Swans – To Be Kind ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jSdTBGhDSg

Swans’ latest album takes a hypnotic, meditative approach to churning out some of the most grand and visceral rock instrumentation in the band’s 13-album discography.

What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?

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10/10 http://www.theneedledrop.com/loved-list/2014

Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?

Matt Farley


eddy effervescence says:

A medotation on a man’s as a whole and man’s individual incompleteness. Coming from a guy who can’t listen to this thing. I did however read the lyrics out loud in a video on soundcloud that got deleted due to a lack of premium status capping my number of videos…

King Danger says:

10/10 my ass

joshua fisher says:

We need a Cal Chuchesta movie.

Raf says:

Don’t get it

Oliver Sime says:

couldn’t he have just edited out cal spoiling it?

Aidan Seymour says:

……0/10, i prefer speeding bullet 2 heaven

HammerMC says:

Bring the Sun/Toussaint L’Ouverture made me legitimately scared the first time I listened to it.

Tron Javolta says:

For me *COP* is and will always be *SWANS*

matthew gocke says:

You’re insane

Christopher McCracken says:

Spicy background album

Nickoli Johnson says:

Why are people in the comments calling this his first 10? That was Death Grips, this is his 2nd 10 lmao

swingAE86 says:


João Vitor says:

I heard it, didn’t really like it.

Tony H says:

Just listend to that shit, it sounds like shit. U give good albums 5s-7s but a perfect 10 for this shit?

Thome90 says:

whats this T-shirt anthony is wearing?

Brennan Dalgleish says:

“It’s a teeen” – Mr. Chuchesta

MelficeN7 says:

Some of my more personal songs are on this thing, I get to a state of near euphoria listening to this shit.

Tom Fielding says:

thank you melon

Peanut Butter Pikachu says:

I love that one string on screen shot that sounds like it’s cutting the guitarist’s fingers off per pluck. The one that hits the A note and it’s really loud and comes in after the kicks. Each time it hits I orgasm more and more and by the end of the track, you can thank me for a white Christmas. Even the first orgasm semen stains half the mountain tops. If a Christmas is green, it’s because I haven’t given it a play that supposed winter.

DstrokeTV says:

This review is as long as “she loves us”

Christian Changer says:

“The Seer” was better.

Jorge Cleberson says:

Just like the emoji movie

Theo Weath says:

Please shave your mustache.
It looks like an early 70’s porn actor and not in a good way.

Anubis22774 says:

I think this is the greatest album ever made

allen osip says:

“ITS A tennnnn” I laughed out loud and woke my parents

Jordan Adams says:

End of 2017.
Screen Shot is still in my Top 10 favorite songs of all-time.
This is the video that brought me to you, as I was very curious to hear what someone else thought of this album.
Three years of vegan melon.

Barry King says:

I love it mate

Downforce264 says:

**unwraps headphones**

ThePacemaker45 says:


BP says:

Genre: experimental
Anthony: *8+/10*

Thomas Leblanc says:

This is an older one but I really enjoy how you delve into the lyrics and themes. Great review and fantastic album for sure.

TheCandyHole says:

Watching this again screenshot feels like a song about being in utero until ending in birth screaming “HERE, NOW!”, fitting for the cover

Jai R.Emmett says:

What is the T shirt you’re wearing? It’s intriguing. Great review btw, thanks!

Richard Fukuda says:

jesus, two songs over 30 minutes, this is an album with two extra albums in it

zigotina says:

watching this to remind myself how glorious this album was

Foetus Trees says:

hapthony passiontano

NecroNiggerCuntMolester Gorenoise Official says:

The Seer was so much better. To Be Kind is so overrated

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