Title Fight – Hyperview ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJRGAcu2fb8

After a couple reputable albums of the post-hardcore persuasion, Title Fight decides to shoot for a dreamier, hazier, more apathetic sound.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right? What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?


RichieWilliams97 says:

Tbh I don’t think he was mean enough. This album sucks ass.

Thomas Baker says:

False flanel

Caleb Choate says:

I would love to see you review The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me by Brand New. It’s an extremely consistent album with absolutely stunning instrumentation.

M Kat says:

It’s funny because I was introduced to Title fight through Hyperview and didn’t like their aggressive stuff at first but now I like almost all of it even though there is a good amount of diversity throughout their discography

Mark Huigsloot says:

dont edit your videos like you did in this one

torkoalss says:

pug rock

Cameroon Hall says:

You’re shit

Tommy Shannon says:

Can you review their 2011 album Shed? Or even the last thing you forget

Daniel Lynch says:

Your analysis isn’t wrong but I fucking love this album. It’s chill and I can’t stop listening to it. I will say it definitely wouldn’t have hurt to turn the vocals up somewhat and be a little more ambitious with the writing and have a few more harsh vocals

Fruit Tea says:

I get ya. I like Title Fight, Shed and Floral Green are great! However this album was just kind of lame.

betterthansmoshkinda says:

you mentioned pianos become the teeh, they have a new album out

Connor Marques says:

Imo it’s their best piece of work

Wesley Turner says:

Pianos become the teeth? Bland? The hell?

Cameron Howard says:

I agree with you! This album was a step back in many ways, and so many other bands are going in the same direction (PBTT like you mentioned as well as Citizen).

Cameroon Hall says:

Gay boy puss

OrangeJuliusSucks says:

I kno this is old but fuck u Fantano this album is a 10

wigzisonfire says:

You merked me. Saw the yellow flannel and assumed a good score this way cometh.

Imran Naim says:

One of the best albums ive heard in a minute

Tay Kendall says:

Awh, I loved this album. especially Your Pain is Mine Now. Song makes me cry so hard.

khaki cuffs says:

love u but you’re wrong

SkiesOfmaY says:

I think the album is fucking incredible.

Wessui Bacareza says:

The lyrical style they employed really did feel too rickety, though I love how the songs bleed into each other, which for me is how a good feature for an album. A lot of the songs are forgettable at first listen, but once spun a couple more times it sorta grows on you. Riffs do sound repetitive, and guitarwork is not too grandiose but I think it works fine especially with the murmur-y vocals, as is the typical characteristic of anything tagged “shoegaze”. For me, it’s more of a “just feel it” record than something you blast for a catchy anthem-fest.

Simon B. says:

TF turned into a hipster indie band

MadCat 741 says:


Tommy Shannon says:

They’re from Wilkes-Barre not Philadelphia

MadCat 741 says:


Pablo Youngs says:

“Mrahc” is actually called “Reversed Charm”… see what they did there?

Stephanie Cantarero says:

Everything you said I completely disagree with. Not everything has to be bold and energized to be considered “good”. I loved the lyrics and the style they decided to go with. Your review is very biased.

vvraith13 says:

this is probably fanty’s worst review

hussguy1990 says:

you know, I kinda disagreed with you hard when this first dropped, but I haven’t went back to the album since lol maybe you were right fantee

maxfield painter says:

howdoyou-ny havehairrightnow-tano?

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