Rocked: Album Review: Megadeth – Dystopia

Rocked: Album Review: Megadeth – Dystopia
Mustaine and company return with Megadeth’s 15th studio album: Dystopia.
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Byrdee Entertainment says:

dope yo

Iron Joja says:

Amazing! Thank you for this! One question 😀 What do you think about Chris Adler’s contributions on Dystopia?

Erisu says:

The treath is real is my favorite really..

s. lukather says:

flying robots on the bridge picture remind me of the nomacs in the astonishing.

Teema Darwinisti says:

0:54 that terrible moment when you see Donald Trump instead of Dave Mustaine

hikkupp says:

Just stumbled across your videos and am currently binge-watching my way through them.

Question – have you considered creating /sharing playlists of what you’re currently listening to (maybe on a monthly or weekly basis)? It can be pretty easily done through Spotify and I would definitely be interested in listening to them – even if they were a patreon perk.

But anyway, love your videos!

Chris K says:

Have you reviewed “Repentless” by Slayer?

Ayyy lmao says:

Great review, but Dystopia isn’t the 15th album from Mustaine and Ellefson. Ellefson wasn’t in the band from The System Has Failed to Endgame.

Aidan Demaria says:

You should make a regretting the past about risk!

Only666ticketstohell says:


Sam Blackman says:

This album sounds way heavier than their previous albums and dave voice sounds much clearer

Bleuh says:

I lost faith in Megadeth wit their passed 2 albums. 

So glad Dave gave up in trying to make a radio-friendly album and just tried to make a proper metal record. I’m hoping Kiko really did give Mustaine the kick in the ass he needed the passed 7 years.

Your review is giving me tons of hope.

Circuit Skull says:

this is going to be the first album I will listen to by megadeth

Amazing Tribol says:

I actually like Super Collider

Dylan Bernier says:

I listened to the first 2 songs and was super impressed, listened to fatal illusion and i broke my neck

Eron says:

After listening through I gave this album a 6/10. Definitely not a bad listen, but also not that great. My favorite track was Poisonous Shadows.

Booze, Games, DEEP Thoughts says:

hmmm… I have been humming and hawing over getting this album after Super collider left a bad taste in my mouth. With the addition of the new members this may have promise.

Thanks for this review!

GOTEN 3030150 says:

Seriously? No talking points on chris Adler from lamb of god ?

Luke Not Skywalker says:

33 years after their beginning.. Not 23.. Other than that great review, I personally would say that Bullet To The Brain, Conquer Or Die & Lying In State to be the best tracks.. Its hard to say considering the album has only had a few spins so far.. Yet again they have kept all the best stuff on the album.. And the singles are astounding songs in their own right.. But the album as a whole is at another level.. This is without a doubt the best album they have made since at the latest Youthanasia.. Its truly lives up to the hype and exceeds it.. 9.5/10 this is a true modern masterpiece for a legendary band. Its going to be a tough album to topple from the top spot all year long.

Alan Sigus says:

your review was a last straw, bought it even before video ended 😀

Jeremy Freeman says:

Actually the album is pretty bad, Daves voice is gruff, and processed. Adler plays just like you would figure for Megadeth, straight forward and boring. He’s such a talented drummer, this is below him. Also it lacks any good choruses, the song playing The Emperor is horrid. “The Emperor has no clothes”, really? The Threat Is Real is the best, which is the reason they released it first. The rest are slow and very uninspired. Some even boring. I listened to it twice and thought yeah ok, it’s Megadeth, with even more members. Never played it again. I actually think United Abominations and End Game were far superior to this. IMO. Also the poppy Anthrax stuff isn’t to bad, along with some heavy songs. But they are also a far cry from what they one were. Metal needs a savior, and I haven’t heard one in years.

Art Part says:


Tony S says:

Great review!

KRANKENdude says:

What happened to Conquer or Die? Honestly It’s way worth mentioning!

MaTaFiX says:

Dystopia, Countdown and R.I.P are my favourite Megadeth albums!!

Lily Wolfess says:

I am so proud of getting this album and have signed by them I have never listened to the disk. I would stream it

NamBarc Nacbacbanac says:

lol Risk > dystopia

Crimson Ghost says:

I actually really like Risk. Super Collider was much worse. Risk has a lot of classic Megadeth moments in addition to a few tracks that have more of a classic rock feel.

GamerDares wins says:

Dystopia fuckin rocks!

metallica who???

You're Tearing Me Apart, Lisa !! says:

The beginning of Dystopia sounds like MegaMan.

SAI Reviews says:

Sounds very brutal, can’t wait!

KRANKENdude says:

What happened to Conquer or Die? Honestly Its way worth mentioning!

Edgardo Peregrino says:

I gave up on them after endgame, but this album sounds awesome.

tes420 says:

Try 33 years…not 23 years since their beginning 😉

Album is pretty Awesome!!! \m//\m//

Pat Version says:

Dystopia was a step in the right direction for sure, Endgame made me stop listening to Megadeth for years

Jacob Martin says:

Perhaps “the decline in how we treat each other” could be solved by Dave Mustaine looking in the mirror…

Devin McCreery says:

I acually got this on sale in #FYE 4 $7. This definately sounds promising. Like A #ThrashterPiece.

Epic-Fran! says:

I was afraid when they teased the album, since I was fearing we would get Super Collider 2, but I’m so glad the album has a direction more kind to United Abominations and Endgame. Definitly gonna pick it.

Also………HOW ABOUT REGRETTING THE PAST RISK!? I just want to see your expressions of trying to understand what the fuck happens on that album

Scott Morris says:

There’s some really great thrash on here, but man, I couldn’t get past Mustaine’s politics. It’s obvious that in “The Threat is Real” and “Death from Within” he’s just complaining about immigrants in a roundabout way, and “Post-American World” is painfully-jingoistic. For me, the way Mustaine could have salvaged it would have been to take a page from “Foreign Policy”. I honestly can’t tell whether he’s expressing his earnest views on how America should take on the world, or being darkly humorous, and therein I think lies the key: if the album had been Mustaine espousing his version of what America should he rather than complaining about what it is, not only would it have been more interesting, but it would have added a degree of unreality to the record to make his views palatable. All that said, “Dystopia” and “Fatal Illusion” are pretty great, still.

Julian Szabo says:

+Rocked Reviews significant other by limp bizkit for the next regretting the past episode. I’m suprised you started with chocolate starfish instead of this, since it was the album that gave them a huge following in the first place. Also, I would argue nookie is probably laughed at a lot more than rollin’.

Beezman says:


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