Rock Sound Presents: The Black Parade Track By Track Album Review

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Favorite Song:
I Don’t Love You

Least Favorite Song:
Dead! & Teenagers

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Ferid Bathory says:

I think Crown The Empire with Welcome to the Black Parade was the best (although that’s not saying much). I like that they put their own spin on it while also not changing it that much. The worst was easily Twenty One Pilots with Cancer. It pains me to say that because I’m a huge fan of TOP I’ve love every single song that has ever been on their own albums. But I can’t ignore that they ruined what the song was supposed to be with their production. It’s a very sad and serious song about disease and death, yet they made it sound really poppy and kinda sexy almost. Sexy? Cancer? Really? All of the repetition of “I will not Kiss You” and “Lips are chapped and Faded” is just not focusing on the right part of it. Anyways, Disenchanted is my favorite song from TBP, so I also want to throw out there that I hated Chunk! No, Captain Chunk’s Cover of it. His voice has no emotion. It’s also whiny. He shifts the pitch around in these really stereotypical pop punk boy band ways too. It straight up sucks. The Album overall is not good. Go search for amateur covers of TBP songs on YouTube and you will get better performances.

The Buffalo says:

I’ve been watching your videos al day, and you truly have a great channel.

Carlos Maldini says:

i like Crown The Empire. they did pretty good on that cover

SleepingWithPanic!AtTheDisco says:

I actually like 90 percent of the songs on this album, There were times when the album fell through the cracks and other times when it really gave it its all. The only thing I had a hard trouble with was the production value and of the album. It kinda sounded like the old Punk Goes album i.e. Punk Goes Pop Vol. 1 and Punk Goes Metal) were a lot of the tracks sounded like demos than finished products.

Sean Riddle says:

I still can’t believe they released this terrible album

Jink Kefka says:

One thing I did not like about the crown the empire cover is that the distorted harmonized guitar parts at the start and at the grand sounding part were just taken out.

thegameplayer 2000 says:

can you change the title of this please. it makes it sound like you’re covering the real album

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