Rocked Album Review: Disturbed – Immortalized

Rocked Album Review: Disturbed – Immortalized

After almost five years Disturbed return with their new album they kept secret from everyone, including their families and diehard fanbase.

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nick supreme says:

Very powerful metal anthems and the great cover that nearly got into top 40. Really good album, no doubt.

Anime_FanGirl says:

I’ve been a fan of Disturbed since i was 5 years old and im 17 now…this is true, my mom is a huge head banger.

John Bartosiak says:

“The Sound of Silence” cover song by Disturbed was FANTASTIC!!! Thumbs up for David Draiman.

TheReviewGuy95 says:

I will have to check this one out, great review! Seeing them in concert next year.



JetstreamGW says:

Man, I dunno. I kept following the previews and well…

“The Vengeful One” was okay, but the video turned me off like nothing else. Ugh. The imagery was like some teenager’s anti-establishment school asignment. “Immortalized” was slightly better but it still didn’t get me fired up like Disturbed usually does.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, “Fire It Up” legitimately annoyed me. A song about pot? From Disturbed? What the hell is this crap?

By the time I got to “What Are you Waiting For?” I was kinda demoralized. Am I just super jaded now or something? Or is everything else on the album better than the four songs they chose to advertise their album?

PS3GuitarMan says:

You should totally review an “A Forest of Stars” album. Nobody has done so yet and they are an amazing band. They’re the most unique metal band or even band in general I can think of. Very progressive and sculpted their own style by mixing black metal with pink floyd like psychedelic experimentation. With that being one of their greatest traits, I will leave you to explore many of their other quirks and analyse what you think of them. Don’t be put off if you aren’t into black metal because they really push the boundaries.

“A Shadowplay For Yesterdays” is an amazing representation of the band and they also have a new album which I’m not quite as keen on personally but still enjoy it none the less called “Beware the Sword You Cannot See”.

Luke Crompton says:


CoolNameGuy says:

They got so brutally repetitive that for a while I stopped caring about the, and I’m glad they realized that too. But, I don’t hear much different with this. Obviously I haven’t gotten my hands on the new album, but The Vengeful One sounds like a sign of just more of the same. A higher quality version than before, but similar enough to dull my excitement quite a bit.

Wretneck says:

right when the review ended, me sitting on my phone, the song “Fire It Up” started playing (and left wondering why you ended the video with the lit bong sound)

jzjzbeast says:

Whaaaat!? So this is how I find out about the new album. Nice one goatee bandana guy!

Alex Benson says:

I’m hailing this album as one of the greatest of this decade.

Hylianux Sudorule says:

I’d say it’s like eating lasagna that’s been made by the same person.  After a while, you get sick of it… but one day, you decide to try it again, and while you were away, the cook decided to go to culinary school as well as gain 10 years professional chef experience.  It’s still lasagna, but man does it taste better than before.

I think the album truly starts picking up at track 9 (mind you, I have the epic deluxe version that has 17 tracks, so this is the halfway point for me).  The percussion and guitar work are tight and brutal, like being on a wooden roller coaster during an earthquake and a hurricane – chaotic, yet deliberate.  

And yes, David’s vocal style is very similar to earlier songs, but he does branch out a bit.  It’s kinda like his typical style is the nucleus, and each song is a sort of “vocal electron orbit” around the vocal nucleus.  Each electron is a different vocal style, proving that he is indeed capable of mixing it up… but it always orbits around the same “yuh muh nuh muh” we’re all used to (if you don’t know what I mean, please see v=66gSvNeqevg).  The vocals aren’t bad, and they have lots of talent… but it reminds me of a kid who’s too afraid to stay in the deep end of the pool for more than a couple seconds before quickly running back to the shallow end.  The variation is there… just not for very long.

I’d agree with the 8/10 rating.  That’s a fair assessment.

Kushal Bhattacharjee says:

I would love to hear your views on linkin park’s 1st two albums..

K27 says:

WAs following this album since they initially teased “something new” on their facebook page. When it was preview streaming on itunes, I listened to it daily and bought it as soon as it was available. I love this album. Sound of Silence is hauntingly awesome and “Save Our Last Goodbye” gets pretty emotional.

BIG DOGG [1328] Palmer says:

Disturbed kicks ass

John Bartosiak says:

I would be shocked if they do a cover song “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion.
I wouldn’t be impressed.

Mike E says:

Sound of Silence cover? omg I’m buying this album right now. Sold, take my money!

Goop Videos says:

Oh shit I got to get tickets for the concert

Nep Nep says:

David Draiman is my favorite Jew ever
Honestly, Hebrews up some amazing sound
Believe it people, this album Israel.
If anyone can Jew it, Draiman can

Alright, I’m done now

BlazeItMullar says:

i thought the lost children was the album before this not asylum

Euphoriart says:

I’ve never been a big Disturbed fan, but when I listened to this album I started to love them~

Cicabeot1 says:

That is one sweet sounding Sound of Silence cover.

1987MartinT says:

I think that even if you don’t like Disturbed’s cover songs you still have to admit that they make interesting covers. They always take a song and put their own spin on it.

Josh Chamberlin says:

This sounds incredibly generic and has the same tropes of every modern metal band but it’s metal so that makes it good I guess.

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