Rocked Album Review: Slipknot – .5: The Gray Chapter

The Iowa kings of masked intensity bring the next album of hard rock and metal. How does Corey Taylor and company’s 2014 entry fair after 15 years from their self-titled debut and several lineup changes?

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Ghost_Vinyl_Media58 says:

9/10??? Sir, I believe you may have that confused with 2 or 3. This album sonically sounds muddy and lacks any sort of anger that made them a cult favorite with kids in the late 90’s early 2000’s…this album would be better suited as a follow up to the Stone Sour Debut album then the 5th album of Slipknot.

Jeff Gruhala says:

Awesome review! I’d just like to say, the more you listen to it, the better and better it gets. 

Demon Rantz says:

R.I.P Paul Gray

JackWhite974 says:

This was a great review for the album. While most base its quality of the previous albums(self titled and Iowa to be specific), this looked at this with what was going on at the time and gave an unbiased review.

Goop Videos says:

I miss Paul

had_ookin says:

Woah, a 9/10? I didn’t know you enjoyed SlipKnoT so much. Definitely one of my favorite bands

matt Walter says:

do a Iowa review

Wretneck says:

I’ve written many long reviews about why the song “The Devil In I” is a great track. Many extent I find it to be the best song of theirs when it comes to dark tones and atmospheres. Despite being a fan of their heavy and faster work, it becomes a bit too crowded making it difficult to appreciate each song as their own. And I think Slipknot finds its dark core every time they take time and slow down-

Prelude 3.0
The Virus Of Life
The Devil In I

michelounge says:

Album review:


Elastic Waistband says:

I absolutely ADORE this album. It’s everything you could possibly want from Slipknot. It’s heavy. It’s dark. It’s brooding. It’s a 10/10 for me and among my favorite albums of all time.

Nick Grossman says:

Good review. You should review the new Devin Townsend double album Z2. Disc One ‘Sky Blue’ is Devin Townsend Project and disc two is ‘Dark Matters’ which is chapter two of the Ziltoid series. 😉

Tonny Bivans says:

BUT…what does Corey Taylor think?

El mas vio says:

overated album

Pushon Bhattacharya says:

I hate poser metal

deathmetalalternative forsakensoulsoftheabyss says:

il have to give this a few listens

Tyler Ballard says:

Spot on man. Great variety of tracks on this album. From slow and grinding to fast and something to beat your head off the wall to. Proud of these guys for what they overcame to create such a killer record.

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