Rocked Album Review: Tool – Lateralus

Rocked Album Review: Tool – Lateralus

A look back at Lateralus: Tool’s third full album from 2001.

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FernTheYoutuber says:

Do you think Tool will ever release a new album?

kenterminatedbygoogle says:

This is a fantastic album but am I the only one who thinks Undertow is betta and maybe Tool’s best album????
Sorry, I am a new Tool fan.

pikamamma says:

this album is a fucking masterpiece

Eric Hunter says:

Mann great review, I’m subscribing now!

Hey think you can review my Mixtape “8288” thanks bro!

54lollo says:

plz review the gray chapter by slipknot

2D's Incarnate says:

Easily the best of their discography. Also, I just have to bring this up, the pronunciation of the album’s title is, “La-tear-ah-lus”. Have to get that out there. Also, I know something that could’ve made this review longer. Look up, “The Holy Gift” and you’ll see EXACTLY what I mean. Yes, I am aware that you covered the number of syllables and rhythmical patterns within the title track, but you should’ve buried yourself deeper into there re-arrangement of the tracks, as well as it’s connection to the 432hz frequency. HOLY SHIT MY BRAIN IS GOING TO COMBUST INSIDE OF MY SKULL!

jpizzle903 says:

If I hwd to pick. “one favorite song…. Reflection!

Only666ticketstohell says:

Will you review the new Shinedown album?

dialkia5 says:

I really don’t like tool. It’s just so boring to me.

Connor Mortifier says:

Great review, but I did disagree with one of your points when you said “It may not be as iconic as Undertow or Aenima.” If anything it is just as if not more iconic than Aenima and Undertow is great but it doesnt stand a chance against this beast. This is one of the greatest albums ever conceived imo

JayDee284 says:

Hot Dam this is my fav album thank you

The Film Freak says:

Yes!!! Finally one on my favorite band

Tristan says:

My favorites from this album are as follows:
Ticks & Leeches
The Patient
And The Grudge.

This album is incredible. The musicianship is truly astounding. It is very rare in a band to have so many high-caliber musicians. I rate this album a 10/10.

Jack Rota says:

9:8:7 time signature?

Adrien Wright says:


Mike White says:

0:59 speaking as a Kansan….yeah, most boring state in the country. We have a comic shop and an IMAX theatre, but that’s about it

Elias Lopez says:

Please review Break the cycle by Staind I like them tbh but it would be a fun review!

MaTaFiX says:

I like AEnima more.

Kurt Nicholas says:

as much as i like Tool, this is one of my least favorite album, Aenima is my favorite followed by 10000 days, then Undertow, i just couldn’t get around it that much.

Insederec says:

I have to keep taking Tool off of my music list because I listen to them way too much. Once I come back to them after taking a month break or longer though, oh man it’s good stuff.

Dustin Siniawa says:

I remember zoning out with disposition on repeat when this came out.

Ticci Toby2127 says:

for those waiting for a new tool album yoy won’t have to wait much longer

Unknown Unknown says:

One of the greatest progalternative bands of all time, and that is their best album, simply out of this world.

Eliza-Victoria Batrin says:

I was reluctant to listen to this album at first because of its length, but this review was very good and it convinced me to listen to it.

MalcolmMalcontent says:

Aenima is still my favorite album, but Lateralus is a close contender. It’s definitely the most straight progressive of all their albums and is better listened to as a whole.

BoozeReviewsca says:

Tool has one of the hardest drum sets in most of their music it is something else, the way they change progression it just blows me away every time I hear it! I have loved Tool for some time and I’m still one of the ones that wait on Baited Breath for a new album 🙂 Granted Pussifer still is making music so that is a close second 😉


Joshua Warwick says:

What about The Patient :/

jpizzle903 says:

If I hwd to pick. “one favorite song…. Reflection!

PashaAlex says:

Oh, I recently listened to Lateralus… still excited about new album, which might be like Jambi.

Grilmour says:

I really need to start listening to Tool.

I’m missing out.

Geek37 says:

I came to Tool in 2006. Being a math major, the lyrical pacing of the Lateralus track won me over permanently. I’ve never looked back.

Matt Thomas says:

I was going to ask you which of your reviews resulted in a 10/10 and now I don’t have to – and I totally agree – not quite OGT back from 92 😉 but a long, longtime Tool fan. Thanks for doing them justice 😀

megaman15ish says:

The Grudge is the perfect lesson on how to start an album

Cicabeot1 says:

Ænema has to be my favorite Tool song of all time. And no it’s not because it uses the f-bomb a whole bunch.

xzander says:

Yo Rocked, been a follower of your work since this year and I’ve pretty much decided thanks to this video. I’d like to suggest an album for you to tackle with your personal, eloquent style of analyzing. How much do I have to contribute to the patreon? And is there an order for such requests to be taken? You’re awesome, man. Thanks!

dfm Don't Fear Music says:

Someone needs to suggest a Kamelot album.

Whym says:

I’m surprised you didn’t mention the drumming on “Ticks & Leeches”. Because holy shit, that is some damn good drumming.

Fckgogle Pluss says:

reflection…best song ever

Crytica says:

Right into two = <3

P.R.E 3 says:

This album is the fucking Catalina wine mixer

Dylan Lowers says:

I think Ænima is the best album

Jankovic says:

Pretty crap review. No good analysis, just echoing well known information.

Mr JTD says:

This was my 1st tool album!

jorge torres says:

schism and lateralus the 2 greatest songs ever written on 1 album.

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