Rocked Album Review: Five Finger Death Punch – Got Your Six

Rocked Album Review: Five Finger Death Punch – Got Your Six
While many hard rock fans thought that Five Finger Death Punch wouldn’t survive another year, out comes the band’s sixth full album Got Your Six.
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LowestLevelFPS says:

I love 5FDP, I love their first few albums a ton, I used to listen to them all day long, but the last album that was split in two or w/e only had a few songs I liked, the rest were just meh. I did not even realise they had this new album out until right now.. they are pumping them out when they should probably take some more time to work on the songs. Like I said, I’m a huge fan, but I have to admit I don’t really like the direction they are heading in.. Hopefully we will see more songs like their earlier stuff in the future.

SK1PTER says:

I seriously don’t give that much of a shit about the lyrics, I find all the “FUCK IT ALL” ‘s a bit comical at times, but it really doesn’t stop me from enjoying their music, the riffs are badass and like he said ivan moody’s voice is really powerful. I think some of the tracks on this album could have been left out, but this shit kind of never gets old for me. I dont get how everyone is praising the shit out of Disturbed but all the hate on FFDP… if I was a known youtube critic I would give this album a 7.4/10

Rogin!? The Mediocre says:

please i love this band but this album is shit just shit please do a re-review

Jon C says:

some of you must have amnesia, I’ve never found their older music forgettable, but I will admit their new album is lacking

Nik Brusk says:

I’m the only one who likes this album, in the world.

Tiger out the cage says:

Damn dude, you’re really picky with your scores. I disagree with most of your scores

joe cunningham says:

As a ‘die hard’ ffdp fan I’ll agree with you on the fact they don’t do deep songs. But the thing is that’s not what I expect from them. If I wanted something thought provoking I’ll put on some tool, opeth, or even serj tankian.
For me ffdp is the band I listen to get pumped because it’s just such a powerful sound. The ‘chants’ as you called them maybe shallow, but they stand the hairs on my neck right up

takinadeuce says:

This album was absolute shit. Go back to the way of the fist

AniMaL says:

This is album is a big guilty pleasure for me, aside from boots and blood being one of the worst written songs I’ve ever heard, this is the album I blast loudly during a workout or just before a fight. The production on this album is INSANELY GOOD .

O N Y X X 雲 says:

who needs ffdp when there is Lamb of God

9UndeadLives says:

I want more lyrics from his motograter days..

BIG DOGG [1328] Palmer says:

5FDP is To Aggressive for my taste


Too bad their Vevo has over half the album blocked in the US.

PryinBrian says:

While I do like Five Finger Death Punch, I will admit that they do kind of remind me of frat boy versions of Slipknot.

Curse Of Me 13 says:


moviebuzzrocks says:

I can only imagine this album would appeal to a kid in middle or high school who is listening to their first metal album. Otherwise the lyrics are so cheesy and cliched.

Maddison Strahan says:

i think your wrong they rocked it especially no sudden movement

Xavier Jones says:

not sure if you know but the refrain from jekyll and hyde (what I think is the weakest track except for the second half) was recorded on the voicemail of one of the band members, that’s why it sounds like that

MrFlipperInvader782 says:

maybe if these guys went political?

Mirage Music says:

I enjoy your videos but how are you so nice and tolerent of Five Finger death punch? While you do nothing but bash Limp Bizkit, just because Fred is a bit of a douchebag and a poor lyricist, i’d take Bizkit over these any day, they’re so generic it hurts.

Sirprice says:

Why is everyone saying that this album sucks? It still sounds like FFDP but with a little more pop or something i guess. I think it’s good.

Ctxx24 THE EdgyCringeLord says:

This album is pretty weak. The only song I’ve been constantly listening to is Wash It All Away. Ain’t My Last Dance and Question Everything are also pretty good, but stuff like No Sudden Movement, Hell to Pay, Got Your Six, Digging My Own Grave, Meet My Maker, and Boots and Blood are pretty bland and forgettable. As for Jekyll and Hyde as a whole it’s decent but it’s ruined for me by that terrible OE OE OH ruined it for me.

Danger Doggo says:

Most of this album felt like rejected songs from past albums all in one package.

Ramen Zanza says:

I enjoy quite a few songs from this album, but there’s a *lot* of duds here.

Gannon Shea says:

The best song they’ve ever released in my opinion is I Apologize

TheGhost Machine says:

I’ve loved Death Punch ever since I discovered them a few years ago, but I’ve gotta say that these guys have lost touch with who they are. When Way of the Fist came out, it shook the pillars of Hell with violent thrash and groove that was nothing if not sick and brutal with lyrics to match it perfectly. The War is the Answer came out and expressed just how dynamic they are, going from Dying Breed and Burn it Down to Far from Home and Walk Away. American Capitalist was when things started getting iffy, though. Songs like Under and Over it, American Capitalist, and The Pride were great songs and even the softer songs Remember Everything and Coming down were powerful in their own element, but it started to look as though they were growing more and more distant from their original sound. Then Wrong Side of Heaven came out and with each song that played it seemed that they just got lazier and lazier. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed several songs off of the album, but they don’t get nearly

nick supreme says:

Worst album by them but nonetheless not a sellout album or anything. Jekyll and Hyde is probably the best track actually, unpopular opinion, but it’s at least very aggressive. Still, if they could get to “way of the fist” style again that’d be nice

Abigail Diamond says:

OREO-EO-EOThere’s cream filling inside! Seriously FFDP?

WWSF Network says:

Want good Death Punch? Way of the Fist

Rusty Shackleford says:

There was one track I liked from this album; and it wasn’t even on the standard edition: I Apologize.

5500somerandomdude says:

You hit it on the head. This album seems very generic and very simple when we know they are capable of so much more. I say this album is kind of a crossroads for them, in the fact that do they continue the radio friendly music, or do they get heavier. As for Ivan Moody being a focus point for the band, I really have to disagree. I would say Jeremy Spencer and Zoltan Bathory are the main focal points. Just listen to their first two releases to get what I am saying.

Hailstorm273 says:

You never mentioned Boots and Blood. That song was awful.

Ziggygunner says:

i still dig some of the tracks but then again when i hear music, i create images and scense in my head that are just one off things or tied to a story i am working on, i think that is why i like Jam rock. i can see the point though

Adam Bankert says:

I thought you would hate this album lol this is as generic as limp bizkit and Ivan’s lyrics are ain’t helping their case take a listen to boots and blood for a example saying fuck every 2 words man doesn’t Fred durst do that all the time

Cole Moritz says:

i liked this album but still hope for better soon please

Nep Nep says:

I love FFDP for what they are
And that, is a band that makes heavy, catchy, violent songs
They have their place, like other musicians and their respective styles

Xavier Jones says:

except for a couple tracks, not going to lie had this album on repeat for a few days

StockingFan15 The Second Channel says:

Have you heard of Motogater? They are the original band Ivan Moody was in

Colton Allen says:

God, I FFFFFFFFFUCKING hate this album!

Rusty Shackleford says:

I was actually a bit disappointed with this album. Although I did like Question Everything and My Nemesis. I think they should make a song that has the pure in-your-face anger and brutality of Way of the Fist (the song, not the album) and the raw emotion of Remember Everything. If they could pull that off, and then expand that into a full album, and I know they’re capable of doing that, then they would have a badass album.


I really think 5FDP should change producers. Kevin Churko to me I have a feeling he’s writing these lyrics for them. Even Disturbed’s Immortalized, some lyrics were kinda repetitive like ‘open your eyes’ ‘what are you waiting for’ and ‘who’. I really like both albums though. Just not a fan of Churko, the only good album he’s produced with 5FDP was War is the Answer.

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