Nine Inch Nails – Bad Witch ALBUM REVIEW


The level of artistic freedom Trent and Atticus give themselves on the somewhat uneven Bad Witch is more exciting than just about any Nine Inch Nails release since 2008.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Curly Toes says:

surprised melon never mentioned how Bowie inspired this album is

Darby Taylor says:


RobBluth says:

your glasses are too big

b1g_Shm0 says:

can we get a mom jeans puppy love review in here???

bloodswarms says:

‘new, but familiar.’ No, just familiar. The problem with NIN has always been that they’re a formula, and that’s it. All of the albums are the template, and then the remix albums and EPs are half-baked, slapped together garbage that is strapped… to the formula. …and ‘bad witch?’ What a cliche goth title.

Matthew Paul Reviews says:


Ben G says:

What the fuck is he looking at in his videos? Also, that Kids See Ghost album…fucking atrocious.

The Minakins says:

The jazz track was GREAT and hearing Trent do lounge vocals on it was dreamy as fuck. Whatever David Lynch said to him about things with the song he commissioned really seems to have pushed Trent back into his true self while his new experimental approaches to these mini albums just make it amazing

Andrew Bailey says:

Seems that a lot of reviewers didn’t hear Trent explain the whole LP situation with Bad Witch. This isn’t actually a new full length album and is artistically the 3rd part of the EP trilogy started with Not the Actual Events and Add Violence. Trent explained that he referred to this as a full length LP because Spotify (or maybe it was another service) treats EPs like singles when it comes to promotions with less prominence that LPs, thus he called Bad Witch an LP. Personally I think its an OK release, but I think I prefer the more polished NIN to this.

Rick Sánchez says:

Industrial Jazz, …. gut one

alexanderespinoza says:

Sailor Waldo

Duality SoundLab says:

Most swallow review I’ve seen for 2018.
Simple minds trying to put in understanding,words, genres and labels the creations of a sonic god.
Keep talking about producers and “artists” you can actually comprehend and relate to please.

I came to that understanding when you started talking for “I’m not from this world” and how it probably cannot stand shoulder to shoulder to previous industrial rock shit. Why you keep expecting from artists to play the music you think they should play and how the fuck u think you can dictate and criticise that.
You’re obviously the : “I got an opinion on everything type of guy” and just so you know,if “I’m not from this world” gave u the vibes you are saying it did,about serial psycho killers hunting down their pray and swallow b-movie-eat your popcorn and gasp vibes, dude seriously your opinion can suck my robot nuts.

Edin Schneider says:

I enjoyed this one, although I was a little bummed that the album wasn’t longer.

CrimsonToxic7 says:

This album reminded me a lot of David Bowie.

Larks' Tongues In Aspic says:

Lots of cuts on this album sound like they came out of David Bowie’s Blackstar

Colin Morris says:

Where’s walthony fantano

ultra mega MemeBeamSupreeemstar says:

I hate to be that guy but i agree with everything you said in this program.

Nyashadzashe Hapanyengwi says:

Hey theneedledrop. I have a business, hear me out dude.

Don’t y’all think this guy should give me a chance?

Just let me write you a paragraph and you read it and you can decide to continue the conversation.

anonymous chick 31 says:

I would have given it a 10!

Barefoot67 says:

how the fuck can he like this mess….he rips off bowie…the songs suck…..its embarrassing….get a life

Behdad Bash says:

Anthony you don’t deserve NIN.

Brandon Rojas says:

Ignore this retarded homo

NANCY Noise says:

This is an 8-9 to me.

Omiah Andasola says:

Unpopular opinion, but I thought it was really good. Better than Add Violence

Alcaeus89 says:

donk donk

CURE says:

REVIEW nine inch nails – bad witch

Chris Hepburn says:

Atticus Ross isn’t just a collaborater he is actually in NIN now. NIN is Trent and Atticus

2D says:

I cannot agree that this is Trent’s peak for song transitioning. I see that point in his career on Antichrist Superstar, as he produced the record.

Political Correctness Offends me says:

This album is a joke. Trent hasn’t done anything really good since The Fragile.

Necesary Evil says:

Im a huge NIN fan, but this record is boring af..

Jesse Lazcano says:

Everyone says “Im not from this world” belongs in a film…. And then I say QUAKE…. HOLY SHIT. The record harkens to a little lost highway, perfectdrug, david bowie cocktail… Fuckin Ace , that Trent.

Gekokujo76 says:

This chick is fugly and her shirt hurts my eyes

Xero Delacroix says:

Fuck you, you Death Grips controlled pos.

DanteviasP says:

Big head

Debonaire Nerd says:

Should Trent hang it up or commit stigmata?

Vman00 says:

NIN worst to best plz

AJ Patterson says:

When will you review NINs album Best_Teeth?

AJ Patterson says:

Took ya long enough, melon.

Keenan Horrigan says:

I was scared you wouldn’t like this one as much as you did

Scyber_Sounds Of The Future says:

Anyone else just fast forward to the end of these videos?

Andrew Monias says:

can you review the new vein album come on

DocPopulus says:

Anyone know if RDJ had anything to do with this album? He’s collaborated with NIN before and I feel like I hear a touch of Aphex in the production, especially in Ahead of Ourselves, God Break Down the Door and Over and Out

apedap says:

Why did you fuck up the logo man??

Brendan Hill says:

All that love for it and he gives it a 7.

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