Rocked: Album Review: Volbeat – Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie

Rocked: Album Review: Volbeat – Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie
Will Volbeat’s sixth full album get everyone to groove along in Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie?
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krisdaschwab912 says:

Yawn…why are these guys a thing?

SamuraiGoldi says:

Myles Kennedy with a deeper vocals and ehhh… Elvis Cash metal?

Domonick Matheson says:

Going to be an awesome album

Stubz Turner says:

I’ve never heard of Volbeat before. I think they just got a new fan.

BoozeReviewsca says:

I wanted to see something different from them… so badly but it sounds like the same old stuff.

That being said im glad this was my first ever interview I got to do when I worked for Broken Neck Radio 3 years ago. I got to interview Jon…. My first interview went as well as I thought it would… I flubbed it at the start and then found my Star struck legs and got a great interview off.

I think l’ll give this album a pass… I am getting tired of the same ol with them.

Funny to see Danko Jones toured with them a lot… and the. guest starred on their album.

dfm Don't Fear Music says:


Oh god you don’t know how many times I’ve heard that on the radio.

Aakash Balaji says:

Can you do Toxicity By System Of A down Album review?

It's not a phase mom says:

Volbeat is so bland and boring and the vocalist is so one dimensional he makes Chad Kroeger sound good. I wonder why they are so popular.

Fuck Off says:

Is the singer wearing a Jungle Rot shirt at 0:29? Didn’t expect that..

Hotrodjman Official says:

I do hear Metallica influences. In a lot of lines, the vocalist adds ” -Ah!”s at the end similar to Hetfield.

John Bartosiak says:

Haven’t listen to the whole album from Volbeat but I have listen to a few singles.

ydin9 says:

The biggest problem with Volbeat is that it’s just a hair too close to being another Nickelback. and while I applaud the fact that they have their own unique sound and don’t have oven mittens for hands while playing, Volbeat always sounds like Volbeat and once one Volbeat songs vocal lines became boring, everything became equally painful to listen..

A Smythe says:

Volbeat are like if Tiger Army had a baby with a bunch of throwback metal bands

slug miester says:

It isn’t the best album of there’s that being said it was more enjoyable for me than a lot of what came out in 2016

rocktopher101 says:

Totally fair comments!

Ego12 Draconis says:

Will you review Beartooth’s Aggressive?

music guy says:

I came at least 5 times while listening to those guitar solos

SuperNovaThomas says:

I know some people compared them to Life Of Agony.

Pancho Baldridge says:

there was a band in 90s called Stavesacre. they’re singer, Mark Solomon, is the closest, I can think of, to sounding like this guy. I love Volbeat!

Forever Dark224 says:

I just got into Volbeat this year I bought outlaw gentlemen and shady ladies and loved the hell out of it since its different with the theme of cowboys, and such. But with Seal the deal and let’s Boogie it brings that same thing I love about outlaws. Only song that I did not like that much us The bless kind of boring but other then that I enjoy the singles and well mostly enjoy this. Glad I got to hear your open rock on man m/

jessie bruno says:

Everyone is entitled to there own opinion…..For me this is there best album,glad they mixed it up like they did on this album!

Definition of Subtle says:

Saw them in concert. Glad that they have continued to grow since their first album and(at least for me) have only gotten better.

Vincent Vorone says:

This is by far their weakest album to date. Most of the tracks are generic and don’t have any replayability

James Walters says:

they are not metal, nor have they ever claimed to be metal
they are rock-a-billy

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