Trophy Eyes – The American Dream | Album Review (FFO Pop Punk/Rock)

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►My review of the third album “The American Dream” by Australian pop punk/emo/rock band Trophy Eyes. This follows their beloved second record “Chemical Miracle

“The American Dream”
Hopeless Records
Release: 8/3/18
Rating: 3.5/5

►Favorite tracks: Broken, You Can Count On Me, Autumn, I Can Feel It Calling, Lavender Bay

►Least faves: Friday Forever, Miming in the Choir, A Cotton Candy Sky

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►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon:

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1. Autumn
2. Something Bigger Than This
3. Friday Forever
4. More Like You
5. A Cotton Candy Sky
6. You Can Count On Me
7. Broken
8. Tip Toe
9. Lavender Bay
10.Miming In The Choir
11. A Symphony Of Crickets
12. I Can Feel It Calling


Kaiisneckdeep says:

That one bit in Friday Forever is incredible where he carries the note into a scream over the gang vocals singing “is this what the clouds feel like”. Love the album, refreshing and welcome in this year of great music!

jetblackangie says:

this isn’t music but you should react to 5sos’s cocktail chats !! they explain the album and i think it really helps understand the tracks :))

Chris Knutson says:

Why is it ironic for it to be called The American Dream? That’s part of the concept is coming from a different nation to chase success because how much freedom we have

Hello!Nurd says:

An Australian band releasing an album called The American Dream. Irony!

Johnny Christ says:

Love Your Channel Keep It Up

Lunatic Son says:


my waterparks romance 182 says:

I would say at least a 4

xL ValoR says:

Hey John, mind giving us your faves from Chemical Miracle? I honestly think the album is one of the GOAT, so to hear your opinions on it would be interesting.

Lotion In Motion says:

lmao our favorite and least favorite tracks are almost completely swapped. I love Cotton Candy Sky, Friday Forever and Miming In The Choir, but don’t really care for You Can Count On Me. Although, I do love the opening and closing tracks as well. That being said, I agree on the rating.

dreary says:

as someone who likes their old music a lot I think I may actually enjoy this album more. I’ll have to listen more to find out but it’s definitely on my album of the year list

The ABacross says:

I’m really excited for AS IT IS and With Confidence’s new albums next week, very hopeful!

Jacob Bretz says:

I haven’t actually heard of this band! I’m not a huge pop punk fan but I might check it out! Good review, Jon!

HY U says:

i love the structure of this video! would love to see this more 😀

Eli Lesser says:

The background vocals to More Like You sound like “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton!!! But I do like the album!

Никита Галушин says:

I would give this album at least 4/5. It is sooo enjoyable to listen. On of the best this year.

xxAWESOME BROxx says:

Hey Jon, have you checked out half Alive’s new song and music video ‘still feel?

TheDuffyGMER64 says:

Great review! I think I’ll check this album out myself!

Also, would you consider reviewing lovelytheband’s new album?

Danny Ryumora says:

Im sticking with everything goes away and mend move on, TE is kinda dead to me, its sad cuz i even have a Everything goes aways tatt in my leg :/ sad so sad

ARTV says:

No, I’m not pointing a “gun” at myself in the thumbnail, it’s a “use your head” point to the temple. Just saying it before anyone else tries to say what the pose is, lmao.

Video Game Intro's Endings and Trophy Guides says:

You should review tired eyes album in denial force a smile

Diego Torres says:

Fucking love your videos, keep on this structure dude, love it!

Unknown Artist says:

I love this new format. Definitely keeps me more into the video with you getting more straight to the point.

JSReviews says:

Love the brand new shirt!!

record2record says:

I really enjoyed this record 🙂 Pop Punk summer is going hard with this and Trash Boats amazing album!

Video Game Intro's Endings and Trophy Guides says:

I give it it a 4 out of 5 tbh there was only two bad songs on this album and i can feel it calling which is my favorite song on the reminds me of neckdeep mixed in with New Found Glory just my opinion

stew12341 says:

That’s not ironic

Cmmndr Lcy says:

As a fan of everything this band has done, I find this album fantastic and a breath of fresh air. I’d personally give it a 4.5/5 when chemical miracle is one of my favorite albums of all time, this was a great follow up.

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