Rush- Clockwork Angels ALBUM REVIEW


Rush fans are pretty psyched about this new album, and I could see why. Clockwork Angels is definitely the best record the band has put out since 2000, but I’m not sure if, personally, it entertains as much as the group’s classics.

What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?





Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Brian Highkin says:

I think this was a really good album that was let down by some poor mixing choices. Yeah it sounds loud and hits hard, but it sounds kind of flat in a lot of places. I don’t get the point of doing all of this crazy stuff to record the best sounds possible and then smashing it in mixing/mastering.

Kaleb Webb says:

Hold on a second, Rush is miles better than Jethro Tull.

rushfan2112 says:

This is easily one of Rush’s most underrated albums of all time, in my opinion.

Geddy Lee’s vocals and bass playing are just so good on Clockwork Angels. I mean, they always are, but something about this album is particularly good.

Druggernaut says:

Funny enough, this is my favorite Rush album! I’m probably biased since i;m so young that this is the only Rush album i’ve bought when it was new, but my top 5 are
1. Clockwork Angels
2. 2112
3. Hemispheres
4. Fly by Night
5. Moving Pictures

Hearafter Music says:

great review, please check out our band

Griffmedia 11 says:

Im really liking your reviews and style. Its refreshing to experience such thoughtful insights and opinons on soooo much music. I’d like to hear what you feel about any of the last 2 Living Colour albums (former Grammy New Artist of the Year- 1988):

Collideascope- (2003)
The Chair in the Doorway- (2009)

drop that needle, Bro

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Sir Nippleton McSugarteets says:

I’m a Brutal Death Metal head but Rush is amazing and my favourite “rock” band

RonG40 says:

Nice review. However I do take exception with the idea that you seem to be portraying… that these guys are somehow phoning it in. As musicians, Rush in the mid to late 70s used to purposely interject an odd time signature as if to say, “look, I’m playing 7/8 here!”…they’ve admitted as much. (Ah, youth!) As they developed their craft, they gravitated towards serving the song, whatever that may entail. As players, they are still quite exceptional. Having tackled a few of these numbers myself for fun, I can say there are still moments of technical display…I certainly wouldn’t mind a crazy odd timed, sprawling number….but this is Rush in their golden years….in what may be their final album.
Headlong Flight, Caravan and the title track are stellar. Nodding to their past, and still keeping it of the moment.
I’d say if this the album to ride into the sunset on, then so be it. I think it’s their freshest work in years….It stands with bands half their age. Most of their peers have been riding on their laurels for years. Love ’em (A farewell to Kings) or simply feel “meh” about them (Hold your Fire), they are always trying to improve…and in most cases, I find when I revisit an album (Vapor Trails), I’m usually pleasantly surprised….
Thanks for listening, and again, nice work!

Taylor Zachar says:

Besides rush isn’t really as progressive as most of those bands he listed, especially in the weirdness factor. Plus apart from King Crimson they’re a good bit heavier, actually delving more into the progressive metal genre in their time. I personally would but rush before them but that’s my opinion I like their lyrics better and I’m a drummer and Neil peart is a machine.

In the year 1230 A.D. says:

Rush is rush. They don’t really have to change style at all. They do what they do so you know it’s them. I love the album and proud to own it. I enjoy listening to it when I pop it on my turntable.

SteadyRhythms says:

After 8 months, I came back to the review to see what Fantano said to give it a 6. I think it’s a solid to strong 8 in my critical opinion. I hated it at first, but after listening to it a few years later more maturely I like it a lot more. I think his 6 is fair, it’s definitely no threat to 70’s and 80’s Rush, but it’s still a good and in my opinion fantastic album, it just doesn’t push any boundaries besides the concept. His criticisms are fair, but I think based on the enjoyment of the album I still have to give it an 8. The flaws are minor to me. There’s only one song I think I don’t love (but still really like), Wish Them Well, but only because I feel like they could have done more with the instrumental component, but it’s still great and has good meaning. Overall, fantastic album to me, and I respectfully disagree.

Zach Johnson says:

Vapor Trails is underrated. Their best of the last 3 decades imo.

harls007 says:


Daft Doggo says:

ayy lmao moving pictures in the back

Joaquin Odriozola says:

you should totally listen to Snakes and Arrows. way better album than clockwork, this as a huge rush fan i am.

SteadyRhythms says:

I can’t get mad at Anthony. He’s not a Rush fan, he’s not going to listen as deep as a hardcore fan would. No big deal. Neil Peart would be disappointed in us for shaming his opinion.

Frank Jaegervand Larssen says:

Well argued review! My only big problem with this album is the extremely compressed mix/master; it makes it impossible for me to enjoy it for more than an hour at a time. Btw, if you haven´t already you should check out and review something from eccentric Danish dream/prog-poppers MEW. Good albums to check out would be “Frengers” and “No More Stories…”

Ely Gallego says:

Why are all these people talking shit about Jethro Tull? They’re a fantastic classic prog rock band, their blend of folk music and prog rock is amazing, they were extremely talented and the band is one of the most unique rock bands of the 70’s, even though I probably like Rush a little more, I can totally understand why would someone prefer Jethro Tull, they’re two very different bands, is a matter of taste because both bands were masters in what they did

Captain Dallas says:

How do people like this album? It’s compressed to hell and the songwriting is garbage. Seriously, no self respecting Rush fan would even find this listenable. It’s terrible.

Sam Robinson says:

In terms of their ‘modern’ albums, (meaning from 2000 on) I feel Snakes and Arrows is the best.

Metagross says:

I really would love to hear a classic Rush review from you Anthony.

Florida Bhoy says:

Rush is my favorite band. Angels is good but snakes and arrows was better, as far as modern albums go that is.

Ben Farrell says:

Clockwork Angels is definitely their heaviest sounding album

James R2112 says:

Well Rush got technical real fast. Fly By Night has By Tor and The Snowdog which is one of the most progrrssive and technical rush songs. And Rush did kinda change up but i liked a lot of those records. Counterparts was new and intresting but still a great album

Kevin Callaghan says:

commenting as a fan, i’m proud of this album, as a listener of all music this is an ok Rush album but what about all the other great bands you love? what are they making now???? The fullness of time makes rush GREAT

LilSlurpJuice says:

To be honest, I think their best work has to be Grace Under Pressure. Let’s be honest.


this guys a cu*t

Short Tom says:

This album will always hold a special place in my heart because the Clockwork Angels tour was the first concert I went to. I’m 13 by the way

Abhishek Kuravi says:

+theneedledrop, I think your reviews are really well thought out and descriptive. I would love to hear you review some of the Pink Floyd albums like Dark Side, The Wall, or Division Bell. Cheers!

perry theplatypus says:

Notice the position of the clock’s hands on the cover. 9:12…21:12 in 24 hour time

Creature Of the night says:

I think you nailed this one. Exactly how I felt about this record.

Zach Haywood says:

In my own subjective opinion, this is their best album since Roll The Bones.

Stuart H says:

Agree with most of your points. As a Rush Fan, this album didn’t excite me that much. I much prefer their previous one; Snakes and Arrows. I will say something I dislike about your review is that like most people, you tend to attend only Rush’s 70s LPs, and not pay attention to their 80s performances. Not saying that everyone has to like that era of stuff; it just seems unfair that people only recognize the talent of one era and not the other. Other that that, spot on. I concur with this review.

VertexHero says:

I think reading the book makes one appreciate this album much more. I think you should read it and revisit the album, I did and I love both. On the contrary, it may seem unrelatable, and not pick up on the subtle nuances if no one read the book. Hit or miss I suppose.

thegrassmaster2 says:

I heard this album a few days ago and I started to get sad knowing that this could most likely be their last album. The first time I heard rush was when I was 5, my dad came home with a Camaro and took me for a ride in it, He put in the new Snakes and Arrows album in the CD player, which blew me away. I started listening to many older songs afterwords and went to my first concert (Moving Pictures 2011). The last time I saw a Rush concert was the R40 tour. We missed the first song because my dad bought a new truck and drove to the concert straight from the dealership. I still listen to Rush because it’s physically apart of me, I grew up with it and I still believe it’s one of the greatest rockbands of all time

drummerboybr says:

I feel like you repeat yourself in some parts and the the synth intros that you refer to is what makes rush different ( i.e. their massive use of synths since the mid 80’s starting with Signals.) I do disagree with most of this review. I believe rush has been ever changing since their debut album, starting with Peart joining on Fly By Night.

analogkid01 says:

Neil PEEEEERT. Not “pert.” Neil Peart is without peer.

Six-Five Alpha Male says:

Rush is the shit.

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