Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Who Built the Moon? ALBUM REVIEW


Noel Gallagher’s latest album is the mirror image of his brother’s – sonically adventurous but lacking in the songwriting department.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Paul Plimmer says:

Why does anyone listen to this douch? Utter bollocks spouted by someone who literally hasn’t a clue. This is Noel’s best solo album and one of his best full stop. But hey, if you cannot tell, well….give up

Gav Danby-Cooper says:

Fuck are you talking about? Pretending you understand Oasis/ HFLB / Noel… silly American…

Caverman says:

As You Were – 8/10
Who Built the Moon? – 6/10

Keith Peterson says:

Check out smwrs drive north music video

Renzokuken Leneyoyo says:

I have loved the previous two albums… this one I can’t get into.

F says:

This album sounded like a christmas album to me at some point. The music was cheerful but i agree with everything u said melon.

Omar Mickelson says:


Liam’s album was way better.

Jay Robertson says:

Not that strong of a song writer? lol x’D wtf man. Are you actually on crack? Sometimes lyrics are better off not being intricate or thoughtful. Noel is an absolute genius song writer. One of the greatest of all time. Writing a great song is about connection. No living song writer can write a song that connects with the soul better than Noel Gallagher. You’re mental. Fuckin, mental.

Terry Mattson says:

“He’s not a very strong songwriter..” Yeah that’s where u lost me bud. He’s one of the best songwriters of all time. fack.

Atio Stefony Jara says:

Is dat an Edgar allan Poe sweater?

Ron De Young says:

it’s honestly somewhat surprising that liam is the one with the stronger solo material this year, he always struck me as being the less talented brother

andrew robertson says:

Now there’s a turnaround we never thought we would see. Liam has the album with all the good song writing.
Noel has his limitations which he has tried to break free off with this album. The man who built the moon is epic but sadly the rest of the album is dull and I hate the single.
The liam gallagher album on the other hand has not been off my turntable since I got it. Not a bad song on it. Album of the year.

Pinky Lexus says:

Bulls fucking eye dude!

M Kurosawa says:

Where’s the review for the latest Bloodhound Gang Album Melonhead?

JoeyDailyShow says:

Solid 7, wasn’t a fan at first, but its gotten better after a while. “The Man Who Built The Moon” is the best, “Keep On Reaching” least favorite, could’ve been better.

Its good its different, kinda wonder how different Oasis 5th album would’ve sounded had they not stopped the recordings with “Death In Vegas”

carl Roberts says:

I thought ‘if love is the law’, was a really good track, soon as I heard it. Didn’t get that feeling off any other track, but not listened enough, Noel’s stuff as an uncanny knack of growing on you over time.

saul3man says:

This review seemed a little bias

Jamie Rockwell says:

Real niggaz let someone else build the moon and then just rent it out for the summer

Seth Gambino RHCP says:

“Not that strong of a songwriter” yeh man gotcha

Cashew Chestnut says:

Anthony Fantano’s High Flying Melons

Dean Cousins says:

Who the fuck is this nobody?

MUN00K says:

He admittedly says his lyrics are mostly nonsense and doesn’t even know what half of the Oasis songs are even about. He also admittedly can’t read or write music. So, that has a lot to do with your complaints. I think Oasis’ initial 3 albums are great & undeniably catchy. Part of that band’s appeal was their total lack of a single fuck given. They knew Liam’s voice was shitty & they knew Noel was a mediocre musician but damnit, they knew how to write a hook and they threw all the rest out the window. Now that Noel is older, sober, and apart from the band that made him famous, he can’t quite get away with being an above average songwriter.

Joe Bishop says:

Ehh, I wish this review mentioned the fact that Noel actually wrote his album, whereas Liam’s was done mostly by a team of songwriters. May be wrong but I’m unsure if Anthony is aware that Noel wrote the vast majority of Oasis songs. Obviously post-1996 there wasn’t a huge amount to compliment about Noel’s songwriting (in Oasis at least), but I definitely think it’s unfair and inaccurate to say that he hasn’t ever been a good songwriter. I guess Fantano’s job is kind of just to review the end product, rather than be too concerned about who is writing the songs, but I certainly don’t think Liam deserves as much credit for his work as Noel does, given the number of people who were involved in creating it.

Glossy Bubble says:

I thought it was just my CD player but apparently his voice really is overrided by the music

Stuff I Made Productions says:

Hey everyone
Breakthony Bonestano here

iNdepthphoto says:

I thought it was a shocker when I first heard it, but it grew on me.
But the overwhelming compression and muddy mixing is terrible as there are one too many ingredients thrown in.

Alan Anderson says:

This album made me think

H Kay says:

If he wrote better lyrics it would help.He is great at interviews.

keflar5 says:

This album sucks balls compared to EVERY other album Noel has been on.

zzzTop892 says:

u better pull up on pewdiepie wit them choppers for doing those meme reviews, u the future to his Desiigner am just keepin it 100 ya diig

LoLzZ85 says:

‘the experimentation doesn’t go the extra mile’……and risk alienating his sometimes quite rabid fanbase? A large chunk of his Oasis fanbase have already castigated him for straying from his usual formula on this record. But as a casual admirer of this work, I’d like him to take the experimentation further too.

Caverman says:

If Dead in the Water was included, this would’ve been a much, much better and more impressive record. You know that there’s a problem when the best track is the bonus track…

The Burger King says:

I was hoping this would be good so that we could see both Liam and Noel be nominated for best album

Everth Palmer says:

Review a John Lennon album

spikeannoyed says:

What the actual fcuk is this guy taking about ? I’m disappointed in myself in giving a fcuk what this guy says

The Squid says:

Review 21XXX

Chris Taylor says:

Not that strong of a song writer!!!!! The man wrote the 90s!

Ash Almond says:

Great album, I must say!

Rych3rInLyf3 says:

Did you say Sonic Adventure? Are you going to review the vinyl release of the soundtrack?

Brendan Metz says:

I think you should give the album another listen to and give it the proper, full-length interview it deserves. There’s a lot more to the tunes that you completely glossed over. In particularly, the album is great at build and releasing tension. Take “Holy Mountain”, which in the verses takes a 12-bar blues structure. While the harmony stays on “I” for the majority of the verse, Noel’s rising melody moves to the area of the “IV” chord, creating a beautiful suspended tension that is then released by the turnaround where the harmony finally moves from “V” to “IV,” and then back to “I” for an absolutely anthemic chorus. Also check “If Love Is the Law,” where Johnny Marr lays down a great, almost atmospheric guitar line, accented by Holmes’ synth burst in a bridge section that with so little, builds up so much. This tension is then released by a Marr’s stunning harmonic solo that finishes out the instrumental section and final chorus.

Brendan gives the album a solid 9/10.


FAV TRACKS: Holy Mountain, If Love Is the Law, She Taught Me How to Fly
LEAST FAV TRACK: Be Careful What You Wish For

Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?

Charles Waddell says:

saying Noel can’t write is like saying Usain bolt can’t run

MrDragon1968 says:

The Gallagher bros make middle-of-the-road rock albums, yet again? Quelle horreur! Who’d’ve thunk.

TheInsignificantAtheist says:

So you give Liam and Noel’s new albums each a 6? Can’t pick a team, Melon?!

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