and appreciate and this is a review based on his enjoyment after all. Im just glad to see so much disagreement in the comments.

antobio nabarro says:

If you think this album is shit. this album is based on cancer and troy did two albums with gone is gone and killer be killed when his wife had cancer at the time before this album came out. Troy did better on those albums

Graveyard Classics says:

completly disagree with the review, metallica watered down their heaviness and quality, mastodon switched and evolved its style, making the metal part rational rather than dogmatic, and their quality has but improved with time… my grain of salt

ChipmunkAsylum says:

Pop is NOT in this band’s wheelhouse. Not everyone can do it, it’s harder than it looks, and this band sucks at it

Brad Cornelius says:

Fuckkk offfff

Antaeus663 says:

Not a bad pop-rock album from a band I used to care about. Between Brent Hinds openly admitting that he’s not really a metal fan, and them signing with such a major label that pressures artists to generate as much profit as possible, every album that has followed Crack the Skye has become successively more pop-rock. Brann’s sleepy-sigh vocals all over the place are questionable to me as a fan of more extreme metal, but people into progressive pop-rock probably think it’s amazing. To me it comes off as the band getting old and tired and obligated to make as much money for their label as possible without sounding like they’re toning it down. They’re not “toning it down” to sell more albums though, their “pushing forward into a progressive new directions”. All said and done: it’s not a bad album, but speaking as a biased “extreme metal” audience member who came to love the band mainly for their first 4 albums, I don’t think I’m ever going to buy or get excited about another album from Mastodon. I could be wrong about that, but I doubt it. Not as though they’re a bad band by any stretch of the imagination, just not one of any interest to me anymore. Their “Live at Brixton” album is a great farewell send-off album me as far as what I personally find to be some of their best shit ever. Good luck to them, though. The fact that this album was about cancer was not lost on me. I wish them and their loved ones the best of health.

cheeseismurder says:

Opinions vary. I happen to like all of their albums, and I respect that they want every album to be different. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but thats far better than writing the same album over and over.

Dj Bazinet says:

Boy, you lookin like the bald guy in his underwear from the Dukes of hazzard.

Evan Davidson says:

on this review Anthony really kinda phoned it in…he might have not been feeling to well this night,..but…didn’t really take time to listen to the album in a positive frame of mind,…therefore he only leaned on the negative sides of the album while disregarding most of the positive…he seems to be a fan of the band…,but…to mock a bands singing is pretty disrespectful….I give his review 2 stars….

Towern says:

I agree except the vocals which I think are good (not the melodies themselves but the performance). There wasn’t a song in the album that made me think “Yes, this is some good evolution of their style” example: Asleep in the Deep on OMRTS, great track, different but with a Mastodon feel to it. Really underwhelmed.

sometimelater says:

making the music they want to make, period end of story. “produced ok”… what a wanker this guy is.

MehPeps says:

Nothony Levithano

chaos apiant says:

Weird review. I question any reviewer who immediately thinks a more accessible sound is an intentional compromise to cater to a wider audience. They just do what they want to do; they remind of the modern day incarnation of Iron Maiden (if Maiden didn’t already exist.)

shacougraV3 says:

This dude is not to smart at music.

righteousfury1 says:

I appreciate your opinion.
It’s wrong, but food for thought.

Hank Hubris says:

That’s just like your opinion, man.

Kangaroo Klown says:

Not a fanthony hateano

Tupla-V says:

Im liking this album a lot. And The Hunter too!

Hank Hubris says:

Did ya buy the album on vinyl? Did you sit and listen to it and read the lyrics? Are you even metal? Maybe a couple more listens are what’s required. I’m a mastodon fan from way back, back when they were jus a random act that played a show with my brothers band. They weren’t known in those days. But this is a truly heartfelt reflection on life and death. It might not be a “moving forward” or exploration on new sounds. But it doesn’t have to be. The band was in a point in time where this is what they felt was right. The wave comes forth and draws back man..

Zach Bolinger says:

Fantano hates mastodon

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