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Nicki Minaj returns with her 4th album ‘QUEEN.’ The album has features from Eminem, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Future, Lil Wayne, Swae Lee, Foxy Brown, and Labrinth. Production is handled by J. Reid, Big Juice, Supa Dups, Beats Bailey, Messy, and Ben Billions. QUEEN dropped August 10, 2018 on Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records. Here are our thoughts on Nicki Minaj’s new album QUEEN. What’s yours?

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BigMikeBell1 says:

I feel like you guys are bias against Nicki in this review. I don’t love the album and I agree that it seems to be her worst album, but I think you let Onika the person affect the review.

I’m most disappointed in your comparing her to Cardi B just because they are both female. I expect more out of this channel. Cardi doesn’t write her own rhymes, can’t sing, doesn’t have bars, and has no pop star potential. Cardi’s album was better than expected but if she wasn’t a woman there would be no mentioning her when talking about Nicki. That would be like comparing Kendrick Lamar to Lil Yachty. Also, Lil Kim and Remy Ma both initiated beef with Nicki so you can’t fault her for that. And you can’t act like she hasn’t given props to Young MA several times.

Overall the album was disappointing when compared to her past work but it wasn’t without anything worth hearing.

Efficient Exuberance says:

Oh sweet a Cardi B diet version review

Technews says:

I laughed so hard when I heard that this Nicki album (or anyone other of her) is a classic album. Nitty Scott MC waxes Nicki’s ass any day of the week, better yet 27/4.

Pats Ballin Out This Year says:

*What’s your fav tracks? NONE!*

Dominique Ballou says:

Nicki is only who she is bc lack of competition… Sometimes you great bc you stand alone not bc you’re standing out.

Dominique Ballou says:

Nicki cant safe face… Example is JCole ppl didnt like 4YEO bc it was slow, dark and they didn’t know the meaning behind it, but you couldn’t deny the quality of production, bars and a new sound. NICKI ON OTHER HAND JUST HAS A TRASH ALBUM!!!!!! Production was great, bars were 0/10,message 0/10 and growth 0/10…..majority vote album trash and it aint no bounce back!!!

braiden45 says:

I like Ken, but sometimes his points are so off base man lol.

braiden45 says:

The album wasn’t that bad man. It was decent. I think they just enjoyed shitting on nicki because of her antics….

Devante Kos says:

I thought swae lee did work tho. Only song i liked was chun swae

Dominique Ballou says:

Agreed w everything except Drake folding under pressure

Jason Jamal says:

RIP Nicki’s run. I agree, it is a wrap. Get that reality show career started.

ImperialistControlFreak says:

20 songs? That’s two albums and they both suck

Devan Vieira says:

I can play connect the dots with all the great points y’all be making lol but seriously cuz Nicki was riding waves almost her whole career she has not been able to push female hip hop, which is why i feel like she INFILTRATED female hip hop, she came in as a legit female rapper had us comparing her to Lil Kim, then starts doing all this commercial BS riding so many sounds and called her self #1 in female rap game which was very easy to say at the time since there wasn’t much of roster in womens rap. shes was the only one and at that point she should have spent less time feeling herself and more time grooming young women rappers even building a record label but she didnt do anything to help push the culture forward nor does she want anyone else trying to push it forward because of her insecurities she sees that as a threat to her “throne” and she’ll play a game of friends & enemies with them. She cant comprehend that a real Queen makes sure the kingdom is prospering thats the whole point of reigning, not sitting there telling everyone you run shit now she’s flipping out because she knows she’s about to lose it. I hope whoever gets the throne has integrity and does more for the culture

Yung Hollywood says:

its over and what also killed her was the time gap between this and her last album..what was it 3 4 years? a lot can change in 4 years and it has..ur only older and more outta touch..shes lucky theres only cardi shes lucky iggy didnt become what she was supposed to wouldve been way worse than this…she couldnt make a hit wit drake…ITS OVER

Marlon Davis says:

Lately I’ve been agreeing with King a lot more & it’s honestly scaring me

bob1234 says:

Hate on Drake if you want, but Kanye called it off before Prince did and Drake came out with a hit album full of hits and isn’t all on social media and podcasts complaining and lashing out at everybody. I could respect Nicki more if she addressed her grievances with songs instead of talk. I didn’t like the album either, but you guys are enjoying clowning her too much when it is clear she is having a mental breakdown from stress and/or drugs.

Goofy Xz says:

Myke not hearing that this album is all over the place… Must be that Yanny vs Laurel shit

Omari_X 65 says:

I have NEVER been a fan of Nicki Minaj but I will always give her respect for at least writing her own lyrics (at least as far she says and we know). Cardi will likely overtake Nicki in popularity and sales but I will have to begrudgingly keep her underneath Nicki by technicality.

Curry Chicken says:

Niggaaaaa….her next album out when she 40. By then she may be on LHHNY or sum

Adam Phillip says:

Shoulda reviewed Jedi Mind Tricks

Will Rowe says:

Review Orpheus vs. the Sirens

Samantha Mponela says:

I knew you had no idea what you were talking about when you said Eminem’s verse was trash. Clearly you have no understanding of word play and metaphors. Check out this review on Em’s Majesty verse since you’re too slow to get it. Maybe after then you can actually understand what lyrical genius is

Touch everyone else all you want but leave Em alone because there’ll never be another rapper like him again.

Chinua Emeana says:

Wayne might be the only young money rapper who took no Ls this year

amityville says:

nicki needs to take a two year break and just soak herself in the culture. remind herself of why she started this in the first place. after a year or two, once we’ve forgiven this album, start making a new one. base it in true hip hop, like ‘barbie dreams’. the mainstream audience is gone, there’s no getting it back. she might as well save face where she can. the sales won’t be near as good as they once were, but her reputation will at least be in tact.

LULU Abbas says:

Yall just hating …

TimTharealdeal Harris says:

Boom shanga-lang-a-lang Boom shanga-lang-a-lang

Pats Ballin Out This Year says:

*She’s on a decline been for awhile now. Its more than 5 female rappers out better than her. This will humble her*

Jerrell Harrison says:

I can actually picture Cardi B doing the Game Thrones scene to Nicki lmao.

L P says:

was expecting Swimming, got Queen instead….feelsbadman

Kendrick Lamar's Subconscious says:



no she lost her muse…safaree!!

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