Tenacious D – The Pick of Destiny | Album Review | Rocked

A look back at Tenacious D’s sophomore album/soundtrack to the cinematic masterpiece The Pick of Destiny.
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Aaron Wells says:

FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUUUUUCK! The demon code prevents me declining a rock off challenge! what are your terms? What’s the caaaaaaaatch?

Goop Videos says:


Michael Canada says:

I actually think its an awesome album. It doesnt have to be long as long as it is good

Brandon Croker says:

She who is groovy will be in my movie, so come ooooonnnn!!!!!!! Man, Jack & Kyle are sweet!!!!!

TWK Reviews says:

Easily one of my favorite bands. I remember seeing this movie in theaters when it was released and being surprised by the lack of people in the theater. It seriously pains me that more people have seen movies like 50 Shades of Gray or The Emoji movie than the PoD.

As for the album, I feel that it’s more of a nice complimentary piece to the movie than a full, standalone release. It does have some nice songs that were cut from the film but I can’t imagine listening to it without having seen the movie first to get the full context.

Dj Mario says:


JamesOhGoodie says:


just a nerd *_* says:

Yes Tenacious D!!!

Samuel blinne says:

Love this album

Bengie Macfarlane says:

Ronnie James Dio Toured and preformed until 67 with Stage 4 stomach Cancer, Giving it his all and still sang like the fucking metal God he was.

Thomas Clifford says:

I´ve always preferred the first album (He said aware of how hipster he sounds) a lot of the second album is readaptions of the first album which is rather frustrating but as an album you can definitely play it from start to finish a lot easier than you can with the soundtrack.

AcePlays says:

Thanks guitar hero 3 for The Metal

Ikrani says:

You cannot kill the metal.

Starbox Official says:


Rocked says:

Check this riff it’s HOT and TASTY!!!

It’s Cam Sucka says:


Libertarian Jaguar says:

Great album but I think the first one will always be the best.

Hello!Nurd says:

Hey any thoughts on that Bob’s Burgers album?

ThomasFishwick says:

Can’t disagree with the score.
One of the album’s problems comes form the fact it’s a soundtrack, rather than a true studio album. It might have been better if they had written it as a Rock opera, but what can you do?
A point you missed, however, is just how many cameo’s they got both in the film and during recording. Including one that always seems to be overlooked, Meat Loaf as JB’s Dad. He even lends his vocals to Kickapoo. Which highlights the biggest flaw in my opinion. Between two Rock vocal Gods Jack Black’s short comings are really obvious.
He might be in the top 80% of rock vocalists, but Ronnie James Dio and Meat Loaf ARE the top 99%. Or were, as Dio is sadly no longer with us and Meat’s vocals have been shredded from years of touring, but at their best no one else came even close!

jc1424 says:


Caleb Andrews says:

Can you maybe review smash mouths fush yu mang, or living colors times up? I’d love to hear you’re thoughts on 2 albums I personally hold very high

David says:

I’ve only seen the video for Bellzzeboss song, it was weird and funny.

Yazzy X says:

Don Tony & Mish sent me here.

Anasazi Music says:

Do Appetite for Destruction, it’s pretty cliché but I’d like to hear what you think about it

Purita Rivera says:

I’m the devil I love metal!!!!!!!!

Drápion says:

Dude you deserve more subs :c

coughcoughsigh says:

Personally would have given it a minimum 7 because the songs there are a nice handful of good tracks on their but a 6 is still a respectable score 🙂

Jillbles says:

Thanks for this.
I was a HUGE D fan. The first album was, literally, life changing. I ended up hanging out on the official D message board enough that I was made a moderator, and made friends that I still have, today, 16 years later. I saw them play live three times. I adored them.
I was so disappointed by Pick.
Kickapoo and Master Exploder are good, Beelzeboss, too. But The Metal, which is the only song that ever gets play… I HATE it. It’s actively unpleasant to listen to.
The movie was fun, but ultimately forgettable.
I never even bought Rize of the Fenix. Some of my friends did. What they had to say about it didn’t make me want to run out & get it.
Everyone should check out that first album, though. It’s fucking magical.

Hello!Nurd says:

Hopefully they don’t do to Tenacious D what they did to School of Rock. If they do I might just consider getting rid of cable all together. IDK, fuck that reboot!

Joao Dias says:

do a review of the álbum the unquestinble thruh of limp bizkit

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