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►My throwback review of what is considered a punk rock classic. It’s The Offspring’s third album “Smash”, a review that’s been requested for years!

Epitaph Records
Release: 4/8/1994
Rating: 4/5

►Favorite tracks: Come Out and Play, It’ll Be a Long Time, Genocide, Self Esteem, Bad Habit, Smash, What Happened to You?

►Least faves: Killboy Powerhead, Something to Believe In, So Alone

►Killer thumbnail designs by Infinity on Hannah:

►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon:

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Konbini Boy says:

My dad’s childhood best friend is Noodles from the Offspring, so I basically grew up with him as an uncle. We go over to his family’s house for a lot of holidays. It’s weird hearing people talk about their albums or critique them as a piece of art, since I’ve always viewed him as being a really normal person and not a famous musician

Razor Blade says:

Do review the album ‘Americana’, especially the track ‘Pay the Man’. It’s the most epic track in that album

James Owenetwork says:

Do tragic kingdom by no doubt,please.

HasanJF says:

I gotta give props to Dexter Holland for completing his Ph.D in molecular biology. My dad loved the Offspring so much so I did grew up with this band a lot, and while from Americana, he would always sing the chorus of Pretty Fly for a White Guy in front of me when I was little.

Just another random person on the Internet says:

I just introduced Self Esteem to my friend a few days ago, now he’s obsessed with it.

Gribble Dribble says:

You’re gonna go far kid.

Nicholas Dengler says:

like if you wanna see John do a classic review of relationship of command

Daniel Gomez says:

This is the best selling record on an indie label ever made (not counting the major label re-releases)

Jack Brown says:

Smash is my favorite album from Offspring, such an iconic record

Justin Neeley says:

Thanks for reviewing this album. Offspring-Smash is one of my favorite albums of all time. What do you think about the hidden track?

Aaron Peterson says:

I love the throwback reviews!!!

Geeky Steven says:

They’ve been talking about debuting new music on their summer tour this year.
Maybe we’re finally getting a new record?

Isaac DiSanto says:

If you review Jack Garratt I will worship you and pray to you every night

Tom Spence says:

The day when they release that new album, is the day I will come out and gotts get away from my house and have some self esteem finally.

Dear god I’m so sorry I fanboy really bad

Mason Coty says:

He should do the offspring’s first album The Offspring

Patrick Lauer says:

I may have grown out of this band but this album is amazing same with their next two but don’t listen to anything after that…

Benjamin Thompson says:

It’s gonna be this year. Offspring has CONFIRMED that it’s the year that they make a new album.

Karma from Alabama says:

Literally just went and listened to Bad Habit for the first time. I busted out laughing cuz it reminded me of my mom

Xoct232 says:

Great album.

Pints of Guinness says:

i saw them play this album all the way through a few years ago in philly and it was fucking fantastic.

Gabriella Hoff says:

Always need more Offspring!

Damien De Backer says:

This and Americana are my favourite Offspring albums.Are you going to review the new scars on broadway album in the future when it comes out?

The Riff Notebook says:

Come Out and Play was one of the first songs I learned on guitar.

Tristan Lindsay says:

Three days grace released outsider album

Tori H says:

Definitely one of my favorite albums!

DanLobovChannel says:

Finally! I love this band and I’m so happy you did the review of one of their albums. Loved it <3

Skylar Watson says:

This album, Metallica’s Ride The Lightning and Master Of Puppets, Aerosmith’s Rocks and Slayer’s Reign In Blood are my favorite albums ever!

Guy Fieri Is My God says:

Loving the throwbacks! Maybe do ones for Marilyn Manson’s Antichrist Superstar or Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral?

Daphne Samuels says:

What do you think about Kristy, Are You Doing Okay? It’s so different from their usual sound.

PunnaKing says:

Hey ARTV, you should review Red Sun Risings new album THREAD. It’s an amazing album, and I think you would enjoy it.

Jacob Bretz says:

So, if you saw all my comments disappear it’s because somehow Google deleted my account. I don’t know how. I’m still here.

Lewis vinson says:

Love this album thank you!

Zach Peters says:

It’s about time Offspring got a little love here 😀

Tyler Rock says:

I have a question about your channel. Do you always want to have a physical copy/vinyl of the albums you review? Will you still do a review if the album does not have a physical release? Because I’d really love to see your opinions on an upcoming artist that I’ve really enjoyed named Noah Kahan, but his EP is completely digital.

william binns says:

review a rage against the machine album

william binns says:

the offspring ranked

John Baker says:

This is the album I started my vinyl collection with! thank you for reviewing it Jon!

Max James Palmer says:

I never really got behind offspring I love hard rock and nu/heavy metal but I was always more of a Godsmack guy

We Remotely Low says:

Definitely one of the biggest punk albums that wasn’t really pop punk.

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