Muse – Drones ALBUM REVIEW


Muse comes back with a slightly more focused and hard rock-flavored followup to the 2nd Law.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right? What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?


GeoAl09 says:

I give this album a -1/10. Their worst and least musical album. Obviously Origins is their best album.

Miguel Prats says:

Everyone has an opinion, it’s like this. In my opinion this album is very good. I think all muse albums are decent and any of them dissapointed me, but obviously I like more their old stuff (For that reason Absolution is my favourite album).
Conclusion: Muse is one of the best bands in the world actually with another ones such as Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Queens of The Stone Age, The Strokes, maybe Foals… Is my opinon guys 🙂


Political or not I loved this album it wakes us up on how f’d up the world is nowadays. Idk why people hate when they do songs like these it’s like they are afraid and can’t accept how things are .

Spandan Banerjee says:

Didn’t care for the album but The Handler is INCREDIBLE, the falsetto at the end is the best moment in the album. In general the album is far too on the nose for me. They used to be conceptual while still being subtle. Bellamy’s vocal style used to be much rawer and far less forced

Cían Campion says:

Showbiz – 7.5
OoS – 10
Absolution – 9.5
BHaR – 9.5
Resistance – 8
The 2nd Law – 4
Drones – 5.5

Bring back the old muse!!!

Moshy says:

never wear those sunglasses ever again

Daniel Phillips says:

I’d happily listen to a whole album of symphonies, operatic extravagance, and piano instrumentals from ‘Muse’. When Matt has displayed such musical imagination in the past, I’m not sure why he’d settle for something which feels like nothing ‘Muse’ haven’t done better before.

Scripterrific says:

Why don’t we have reviews on muse’s older albums?

Kayne Jacques says:

I really liked this record. Sure, the lyrics aren’t the best on some of the tracks, like “Psycho”, but you have to admit, the music itself is awesome. My favorite song on the album is definitely “Reapers”; it has some great guitars on it.

TricksnTraps says:

Muse’s last good album was Black Holes and Revelations. Ever since The Resistance the music felt forced and compromised

john doe says:

Your a globalist!!

Hype Man says:

Were you ever a fan of muse?

EveryYoDogsDream says:

how did you give this a better rating then my boy Yung Lean?

Spectre From the Next Life says:

“Revolt” and “Drones” are just embarrassing tracks. There are a lot of embarrassing and cringe-worthy moments on the last two albums I think

Drew Theller says:

who even are you

MachoManTV says:

Everything you say is right but as a Muse fan from the beginning I cant help but enjoy every album lol. 2nd law was my least favorite still jam it.

Trey Denim says:


Tommy Coggin says:

I love this album , it saddens that most of the comments are negative

Sora_X5 says:

I didn’t know so many people hated Muse. I always thought they were a fantastic band. To each is their own I suppose.

Jackson Ward says:

At least they didn’t sell out :/

A M says:

Why does every reviewer hate it?

Josh Thompson says:

Their best album

john doe says:

Your a hack! :v

Morally_ Bankrupt says:

yo, review absolution please

Fat Faggot Who Loves Black Dick says:

Every Muse album is just a few good songs, maybe one that’s REALLY good, then the rest of the 8 songs are just filler.

True Radiant Free says:

Comparing a Muse opera-sounding song to Queen. That’s some cliche, close-minded trash right there.

john doe says:

The globalist is cut from playlists and from albums on yt :0

Greg Rice says:

Thought it wasn’t bad

Distortion says:

He doesn’t even know what Psycho riff goes like… doubt he even bothered listening.

rockmusicuploads says:

Can you review some old Muse albums? (Maybe OOS, Showbiz or Absolution?)

DomnoSaur says:

I love how strange his humor is

Christian Monach says:

Psycho is one of my fave Muse tracks lol

Citizen Erased says:

01. The Handler
02. Defector
03. Reapers
04. Mercy
05. Aftermath
06. Dead Inside
07. The Globalist
08. Revolt
09. Psycho
10. Drones
I agree with anthony: 5/10

mac demarcela says:

Muse is trying too fucking hard to be something they shouldn’t be. For real, it’s making me tired, and I’m a huge Muse fan… they should go back to their old “formula”.

kingcharlie4 says:

First review of yours I saw. Was pissed at the time that you trashed muse but the album is garbage

Jon Sutton says:

Epic Wagnerian symphonic rock mixed with philosophical concepts, blistering guitars and huge drums? Welcome to prog-rock. The genre that makes everything else seem tame, wimpy, and crap.

Sage115 says:

am i the only one that really liked the globalist? aftermath is a good listen too

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