Smashing Pumpkins – Shiny & Oh So Bright Album Review

I take a look at the latest release from recently (sort of) reformed 90’s legends The Smashing Pumpkins. This is the first time since the reformation that founding members Billy Corgan, James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlin has put out new music. The grunge, alt rock, psych rock stalwarts hit fame in the 90’s with the albums Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. How does this compare, I take a look and review the new album


Morris says:

Loving this album. “Smashing Pumpkins isn’t the same.” People have been saying that since Mellon Collie days so I don’t pay attention that. Album is short and sweet. They’re 50 now. I am not surprised they didn’t try nor do I expect them to be like their 20s. Ha. To each their own.

Nick Jack says:

great review! can hear the passion in your voice

Candidate_ Glass says:

I don’t get why Anthony fantano has to have the monopoly on music reviews on youtube.

sonic jet says:

The Smashing Pumpkins: Gish, Siamese Dreams, Mellon Collie, The Aeroplane Flies High, Adore and Machina really defined the entire 1990s generation of angst filled, generation x , who did care about rock music, rock n roll culture and art in the true independant sense, so its good to see that same alternative spirit, alternative energy in the way the Smashing Pumpkins have reunited to make a great epic comeback album. Hopefully, they will make more , but I would personally like to hear more elements of industrial metal, hardcore punk, maybe even some light alternative country folk rock music from the band. Really good rock music comes from inspiration, not popular corporate radio dumbed down mainstream influences.

Andreas Landgren says:

He has gotten over his resistance towards wo wo wo quires bad idea.

I think its a good album its not fantastic I give it a weak 3 out if 5

starlodear says:

If you dig daddy rock, this is your album. But if they had been saturated, settled family men in the 90s, we wouldn’t have gotten Siamese Dream. They simply lost their edge once they got money and family.

werideatdusk says:

Agree with you that “Travels” is the weak spot, though I actually really dig “Alienation”, which to my ears has nice shades of Bowie and Yes… appreciated your well-researched run down on the band as well. though i had to point out that “Oceania” and “Monuments” are really standalone albums that had their own window of creation separate from the “Teargarden” singles, which he only did 10 of.

Canadian Studmuffin says:

Was never much of a fan of them but did like a few songs…but this album is beyond superb… so I am going to check out their back catologue again.

Jay Parks says:

This album sucked don’t sugar coat it Chris Corner is a Better songwriter then the new Willy Pat I actually like James Iha’s voice better then his live now he needs to let them lead the way now I really don’t like his work since Machina 2.

68vinyl Slider says:

I loved the new album. Thank you pumpkins

ShaunsSky says:

Good review overall. Shiny isn’t really an Album in the traditional SP sense, it’s an “LP” which is more a collection of “singles” more akin to Pisces Iscariot.

Personally I love the freedom that this approach has given the band to try new things and I think it really works great as a collection of songs. Marchin’ On, with sympathy and Alienation are fantastic SP songs and I don’t think there’s a dud on the LP at all.

Billy has said he’d like to do one more “deep dive” into making a full conceptual SP Album so fingers crossed that happens.

kitoyobeni1 says:

Bad idea to review an album on the day it comes out. In my opinion, after many listens, the song Travels (and really the first 4 songs together) is a real highlight of this album. The only real point of the album that I didn’t like too much was the breakdown in Marching On where it sounds a little forced to try to be metallic and heavy. The album otherwise is a mid-tempo rock affair with solid production and lots of melody. It’s shorter because it was never intended to be an album; this was supposed to be two 4 song EPs, one released at the start of the tour and one after. Instead, they held back the first EP and released one LP. I’m eager to hear what they do next, especially since this band rarely repeats itself. Every album throughout their career (with the exception of the b-sides compilation Pisces Iscariot) has had it’s own unique sonic approach.

ThothHeart Maat says:

I like the last 3 songs.. and that’s it.. they’re the only songs that sound like pumpkins and give me nostalgia.. everything else is like wtf is this.. buwuwuwuwu? Those last 3 tracks the vocals are drowned out in a sea of sound which I think is the real method they should be following. The other ones the vocals are too front and center which is not pumpkins.. I want a lot of music. A lot if sound. I don’t hate billies awkward vocal sound, I love it.. but I want it amongst their sound. The band rocking out fuckstick style… And I want Darcy back no matter what it takes.. she was my favorite thing hands down…

Andreas Landgren says:

Add generation y Will enjoy it

Phil_Insane says:

Decent? You must be smoking crack bro

Evil Creature says:

Good review bud. Keep it up. I grew up with Siamese Dream and this isn’t in the same league…but I’m tired of OTT negative reviews…Shiny is a good album, I like all songs on it and dig it’s brevity. Looking forward to volume 2.

Gurtru says:

Personally thought this album was average, the songs really just felt like b-sides to me. I agree with you that Travels and Alienation were a bit too long. If they were 2 minutes shorter each, then they would’ve been better imo. but i’m still looking foward to volume 2. My favorite was “With Sympathy”

Matthew Van Bueren says:

Good review man! I also think solara and silvery were the best, although I’m surprised when talking about the other albums you skimmed over Oceania. That’s actually one of my faves! Maybe revisit it.

Jesús Cobarro Ferrando says:

I don’t think it’s one of the worst pumpkins albums. I think it’s one of the worst rock albums, period. I really don’t feel anything authentic coming from those songs. It sounds (and looks, btw) as if they’re wearing costumes to convince people they still are who they used to be and, honestly, I find it depressing. I wasn’t expecting much if this album after “William’s” last solo album, but still, they managed to let me down.

Brian Cherry says:

I found 1. the opener pleasantly surprised me. 2. The next few tracks did not hold my interest. 3. The last songs are the best but 4. are so short that just as you are into them they are done and….5. same for the album.

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