Pete Rock – Petestrumentals 2 Album Review feat. The Needledrop

Pete Rock – Petestrumentals 2:

Been 10 years since Pete Rock released an instrumental and he’s back with his Mello Music Group debut project Petestrumentals 2. Giving you 20 tracks on soulful, boom bap, 70s style type flavor. The homie Anthony Fantano aka The Needledrop also join in with me on this review. See what we had to say about this album.

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Alex Ortiz says:

first time hearing of your channel, love it, just subbed! keep it up dude

Sedrick says:

This review was great guys! I hope you do more in the future.

Shaun Smith says:

Great Review! 
(also needle drop if your reading this your new website look great!)

Glesga Culture says:

Good review Beez – don’t forget Little Johnny from the Hospitul predates Petestrumentals by a couple of years. That man El-P’s always ahead of the curve.

Mkazn TPH says:

Yooooo Mykes got some competition, prolly soon Beezy will be on top of the solo review game in DEHH

Michael Di Gennaro says:

review man bites dog “noir”. great sampled-based record with some dope beats

campfire247 says:

I love these instrumental album reviews.

Luis says:

Nice review, you gotta do more of these reviews beezy please.

Agape519 says:

Yeah buddy!!! So glad they did this!!!

Owen W says:

Man, I thought there was a gunshot or something at 1:29.

Chris Martinez says:

The first half of the album was better to me. Overall a solid project from the legend.

Cloudkicker7x says:

Dope review, guys!

Qualmon says:

430thony Beeztanyo

Jayvee Entertainment says:

Great review guys! Gonna pick up this project soon!

Ocean Sage says:

Beezy, you and the DEHH guys should review:
Czarface – Every Hero Needs a Villain [This one is my new AOTY!]
Killah Priest – Planet of the Gods

James Rice says:

Wuz up Beezy

Euclidclack says:


keep doing your thing bro

David Allen says:


john montalvo says:

Beats werent drawn out, actually this volume is shorter than the first. The avg song time was 4:30-5:20 here it barely cracks under 3 minutes.

Mello Music Group says:

Dope review, appreciated!

djwarzone1 says:

I was hoping you did this beezy and glad you did the collabo with Anthony. I appreciated the feel of that nostalgic Pete Rock sound and he had me quite entertained the way he snuck in some old familiar drum patterns then switched up to the more experimental. I agree about a couple of tracks being drawn out but overall mostly enjoyable. I want to know what you guys think about Alchemist and Oh No , Los Santos

Lungile Mabumbulu says:

Great review guys. I don’t think Pete was the first for instrumental project s though, DJ Shadow did it back in ’96 too

Karen Blommer says:

beat at the beginning?

David Luiz says:

Great review! what rating would you two give this project?

Ian Sayres says:

+beezy430 Hey, love what you and the rest of the DEHH crew are doing with your opinions on Hip-Hop music. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Black Milk and Apollo Brown instrumentals and was wondering what else you would recommend that has that same sound?

RicardoMF SuperVillan says:

Good review. You should keep doing more videos.

Marco Herrera Chico says:

Aye what up tho Beezy

Pyramid Never says:

Dayyumm new camera

Bryson Townsend says:

Nice Hell below shirt. Great review

MrVIP1993 says:

Pete Rock is my guy!!! Just had to throw that in there before I actually watch the video lol

Jah Bless says:

Beezythany 42no

Madz Midz says:

Any other good instrumental albums out?

SandersRobin24 says:

For me the first Petestrumentals is one of my favorite albums, I still listen to it now so I was pumped for Petestrumentals 2.  After sitting with it for over 2 weeks I just don’t think it compares at all to the first one.  I’m not saying he had to top it because I don’t think anyone ever could.  This one has a totally different sound but it was still effective.  The first one was like the ultimate stress reliever with such smooth and jazzy beats.  I would say this one was more diverse but it doesn’t have the gems that blew me away like Smooth Sailing, For The People, Pete’s Jazz.  Overall this was still great, I loved the first 3 songs he released with Cosmic Slop being the best joint on the album.  Adrenaline and On and On really showed the diversity on the album but a few tracks on the second half just don’t seem like they can grow but we’ll see how this ages.  Hopefully he has more to offer down the road, he’s definitely the best producer the game has ever scene in my opinion.

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