Rocked: Album Review: Dream Theater – The Astonishing

Rocked: Album Review: Dream Theater – The Astonishing
Dream Theater tell a tale of the rebellion to save music through a 34 track rock opera.
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MrRaivokasMagma says:

Never I have listened song from Dream Theater. Closest thing has been James Labrie’s song from his solo album that came with my MP3 player.

When the album is two hours long, it sure has to be intresting and varied.

sebs2306live2 says:

Some old school music NES programers weren’t even Musicians.
They randomly tapped on buttons like robots.


Nintenke says:

RIP Dream Theater. Happy fifth birthday Cheese/Crap Theater.

Davide Pannone says:

As i said on another review video, after the 4th time i’ve listened to it, it has grown on me. I was a tad disappointed on my first go, but i knew that 2 hours of music in one go and then review on it, it’s not a good idea, so i’ve held my judgment until i would have listened to it some more, which i did.

As i said, i’ve grown to like it. My main complaint are the last 30 or so minutes of this album. They’re WAY WAY WAY too slow paced and balladish. I know that the last 30 minutes are meant to be emotional (faythe dying, X remaining without a father, Gabriel loosing faythe and his brother yaddayadda) but it just falls flat,cheesy and uninspired to me… kinda like they ran out of riff ideas so they thew a bunch of ballads to patch it up (exception done for a new world, which reminded me of about to crash reprise).
It even lacks THAT petrucci solo. That solo you’ll remember it from the day you’ve listened to it till the day you day. It just misses, especially in those last 30/40 minutes. And i’m not talking about that super speedy shreddy solo, i’m talking about that solo that makes you say “wow, this was quite the fn journey” ala octavarium. ala the count of tuscany, ala spirit carries on. The only solo i’d feel to mention is the one in A new beginning, which is (would you look at that) prob the best one of this album.

I don’t know, i expected to be left speechless by the last 3 song but instead i was found myself yawning to them. Overall it’s a good and solid album tho. True, the story is a bit cheesy and feels like it’s a rendition of rush’ 2112… but you have to give credit to them for trying getting out their comfort zone. I applaud the balls.

Vic Santiago says:

The only thing I didnt like was the uncanny animation but as a motion graphics artist I understand labels can be cheap asses

mtaffer says:

Just wondering what you would think of something like Seventh Wonder – Mercy Falls


Only liked train of thought from these guys

Andrei Covaci says:

I find it somewhat sad (as a fan of prog, jazz, funk, hip hop…) that even nu-metal bands have a better mixing for their bass than this album
this is sad because DT’s bassist is such a good one ( thinking of that awesome opening rif on panick attack)
I even saw them live recently before i sat down to listen to this album, and man did i want that just end, or atleast stop playing this album and play something different anything different.

Toxik-Vermin says:

even disney loves this band xD

Andy Ball says:

dream theatre always get it right

Owen Hiber says:


Mike Deal says:

RTP and Dream Theater this week. Hell yea!

Rivera Drainaldi says:

this is a very exhausted album for James Labrie. he has to sing along the way….. hahaha…. but He did it… Great piece from Dream Theater

Claudius says:

Even months after release, I still listen to this album often. One of the best ones in recent years by DT>

Knight Falchion says:

i know what i’m trying to do tonight

the missing link says:

no I dont like this album. it misses the heavy guitar riffs or even just any guitar riffs at all!! the songs are too short and feel the same with nothing to grab onto. I loved every single of their albums but this is not a prog heavy metal album and not even a bit interesting. doesn’t even feel like dream theater

FiSTofSTEeL112 says:

Great review! I thoroughly enjoyed this album. After only a few listens it’s probably already in my top 5 favorite albums of theirs, IMO their best since Train of Thought.

KJKLbvlkbjbclkrf says:

at 2:26 you made a boo boo and showed a pic with mike portnoy. he’s not in this album lol

Zachary Jones says:

Jeez, 34 tracks? O.o And with Dream Theater, you KNOW there’s gonna be at least a few 10 minute ones on there. Gonna have to wait a bit before taking this one in.

bunnihilator says:

this album is awesome, very fresh and original.
open your mind people, leave the past albums comparison debate of nonsense and enter into a new realm of fresh and great ideas and direction.

natas nnellaf says:

They could have probably condensed the material and come out with a 75 minute album.

Sonicplys 64 says:

Their best album since Octavarium. This album is just amazing.

Sam Stevenson says:

Hmm “a rebellion to save music” cough cough 2112

Evan Mester says:

Dream Theater havent made a single good record since Images and Words according to me.

So sitting through this two hour dump of a record was an absolutely agonizing experience, especially if the concept is essentially was Cyber-Skyrim with the ridiculous “DUDE WE GOTTA SAVE THE MUSIC FROM THE MANNNNN” message being shoved down the listeners’ throats. Progressive metal is anything but progressive at this point to me. Hell the genre’s fucking stagnant by now.

sam holik says:

I always thought that these guys would be better if the music wasn’t so…I don’t know, just not that exciting, kind of sterile. I guess I prefer more of a Mars Volta style of neo-prog, where they aren’t throwing back to older yet good progressive rock music, but making what seems to be the music of the future. Sadly they are no more.

andyhoov says:

Yeah, Dream Theater isn’t the best for casual listening, especially with an album like this. However, for musicians and fans of complex music and prog and general, there’s going to be a lot to sink your teeth into and that’s a good thing.

Reno Redline says:

You reviewed Dream Theater!!! I have every single DT album, including live albums and dvds. They do have some “weaker” albums but they’re still really good overall. A band that is influenced by DT and have created really good albums is Haken. They have their own unique sound which is amazing and gives me hope that prog metal won’t get stale.

Lostshadows says:

Screwed up when ordering this from Amazon, so my copy is due to arrive in late February. 🙁

hioeo says:

Ive only ever listened to metropolis part II in full.
Its a fucking masterpiece of an album, but its also only 12 songs long.
34 tracks and what was it? 2 hours? Thats nothing! Metropolis was 1:30 and afterwards I didnt want it to end.
I hope this gets dropped on spotify because I cant wait to finally get into dream theater and a 2 hour long concept album about cybermen from doctor who destroying everything including music is exactly what I think would do the trick.

philmiller99 says:

I love this album so far. I think it’s one of their best to date.

Revolution//Loss says:

Sorry but i’d rather eat my own shit than to sit through a dream theater album with 34 songs. Boredom doesn’t seem like a very pleasant cause of death.

TBOctavann says:

Dream Theater always seemed like a band I should listen to, but never did. I actually heard “Misunderstood” on a SM64 video of all things, which made me look up 6DoIT, and I was blown away by the album. Might have to give this a listen someday I have 2 hours free.

Shintai says:

I didn’t expect a review so soon since this comes out tomorrow. I am really glad you did though, you and The Rock Critic are my favorite music critics and Dream Theater is my favorite band, so hearing both of you praise this album is pretty awesome. I eagerly await for this album to enter my mailbox tomorrow.

Savaresh says:

Will you be doing Avantasia – Ghostlights ?
Just wondering since they release the same day.

Also in case you didn’t know Tobias Sammet might be selected for Germany’s Eurovision entry XD

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