Resonators: Episode 008 – Discharge – Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing – Album Review

For the eighth episode, I venture into U.K. hardcore punk, d-beat, and one of the most influential records in the scene.

Best Songs: ‘Protest And Survive’, ‘Drunk With Power’, ‘The Nightmare Continues’, ‘Meanwhile’, ‘The Possibility Of Life’s Destruction’
Worst Songs: ‘The Blood Runs Red’


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Discharge – Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing – Hardcore Punk / D-Beat – Album Review

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Cole Belinsky says:

Do you think he will cover Chumbawamba on Resonators, especially because of his history with the band?

The Outlaw Artist says:

Any plans to review Shooter Jennings’s most recent album?

Samuel blinne says:

Love discharge

Egbert says:

I think you would really enjoy their Never Again album. It’s filled with remixes/remasters of songs from this album as well as some of their early EPs, the production is much more nuanced and punchy so I think these songs reached their full potential on that comp. Great review!

Nexss says:

Best Hardcore Punk album of 82.. while Heavy Metal was struggling and Thrash Metal was just a year away from booming into what it was known for

heebs boy says:

10 outta 10 revoo it agin!!

Alextromagnetic says:

Nice to see the left judging an entire genre based on its fanbse hasn’t changed since the late 70s

Mason Ramos says:

I was wondering if you were considering posting a list of other albums considered for Resonators. More so for your audience.

Niels Reviews Music says:

Is this the lowest score he’s given on Resonators?

Oskar Pelayo says:

Respect your opinion but I disagree. I love the lyrics and I love RAW sloppy sound! I love the Dis-clone bands that it spawned. Check out Disclose! I think they are better then discharge. They took what discharge did and maybe it even more primitive!

Jupiter Trolley says:

Episodes of Resonators that’d be awesome: the first Agent Orange album, Fire of Love by the Gun Club, Vs. by Mission of Burma, Gyrate by Pylon, G.I by the Germs, Los Angelos by X, Marquee Moon by Television, …And Don’t The Kids Just Love It by Television Personalities, Entertainment! by Gang of Four. This series has limitless potential. Great vid, Mark!

Idunnoyouguessit says:

Can we get a Resonators for Massive Attack, or something that isn’t rock or punk?

EYTPS says:


Oh fuck

Politicrat says:

You do the exact same thing with your hands every video. I find that oddly relaxing and reassuring.

Arne Hildrum says:

why is there not a voting poll for the resonators reviews? i feel like the crowd opinions should still matter, even on old classic records. the video would benefit by obtaining the ability to show how the album has aged in the popular consciousness, and your this fanbase is perfect for this job because they chose this era for this show themselves.

Niels Reviews Music says:

Is this the Resonators jacket?

Hubblebub Lumbubwub says:


Avelino silva dias says:

I bought this album when it first came out,and it just stood out from everything else that was out at the time,it was on another level, production wise and everything.
And I knew that at the tender age of 17 that this album was gonna be special in the future, and I was right.
You would of had to hear this at the time to appreciate it, not 36 years later!!!
This is a master piece of noise as it is,and could never be improved…..

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