Slint – Spiderland ALBUM REVIEW


Slint’s Spiderland is a depressingly intense pinnacle of creativity for a variety of underground rock styles.

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LEAST FAV TRACK: DON, AMAN…..if i had to pick….



Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


the sleeping bag says:

“i’m trying to find my way home… i’m sorry… I MISS YOU!!”

exaveron says:

this is first time i’ve actually sat down to watch one of your videos, and i did it because i love this album so much. this album is everything thing that you said and more. whenever i am red in the face angry i can just put this on and all of my anguish just melts away into the background as the album just captivates me and doesn’t let go. i would probably put this album in my top 5 albums, which is a hard thing to do; but it would be up there with other gems like ok computer.

I M A QYN says:

The song “washer” is my favorite.

Germán Buttazzoni says:

this album is amazing, the artwork is perfect

Grog the Crust Punk says:

It’s a really good album. I dare say it speaks to me pretty clearly across all the tracks, really emphasizing the story with the instrumentals, which is exactly how an artistic album like this should be written. I would place it pretty high on my list.

Gavin Dowling says:

Please review Squirrel Bait, such a classic.

James Maggio says:

This album meant so much to me in the 1990s. I still love it.

John Smith says:

I found this review way needy. It did not offer any insight into the album that 20-odd years of intervening music criticism didn’t. Wow, 6 tracks, running time reveal. FFS.

TheJackattack78 says:

I know/feel as a Kentuckian that everybody who has listened to this album has started a band. Much like the velvet underground and Nico album, but I guess more local

Cyrobian says:



I have the same van huessen shirt

J W says:

ahhh…. the hippster`s

Shlomo Ohana says:

best watched on weed

barzdaskute says:


functio1 says:

Idiot. Their style comes from hardcore stuff from that late 80s. Tempo changes etc are endemic there, but I guess you have have no idea about that. But you probably weren’t alive then. Just more crap by people who’ve never been in a band let alone don’t listen to a particularly wide range of music from that period. Yeah, ‘I was there’ is a probably a cliche but who cares – you weren’t there, and trying to pigeon-hole it all just makes you another music journo 😉 This album, at the time, was just one of those things. No biggie. Somehow it’s now some big deal, but to be honest at the time it was okay but other bands (i.e Codeine, with ‘The White Birch’) had beat them to it. Slint were good, no mistake, but they were a bit behind the times at the time.


what about a review about one of the sunny day real estate albums?

girg guy says:

i like your beach house shirt in this video anthony

Pepper3961 says:

A few seconds after 5:40, Anthony, you say that there are lyrics in Nosferatu Man about drinking blood. Can you elaborate on that? I didn’t hear anything on that track about drinking blood, but I wanna know what you do.

Ginny Stigma says:

for those who haven’t seen the Breadcrumb Trail documentary, torrent it today

William Bann says:

the drums on this album are magical

Ginny Stigma says:

Am I THE only one who prefers Tweez??

WithASideOfFries says:

2:32 Todd Brashear. Buckler was in tweez

Alex D says:

Please, make a review of Talk Talk – Spirit of Eden

AMT99100 says:

Tweez is my favorite album. This one is very good too.

Mandingo Perez says:

am i the only one who thinks this album is boring?

Chirag Chittar says:

Great review but buckler didn’t play bass on this. He left after tweez. The bass is by Todd brashear

Viq says:


Orion Martins says:

Breadcrumb Trail’s build strikes me as ecstatic in nature rather than just dismal.

chase ruel says:

im sorry…. and I miss you

Jack Seybolt says:

Yo Fantano. In Breadcrumb Trail, the rollercoaster symbolizes sex.  Nosferatu man is about pushing away people who get close to you which is common to really neurotic people, avoidant and narcissistic in particular. Think Notes from the Underground. In Good Morning Captain, the child is his past self. He feels like he betrayed himself like citizen Kane almost.
It makes a lot of sense almost as a linear story if you think about it.

Liam Curran says:

just listened to this album after studying Mary Shelly and Edgar Allen Poe, fucking perfect timing really such a fantastic piece of eerie story telling

MrSurferRosa says:

please do a review for Hole’s Live Through This.

Ymbert Bonaventure Dickens says:

What’s the red album on the shelf?

Billy Alarie says:

there is nothing about this album that doesn’t scare the living fuck out of me.

NumberNEINLarge says:

Review Human=Garbage by Dystopia at some point. That is probably my favorite album ever, if I were forced to pick.

RIXH S says:

Nice job on the review! Really good description. I just rediscovered “Spiderland” for like the 10th time. Just keeps getting better. Seems to be my go-to for dreary winter months – many gray cold days I pull into my work parking lot with it at full volume, park, turn it off, and walk into work like nothing happened. But something did happen, oh yes. Ha! great stuff.

BuddhistReaperGames says:

Literally my favorite album of all time

Mop Robby says:

it’s like a mature decision was made in a rock song *W O A H*

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