Modest Mouse – Strangers To Ourselves ALBUM REVIEW


Indie rock vets Modest Mouse release their first album in 8 years.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right? What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?


Marin Chapuis says:

Pretty much knew from the moment you passed off We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank as forgettable that I wasn’t going to agree with you on your Modest Mouse opinions. I still have respect for your opinions, but this is one that I just can’t follow you on.

Bryant Rojas says:

i actually really liked we were dead before the ship even sank, I liked their last four albums

Robbie Beatty says:

Dude, I respect your opinion, but we have VERY different tastes. It’s hard to take your opinion seriously a lot of the time.

Dave Noland says:

I wish I owed you a better comment.

Carlos Olea Sixtos says:

Isaac Brock does what Isaac likes.

Franz Farmer says:

Is Sugarboats really as bad as you said? Nope

Sunny Bahn says:


Project1114 says:

I am not very familiar with the pre-Good News albums other than Sharpen Your Teeth by Ugly Casanove, Isaac’s side band, but I really liked this album, maybe even more than the last one. Highlights for me are Lampshades on Fire, The Best Room, The Ground Walks, Coyotes, and Shit in Your Cunt.

Loveshades 41 says:

I’d have to say my favorite albums by them are building nothing out of something, moon and Antarctica, and the lonesome crowded west.

GyroLamb says:

Wonder what the second half is going to sound like. He said he had two albums dropping and this one is from 2 years ago. Guess you never really know with him what he could be doing instead of putting albums out

Chris F says:

you’re totally bypassing how almost every song on this album has beautifully hidden message in the lyrics.

Luz says:

I do agree on several points you made, as how the opening song was disheartening and that there were some lackluster songs, but your main criticism of the album is “oh no old modest mouse is better”. You do realize bands keep evolving and evolving right? I think that with this album, MM proved to be extremely diverse and didn’t give a fuck about what people thought.

Poultry Assassin says:

The way that you speak of Modest Mouse and the previous albums made me believe that you were a fan. It seemed as though you have been through the albums, and you felt what I’m sure every other fan felt. Then they way you bash and criticize the lyrics convinced me otherwise.

I will admit this is not my favorite album by any means. Pistol is annoying. I admit. On an instrumental note, this album hasn’t been anything groundbreaking for them. But for MM it has always been about the message. Isaak Delivered a great message here. This was a solid follow up.

And We Were Dead, forgettable? Geez. That album is so good. Maybe it is just your profession. I think I would hate being a music critic. Not being able to enjoy something because of nitpicking.. no thank you.

L.I.P. says:

yeah this album sucked. As did everything after Lonesome crowded west. Generic emotionless music theyve been putting out since. On their first two records, you can hear the emotion pouring out through the instruments and issacs voice. Ever since all it is is overproduced tryingtohardtobeindie generic pop bullshit.

Cameron Goode says:

I enjoyed each song on the album and found the production to be a perfect complement to their sound. I’d probably give it a 8/10 maybe a 9/10.

John Vogel says:

You just gotta embrace your alter-ego and view pistol as a hot m3me

Dankd82 - says:

could you review Manchester Orchestra albums. Everything To Nothing and Cope.

Kindred Kokiri says:

Pistol was just bad imo… everything else was better than I had hoped for, and my expectation from mm is incredibly high.

Keegan Lee says:

it was better than we were dead before the ship even sank but it wasn’t what I hoped for

Nicholise Smithbobjunior says:

I don’t agree, cuz I rly like this album.

miikesnow50 says:

holy shit… this fuckin guy, lmfao.
totally disagree with the critique.

PariSitic Pictures says:

6:50 when you realize Anthony has never lost a loved one.

Project1114 says:

I agree about WWDBTSES. I liked it at first, but then I started disliking most of the songs as my taste in music matured. Dashboard, People as Places as People, and Parting of the Sensory are definitely the highlights and they aren’t great.

Rammy says:

we can agree that pistol is the worst song in the album

Neo says:

I have to admit, this was one of my favorite albums of all time, but melon disagrees. Guess it’s just another one of those “The old ____ was better” reviews.

Haesyx says:

I really feel the lack of Eric Judy is quite apparent on the album and works towards it’s detriment
I can’t remember a single bassline on the whole record

Jasper Kerr says:

Sugar boats is a banger. Only problem is, no one goes to ‘mouse for a banger


Tony’s smard.

Andrew Schembri says:

Jesus, after that review you ether loved RHCPs new album to bits, or threw it against a wall and broke all their cds you own! Why do I guess this? Because to me this album is fantastic, and well worth the 8 year wait, and RHCPs new album is an absolute betrayal to themselves and their legacy.

Michael O'Neil says:

Wow oh WOw this guy is such a poser. You don’t know what the hell you are talking about kid…

Don Beck says:

I also thought The Ground Walks and Paper Thin Walls had a resemblance

God Why says:



psychomaniac26 says:

Bigthony Dicktano

Shatha B says:

how about the tourist and the tortoise? it was the best track on the album.
I liked strangers to ourselves but only cause i used to listen to it while sleeping through the traffic going to to work (yeah im a saudi girl and im not allowed to drive until the tenth month of 2018)

Efueh Sedi says:

what about the ground walks with time in a box

Vantier says:

One of my favorite Modest Mouse albums is We Were Dead…….. but Strangers To Ourselves is easily the worst IMO. And the song “Pistol” is one of the worst things that has ever happened in music.

Hyssop says:


echo sigma says:

While I agree with a lot you have to say, I really can’t stand to hear this coming from someone who puts more time into making videos than into making music.

Whatever Happened to Malls ? says:

Modest Mouse got nothing on Death Cab for Cutie.

Dustin Kline says:

Holy crap. I’m a die hard modest fan and everything out of this guy’s mouth is just brilliant. He says everything I’ve thought without me ever thinking it. Great review. I do enjoy the album despite its flaws, but maybe that’s just because I’ve been wanting new modest for 8 years now.

My name a Chef says:

Why do people watch this guy, people go out and listen to the songs for yourself. I don’t know why people need a review of a very subjective subject and can make their own opinions. Plus it’s not like it’s a 60$ game it’s music and you can find it for FREE on YouTube. Go out and listen to what you like and make your own opinions.

Jacob Shaw says:

You look like sheave from dukes of hazard

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