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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Drug Joza says:

Dude this album is 10/10 imo

Randy says:

u suck

Gwyneth Lowery says:

Dave obviously has bad political ideas and it almost ruined th13rteen, but this is Kkk the album which is very unmetal, I classify them as posers at this point

Aaron Werbicki says:

Fuck you.

Adrian Kondanari says:

I don’t get it when people complain about vocals
He’s getting old and his voice can’t be the same as in Rust in Peace for eg.
Also, through constant usage of drugs and alcohol, voice suffers.
Everyone’s ageing is different, apparently his voice hasn’t aged well.

My name is Tom Araya says:

I will say mustaines voice has gotten worse, but this album is kick ass.

brogo ram says:

Since when people listen to megadeth for the vocals? That guy have been bashed about his vocal since the beginning of his singing career. In megadeth, music is the most important. (Yeah..the “jjejejejejejejeje”..). The vocal was just there for some kind of ‘homage’..

121jigawatts2015 says:

I disagree needle. I think this is Megadeth’s most kick a$$ records in a very long time- maybe even since Rust in Peace, and some songs even better than that album. I don’t think any from the Big 4 have put out a record this strong lately. Megadeth remains RELEVANT!

Cameron Sault says:

It is nice to know that I am not the only one that found this album to be ‘meh’ not Megadeth.

etienne rousseau says:

Top best Megadeth albums:
15.Risk (1999)
14.Super Collider (2013)
13.Thirteen (2011)
12.Cryptic Writings (1997)
11.The World Needs a Hero (2001)
10.Dystopia (2016)
9.Killing is my Business… (1985)
8.Youthanasia (1994)
7.United Abominations (2007)
6.Endgame (2009)
5.The System Has Failed (2004)
4.Peace Sells… (1986)
3. So Far, So Good, So What! (1988)
2.Rust in Peace (1990)
1.Countdown to Extinction (1992)

lord worm says:

good day sir

MrAwesome says:

You’re bashing THIS album for being Alex Jones with a guitar riff? Have you listened to any MegaDeth album for the last 15 years, you hack fraud?

The loony conspiracy of Dystopia doesn’t even compare to any song of United Abominations.

lord worm says:


Super Saumon says:

Rust in Peace for classics week. One day. I can only hope.

lord worm says:

so before anyone gets their pc shoes on …,its causal as to everyone who likes their other albums ..I just feel its ass

Jordan Cardona says:

I disagree, I think Dave Mustaine gives one of his best vocal performances on any Megadeth album they’ve ever made.

Gideon Buiting says:

I actually like daves current vocals, I always thought his older work was kinda funny and not that pleasant to listen to

i just wanted to play vidya says:

Feel this a review of Dave Mustaine’s political opinions rather than the actual album.

Evan Stensland says:

you gave Hardwired 6/10 but you gave this album 4/10!!!!!!!!!

Pieter Wessels says:

I really enjoyed this album. Listened to it a lot. Their best album since Endgame IMO.

Noe Gaudette says:

First actual thrash record in the last 3. This album is way better than you gave credit for

jeremy jernberg says:

I’m sorry but I totally disagree with you! This album is so kickass! Definietly their best album since thirteen. Best songs by far are Dystoia, The Threat Is Real, Fatal Illusion, Post American World, and Conquer And Die.

Oliver Mace says:

Lmao when he said “you are some kind of superstar” had me deadddd

lord worm says:

ass I say ASS

ShadesofCascades says:

His Dave impression is really funny. “YOUUR SOME KIND OF SUPER STAAAAR.”

Mojtisek LP says:

Nonsense.. nothing else to say

Zouz says:

He gave Lulu a 6. Think about that Megadeth fans

Ben Siva says:

if its anything like super collider i don’t think it’ll be that good

lord worm says:


thatguywhodoesstuff says:

Dude what do you expect about Dave Mustaine’s vocals. The dude’s old and his fire isn’t like it used to be.

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