Thrice – Palms – Album Review (ft. The Rock Critic!)

For my 1016th review, I team up with The Rock Critic for a discussion of this frustrating new record from Thrice.

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Spectrum Pulse – Best Songs: ‘The Grey’, ‘A Branch In The River’, ‘Hold Up A Light’, ‘Beyond The Pines’
Spectrum Pulse – Worst Song: ‘The Dark’

The Rock Critic – Best Songs: The Grey, Just Breathe, Everything Belongs, Hold Up a Light.
The Rock Critic – Worst Song: My Soul, Branch in the River, Beyond the Pines.

Spectrum Pulse: 6/10
The Rock Critic: 7/10

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Thrice – Palms – Post-hardcore/Alternative Rock – Album Review

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TheFilmPunk says:

At the end f the video I realised this is a bromance for the ages

Jens Let's Play says:

At least the new Beartooth will probably be their best record to date and we get our yearly dosis of Post-Hardcore/Hardcore Punk

The Flagged YouTuber II says:

I feel like the rock critic ripped off his name from the rap critic LOL

Kevin Garcia says:

The Rock Critic is Super knowledgeable I could Listen to these two for hours a Podcast would be cool

waterblonk says:

Now you’ve collaborated with Crash


Jonathan Olsen says:

I would bet anything that Thrice is trying (if even just subconsciously) to remove themselves from the post-hardcore label altogether.

I’m all for a band reinventing themselves. In fact, I believe it to be necessary. Thrice was doing this consistently until the release of Major/Minor. With that album following Beggars – and every album after it – I feel that they have settled into the raw, pure rock sound that they still maintain. This is simply my personal opinion, but Vheissu was and still is their masterpiece. I’ve been waiting for them to revisit that realm of writing – without reinventing the wheel that is Vheissu. The Alchemy Index was an extremely close second to Vheissu with its offering of genius thought processing, writing and well-rounded, circular connections to itself.

With all of that being said, it has always been so that the further you dig into any of their albums, the more of a world you uncover. This is a definitive reason to pay close attention to Thrice. There is no laziness in what they turn in to their fans.

heebs boy says:

The Rock Critic looks like a 20-something human version of Winnie The Pooh.

The Negan Guy says:

I’m giving this a 7/10

Offizieller Kanal von Doggen-Tee says:

I kinda feel the same mostly.

They tried to make “The Spark” from Enter Shikari in their own style and it doesn’t really work for most of the time.
The slow, meandering songs like “My Soul“ or “Everything Belongs” would be great, but they just don’t lift up.
Like, every song from their last album lifted up to a point where you felt like you’re high, and most of the songs on this album doesn’t do that.

Beyond the pines though, it’s not a great song for itself, but as an album closer, it’s so freaking amazing.

A thrice album is good if you almost have to cry at the end of the album closer, and this song did this for me. These are the moments I realize that Thrice is one of the best bands ever.
It reminds me of the Thrice stuff that helped and inspired me and as soon as this album closes, I could sit down and digest everything just to realize it’s a good album, not as good as To be everywhere, but still pretty good.

This isn’t a turnoff for thrice, at least for me, I dig it and appreciate it, even though I’m probably not coming back to it as much as to their last album.

Cyril Panda says:

Nah, Beggars is actually their best album & a top 10 album of all time for me, that’s not a weird pick as far as I’m concerned.

Dalton Riser says:

Your comment about ethan of the lp club reminded me of something
That kid is still so young im just imagining of what he will do in the nezt few years

J Gunzler says:

Didn’t love Everywhere and I’m a HUGE Thrice fan. I liked it but there was never a moment that really stuck with me and I rarely go back for more listens. I feel like Palms is a better album. After 2 listens I enjoyed it more and more

Surly Maman says:

I guess it comes down to what you expect front them. You seem to want them to sound heavy and straight forward and digged TBEITBN. I liked it but it was too one dimensional for me. In my opinion, this record sums up all of their strengths. Combining the melodies with some experiments/out of the box stuff. Diverse Songs, interesting structures which grow on you. I mean they deliver a killer opening track with a new element (synthies) and you’re like maaan idk, what we’re they thinking. It’s Thrice, they will always offer new stuff which is not like the last record! Also the production is IMO superb. Much more organic rooms on the drums, guitars on point. Certainly not the gold standard for a PostHC production but it fits perfectly and is very organic.
Idk man I think the thing with Thrice is, they offered so much aspects on their records to date that it is just a matter of taste, of which ones you want to hear more. For me, this is maybe their best record to date, yes maybe over Vheissu. But anyways, it is a maybe the wrong approach to compare their records. I am so grateful for everything they put out. Never gets boring. But thank you for this video, a Thrice review deserves 23 minutes of talk 🙂 Greetings from Germany.

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