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►My review of rock band Shinedown’s 6th album, “ATTENTION ATTENTION”.

Atlantic Records
Release: 5/4/18
Rating: 3.5/5

►Favorite tracks: Black Soul, Monsters, Devil, Evolve, Kill Your Conscience, Special

►Least faves: Get Up, Creatures

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►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon:

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Jack Taylor says:

I didn’t like Get Up either

zachary crosby says:

I would have to disagree with your review of the song get up. This whole album is about struggles that the band has gone through and the song get up was written by Brent Smith and he wrote is for Eric Bass because Eric deals with a lot of issues with depression.

GenesisJames says:

It’s a pretty good album! I think I like it about the same as Threat To Survival, maybe a little less. TTS showed more of a commitment to the electronics so a lot of those songs came off more confident and unique with more variety, while some songs on here seem to be stuck in a weird limbo of the electronics and heavier instruments, which works well for some songs more than others. That’s only the case for a few songs though. The only ones I’m not really into are “Pyro” (it’s pretty boring) and “Get Up” (it’s way too mainstream pop-rock sounding for me; probably the most mainstream track they’ve ever done). All in all, a nice balance for fans who want to get some electronics in their Shinedown but aren’t keen on them taking over the sound like on TTS!

James Brummett says:

This guy needs to stop reviewing music and review soap operas. Because obviously he doesn’t know music. Thanks for all the laughs you provide… You are not a rock or metal guy at all.

Christopher Hester says:

The Human Radio was an instant grat track, not a single lol. They gave us acoustics live of Kill Your Conscience (Which I’m 99 percent sure is gonna be the next single) and Get Up as well.

The instrumentation on The Human Radio is different because of the bass driving it. The bass is arguably the most important part of the song because it’s a heartbeat, which is exactly what the band says The Human Radio is. The Human Radio is your heartbeat.

Get Up is possibly THE most personal song on the album, by the way. It’s about Eric Bass’s depression, and is a fan favorite. Also, Creatures is a bit hard to decipher, but something to keep in mind is that this is the first album Brent has worked on completely sober.

I know I’m commenting way late on this, but I’m a MASSIVE Shinedown fan. They’re quite literally my life, and they’ve been amazing dudes to me.

But something to keep in mind with this album is that it’s so personal. The band poured their hearts and souls into this, and this is who they really are. I really, really would recommend you watch the BackStory interview they did at Sony Hall to see some of what I mean by that.

ASF Entertainment says:

Man, I loved Creatures, when I heard Get Up first, it was the acoustic version, I loved it, but I didn’t really like it as much when I heard the studio version

DugBingo951 says:

I would like to review the new The Word Alive album. If you feel like it. Thank you for the content. Really entertaining.

Eligamer 50 says:

Review sound of madnesses

Scott Alden says:

It’s their best since Sound of Madness. It kills.

Logic Lunacy says:

I can’t say I enjoyed this record, it felt very samey and nothing really stood out as a standalone song. I was a fan of all the other albums but I don’t know, this kinda seems like they’re running out of ideas which makes me kinda worried about future material.

Gregarious Media says:

I’d definitely say it’s their best album since Sound Of Madness, if not better than.

Jack Burgess says:

This is just a perfect review every thought of this album was identical with mine will be keen to watch more! 🙂

Will Oldenburg says:

Like the review. The swerving you’re talking about, it’s like the guy from devil going through the process. He starts out angry and upset, he goes through the process gets better or realizes something in creatures, to fall off a little in evolve, then really getting better with get up, then it continues to swerve in and end with the guy essentially being better.

ARTV says:

Make sure you stick around til the end of the video, that’s when I talk about my 2 favorite songs on the record, really surprised me in a good way!

James says:

I was really surprised by this record! It’s by no means perfect, but it is a promising return to form for the band (though it in no way matches up to “Amaryllis”, still their best record in my opinion). My favorites are “Pyro” (so much fun and so interesting lyrically, probably my favorite on the album and one of my favorite Shinedown songs to date), “Black Soul”, “Monsters”, “Brilliant”, and “Devil”. I’m not too big on the sort of bizarre title track or “Get Up” (which is definitely freaking awful). Otherwise, I’m very happy with this album; will probably be on repeat for me for the rest of the year.

Robert E says:

They pretty much lost me after “Leave a Whisper”. Though, “Us and Them” wasn’t terrible. It just didn’t sound like the band I fell in love with on the first record. Something was definitely lost when their first guitar and bass player left the band. To be fair, I was in high-school when those records came out, and nostalgia may be swaying my opinion. We often see things differently when it’s viewed through nostalgic glasses.

Paulina Grüneis says:

review about Combat Sports by The Vaccines?

Eric Brown says:

I love Get up

DeathMachineJoe says:

Liked this album a lot more than I thought I would. It has grown on me quite a bit and while it does take bit of a nosedive during the ladder half (especially with Get Up) this is a much needed improvement over Threat to Survival

malcolm stoddart says:

review Entries Vol. 1 – Unorthodox poet !!

Zachary Fletcher says:

Is he praising the album or no?

LL 0404 says:

Maybe their best yet. I agree that Black Soul is one of the best, I love Devil obviously and Special is a really nice one. Brent has one of the best voices in rock (you should do a video on the best singers in rock)

Savage Dawgs Highlights says:

I dont know if its because Threat To Survival lowered my expectations so much or if I just genuinely enjoy this album because its a great album, but I honestly think at the moment this is their best album since Sound of Madness. And I loved Amaryllis. Madness and Leave a Whisper still fight for the top forever but I immediately loved this album, and I wore Amaryllis out but it had to grow on me a little at first. Not Attention Attention though. Right off the bat (I skipped Devil because I had a short break and already heard it lol), Black Soul had slapped a huge smile across my face and is currently my favorite, with the title track coming up close on its tail. But regardless, its way better than Threat to Survival in my opinion, which is the important part, opinion lol

T Steele says:

This is not really a “concept” album, but more a story about the band members stuggles with their personal demons. That being said, I feel like you can’t just listen to one song off of this disk. Song after song build one on top of another. It may not be The Wall or Operation Mind Crime….but those were stories, not life expirience….this is a masterpiece in every way…

bernice coderock says:

Love your reviews ..I waited for this album for the longest time and also for you review…i feel lk I’m in a music discussion group following your channel..

jc1424 says:

In case you haven’t heard Hoobastank has an album out this month. lmao I thought that band like died or something. Anyways, I’m watching reviews before listening to this. Been waiting it for it, and the fact it’s a heavier deal with more hooks and even storyline has me very interested.

I Need A Good Username But For Now This Will Do says:

I haven’t listened to the album in full yet, but Zach Meyers is one badass motherfucker on the guitar so I can only imagine how good those are gonna sound

Josh Pierce says:

Wasn’t quite what I hoped for, but 80% of this album is really great. Pretty happy with it. Black Soul is a fuckin banger

Andrew Saxer says:

OH, MAN! After hearing “THE HUMAN RADIO,” I totally thought that this album was going to be an all upper-cased mess, but I was very wrong! Beautiful album.

ssjgod cicero says:

Do the new sevendust

Victory AJ says:

I remember going to their concert in Washington state and they sang Human Radio. Out of all the states they were to, we were the first to hear it :3

Adam Kelly says:

Congrats on 95K! Been watching your channel since your Midsummer Station review. I’m excited to check this out. Never listened to a record from them before but the lead single was good. Will you be reviewing Mat Kearney’s new record? I’m really curious to hear what you think. I feel like you’re going to either love or hate it.

Nina K. says:

I knew after hearing Devil and The human radio that the album is gonna be good, but it’s even better than I expected! I love it. I definitely agree though that Get up is very very weak, it’s actually the only song from the record that I don’t like. Too poppy.

typhoonman27 channel says:

I just wanna comment on the idea that they are going soft on certain songs or are catering to mainstream music

Rock and metal (not calling Shinedown metal) fans are beyond entitled and want to whine about a lot of things. I am mainly putting this out for discussion, but the argument that a band is “going soft” is a moot point because its subjective. However, “fans” will bitch and moan about bands not staying with the sound of their first 2 albums and not allowing artists to experiment and create what pleases them. And then when artists do stick to their sound, people say the artist went stale and is outdated, which can happen when a genre dies out, but not when bands that were big at one time are still big now. Minus ABR, a lot of fans ditch bands so freely.

Now, if you dont like some songs or even the whole album, totally ok! If you wanna talk about it, I’m all ears to listen and have a dialogue about it. I personally love this album, and I plan on listening it for a long time

Seth Green says:

They peaked as a rock band at leave a whisper

Zack82102 says:

Shinedown never disappoints they don’t have any very bad songs

NathanRyanAllen says:

Record is solid, couple of memorable tunes. Replay value isn’t that high, for a ‘concept album’ lyrically its one of their weakest releases. This band has really fallen off the past few years.

Mike L Music says:

4.5/5 if it weren’t for special I would make it 5

Nate D says:

Review Kindness is the New Rock & Roll by Peace, please?

Mark Shull says:

I absolutely loved special, imo one of my favorites from them along the lines of Call Me. I remember them saying in an interview though that they didnt like the term “concept record”.

Legitimate0073 says:

I really cannot understand why he dislikes songs that are “polished”, because, honestly, if im going to listen to a song i want it to be the best possible version of the song. This isnt to say i want the music to be processed to shit, i just want a song that sounds excellent but not animatronic. Maybe its just me but maybe not

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