Tame Impala – Currents ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ed6UeDp1ek

Tame Impala returns with a new sound on a new record.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


mo. ack says:

One of my favorite albums of all time TBH

Tavinte Sinclair says:

My favorite songs on the album is, taxi’s here, the less I know the better, list of people (to try and forget), reality in motion, love/paranoia, the moment, reality in motion (gum remix), and last but not least eventually. My god they’re all such good songs and I actually found out about them because of Rihanna’s cover to their song -New person.

guinnesstrail says:

‘Cause I’m a Man is the album’s bear track. It betrays the 70s while subverting the pain of dry buggery.

Edward Jimenez says:

Boy did this review age badly lmao…. currents is a masterpiece and not even getting an 8???

Dobrea Petru says:


Ryan Wonderlin says:

Light 7?! The song The Less I Know the Better is a masterpiece, but Let it Happen is the musical equivalent of the Sistine Chapel. Lonerism was fantastic, but Currents changed my perspective about what music could be forever and it requires multiple listens to truly appreciate it (with some high quality headphones). “Disappointed in this review” would be an understatement.

Eduardo Gonzalez says:

“What Kevin Parker and company deliver on this album…” Ah… Have you seen the album credits?

TheBmo4538 says:

No yellow shirt wtf

Cole Helvey says:

I hate to be that cringy overly-sensitive Tame Impala fan but I feel like he didn’t give Let It Happen enough credit.

elijah whitney says:

Extremely disagree that the album is flawed… also his voice in my opinion is one of the things that makes him unique and by all means is not unbearable to listen to as you say it is…

teknn0 says:

Best Tame Impala album.

Joseph Shannon says:

I didn’t know Anthony was a blood

Klay Ferdinand says:

Thanks for the nuanced perspectives here. Seems like you really see the things Kevin Parker was going for in the album… it’s not all about the way something is delivered as much as the underlying intentions behind it… Really nice review here man.

Max says:

*I D O N T L I K E T H I N G S C H A N G I N G*

King Tatertot says:

There is no Kevin Parker and company, it’s just Kevin Parker, it always has been

Siyabonga Skhosana says:

that changes thing was funny as hell.

Brett Novelli says:

Probably his worst review

King says:

Travis Scott

Hour of Babal says:

For me it would be a 10 if Past Life wasn’t on it. But it’s a solid 9. Definitely in my top 5

Hejira#2854 says:

I agree his singing is bad but it isn’t as bad as you make it out to be, you drag down the score of this record over a small personal gripe about indie bands. The vocals are fine, suit the feel of the album, compliment the tracks. This album is an 8/9 not a light 7.

Micah Whisenhunt says:

What a terrible review. Your criticisms almost directly contradict your compliments while your criticisms of his vocals are laughable in light of some of your other reviews. Giving Death Grips 10/10, yet shitting out a 6-7 for this masterpiece that Kevin ever so honestly poured his heart into. This album focuses on introspection and change, while your beloved Death Grips literally incoherently yell while beating instruments like a thousand monkeys hammering away at typewriters until they get a beat every once in awhile.

Your taste is trash and it’s become infuriatingly apparent. Try to listen more than just once and you might be able to appreciate this album.

hippydippy says:

Ha! You’re the guy we all know that never quite made it out of their mom & dad’s basement. lol

Conor Dunne says:

Tame impala isn’t a band

Klay Ferdinand says:

Only disagreement is I’d give it a 9 instead of a 7… perhaps as time has passed you’d agree with me as the record has more time to settle 🙂 took me a while to digest tame impala. It was one of my first exposures to more electronic styled music. Now, with more exposure, I’ve become a die hard advocate of any and all techniques which may enhance the sonic quality of a musical piece. I think that’s what rock roll was doing in the 50s and 60s with distortion, grit, etc. Now we just have more ways of enhancing sound, and the new frontier in “rock n roll” (or simply modern pop) is whatever an artist can do with the tools at our current disposal (mainly electronics). I use the term rock n roll loosely here, as it was just the manifestation of the powerful, youthful music in its time, just as Jazz was in its time, hip hop was in its time, etc… and these genres never truly die, they just get recycled in new ways. Thanks again for the awesome perspectives and insights. Subscribed!

KrimsonApoLLo says:

I know this is a positive review, but I truly cannot comprehend the mind of a person who thinks this is anything less than an 8.

re:JECT says:

I honestly feel this is my favorite album of the 2010’s

artichoke says:

this album never gets old

EpreTroll says:

Really love Currents. When I listen to music with lyrics I generally don’t pay attention to words, it’s nothing more than another instrument to me adding onto the grand sound. It doesn’t matter that he sings about completely bullshit because it just sounds aesthetically nice. I usually prefer instrumental music over sang music but this album really does the intrumental area a good full job rather than many modern music where you can visibly hear silent cuts cuts there are so minimal instruments being used. Currents is bae

StrangeLove says:

I still prefer the soaring delays and psychedelic boom of Innerspeaker and Lonerism to his recent work, but this will only help Kevin Parker evolve as a Musician, and though this album has been a bit more pop, overall it’s still been good.

Sky Borax says:

I would dig a beatles cover band for the indie generation

Guilherme Antônio says:

the bass line in “the less i know the better” is god’s work

Limbs says:

“I have an issue with this album” I love you so much but I hate you so much

Oto Tsagareishvili says:

I LOVE Tame Impala

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