This is the closest thing to a Teal Album review I’m gonna do…

Video accidentally cuts off a little early, but you didn’t miss anything.

Yeah, Weezer did some bleh-ass covers and I don’t really feel like talking about it, so I streamed my thoughts on my lunch break.

Enjoy my lack of effort! :3





Teddy Furstman says:

Damm Weezer’s uncreative these days huh? (Except for the Video where Weird Al appears) 😀

Mopsie Wanner says:

My thing on this album, is that i dont see it as an extension of the Africa joke. I just see it as a cover album. I like the song choice a lot, and i do enjoy the majority of covers on the album. No scrubs was an odd choice though lol.

Thunder Ryu says:

As far as cover albums go, there’s been plenty worse. This probably won’t be that memorable but I’m enjoying the covers alright. That said, Crash, hope you get all this work off your chest soon!

Muldwych the Wise says:

I listened to this one out of order, so I started with their cover of “Take One Me.” I thought it was decent, nothing really groundbreaking, but I was curious. So I listened to “Billie Jean” next. And that’s when I started having some problems with the album. But, y’know, in fairness I’d only listened to two songs – well, three counting “Africa,” which I’d listened to just last week.” So I moved on to “Mr. Blue Sky.” And not even thirty seconds into it, I was just shaking my head and whispering “oh, honey, no…” And that’s how I felt about pretty much the rest of the album to varying degrees. 

I completely agree – it’s like one long meme taken WAAAAY too far. For what it’s worth, they’re competently put together covers, but this is the sort of quality I’d expect from a YouTube cover band.

jdh214 says:

From what I can, it’s a super contentious album. My friends and I love it but I understand the negativity towards it.

Meridian Heights - ASMR says:

HEY!!! Weezer didn’t even START until Scott Shriner joined the band!!! LOL 😉

Necce says:

Where those beads in the foreground intentional? Blue, Green, red, white, what are you pulling here Thompson?

Dalton Riser says:

Hello everyone this is running on empty album reviews

J B says:

I really don’t understand anyone’s perspective on covers. If a band does a beat-for-beat cover, it’s unoriginal and unnecessary. If they do anything different with it, they’re slammed for it by either critics or fans for “ruining” them.

I think the album’s harmless. It’s not a meme. It’s not totally serious, either. It feels to me like the whole “cover Africa” thing just inspired the dudes in Weezer to want to play some more covers – more power to them, it’s just a stopgap release before their actual album.

Uncle Syrus says:

When will people stop thinking Rivers is at all good at comedy or irony?

badluckbrooks says:

Glad you acknowledge how awful the Dva bit was. I’ve done that in the past with a bunch of my content. Mad respect. Hope the black album doesn’t suck.

Demon Rantz says:

Anal beads?

Debonaire Nerd says:

So, 2018 may be behind you.
How’s 2019 looking, bitch?

Joseph Tafur says:

The Rock Critic: Dislikes this album

ARTV: its ok

Now we wait for Theneedledrop and Spectrum Pulse review of this.

noobspoons123 idk says:

I honestly like this album (I’m so biased. I freaking love Weezer).

Only if someone would like my comment

ATB Pop says:

I like it okay lol.
Paranoid is cool and I’m impressed with how true to the originals they are.

Idk, it’s kinda cool imo.

Joseph Tafur says:

this album is Teal like Hatsune Miku’s Hair

MrRetrogamingBard says:

So… is this one of those albums of “meh, who cares? They will buy it anyway$…” ?

Gribble Dribble says:

Are those anal beads hanging from your rearview mirror?

Doyle Alexander says:

I liked Teal

Rebecca Lyon says:

I will never understand why you people hate on Crash. I really enjoy your videos! Remember, he has his own opinions. Get the fuck over it!

Free Parking says:

Not to be a dick but “Happy Together” is by The Turtles…also can bands stop with the cover albums…after Metallica did it (and nailed it) it seems like the “cash grab” thing to do.

Jeffery Jones says:

Speaking of MJ, The Civil Wars cover of “Billie Jean” is dope.

lil water pump says:

I seriously don’t understand how these mainstream bands (Weezer, AFI) keep having so bad dproduction issues

OK! Covers says:

I mean the album made me wanna listen the Tears for Fears album again so… that’s something (Songs from the Big Chair is great btw)

Jose Mazon says:

I dont really get why people are so offended by this album. Like calm down the black album IS coming.

Another Person says:

Also, why Teal?

Jared stone says:

I knew this album was coming out because when I saw them live last year, they played half of this album, Take On Me was acoustic that was the only difference

edge lord owo says:

eh at least it’s not as bad as raditude or make believe but ye it’s meh I actually kinda liked it but the mixing feels very choppy and some of the covers in it like Take On Me and Mr. Blue Sky feels kinda misguided from the original source matirial and No Scrubs and Billie Jean kinda feels to much of a joke that’s not funny but It’s still good enough… but it’s alright

Jack Kempster says:

You should totally just title this video an Unscripted vid.

Chara Nico says:

Happy Together
Stand By Me

The rest

BrayEnd H says:

Weezer covering Paranoid is the most cursed thing I’ve listened to all year.

Communism Works Because I Say It Does says:

I really liked it. Sorry

John Doe says:

A bit of wisdom that Weezer needs to learn from The Joker “If you have to explain a joke, THERE IS NO JOKE!”

c says:

I actually really enjoyed this album

Coffee Pot says:

Half of these covers were already done by Ninja Sex Party, and they were done MUCH better by them

Master Chi Ching says:

I don’t understand why anyone still cares about weezer they’re not a band they’re a sad old heartless cover band of a foregone memory… and they’re bigger than ever.

JackRussellDog says:

Yo, you introduced me to some kickass Weezer stuff back on the Rise and Fall of Weezer days. Then throughout the years of watching your videos, you consitantly introduced me to so many kick ass bands (Sleater-Kinney, Diet Cig, IDLES, etc.) So much that now I consider myself a punk. I don’t care if you review this album or even the Black album. Just continue the awesome hard work you do. I love ya man.

Joseph Tafur says:

But hey, The Black Album will be Ok, Hopefully?

Uncle Ethan99 says:

Weezer played a lot of these covers live, so I guess they thought they should make a cover album on those songs.

Michael Mikey says:

Wake me up when Weezer decides to be good again.

Jerrod VanLandingham says:

Weezer kicked ass on this album..

Rolando Royster says:

Strangely enough No Scrubs has been stuck in my head and I don’t hate it

Bruce Bruce says:

I love the teal album

Mathew Rossini says:

In my opinion the Scrubs and Paranoid are the only shining marks on this album.

Slight Difference says:

Worst album yet.

Virgil Lewis says:

People are always going to ask you to review any new Weezer album that drops because you will forever be known as the guy that made a bunch of videos about Weezer so you gotta deal with it now.

Gideon Nightingale says:

Weezer is one of my favorite bands, but they make me so uncomfortable right now. My friend Charlotte likened their current state to a midlife crisis, and I think that’s an apt comparison. Looking forward to the Black album, though.

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