twenty one pilots – Trench ALBUM REVIEW


Twenty One Pilots take their catchy songwriting, genre blending, and emotional lyricism up a few notches on Trench.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


marganita eden says:

Please say sike

Jack A says:

this album sucks lol. melon has finally lost it.

EmmeKira says:

Personally I always liked TOP. Vessel is still really good to me but this one is truly becoming my favourite release from them.

Katherine B says:

Never thought I’d see the day.

Jack Kruse says:

I think you only gave this album a good rating because the album artwork matches your yellow flannel…

jk I enjoyed this album too

David M says:

Anyone else curious about the similar marketing aesthetic that went into this and Underoath’s latest release? I’ve read comments about Underoath pulling a lot from whatever these guys have been up to artistically on their latest project which is… sad. What a way to lose your soul, Underoath…

Xx_emo420_xX says:

what the fuuuuck

narutardednerd says:

I love Hybrid Theory/Linkin Park and Twenty One Pilots. I totally agree with that comparison.

Dyke Clincher says:

I love 21 !!!!! Can’t wait to get this album

Some random guy on the internet says:

I thought the TPAB-like thumbnail was going to be a troll, did not see this coming.

Idk man says:

Even Brad liked this album. that’s saying something

ohn miel says:


Brandon Salas says:

Damn i needa check this out ._. Never thought i’d see melon slap an EIGHT on 21 pilots lol. I must say this was a great review though, deff a 10/10 as far as review quality 🙂

Automaton 1 says:

Cuuuuuuut! I said cut.

HunKer says:

I like how he called TØPs lyrics “simplistic”

TehDrummaBoi says:

please review the new Pale Waves album

Audrey Hornyak says:

I hope you feel better after your coughing.

Jacob Elliff says:

Paul Meaney from Mutemath is one of the main reasons this album’s production is so great.

Colton Sanford says:

Made the Hybrid Theory connection as well. Totally agree.

Some Asshole says:

Though I always found that they could be cringy and inconsistent, I always found them to be a boundary pushing alt pop band with some great tracks. I’m glad the melon has finally come to like a record of theirs.

family friendly pg clean says:

Yellow flannel I did not fucking expect that.

I’m sure some top fans are still pissed it’s not 10 too

Tyler Seidel says:

Review the new Coheed and Cambria album, The Unheavenly Creatures. I honestly thought it was gonna be the band’s first #1 album, and then TØP announed Trench was releasing the same day and I went “there goes that #1”

TheOver RatedNarwhal says:

Neon gravestones isn’t tyler sorting his feelings. It’s him saying that we shouldn’t glorify celebrities when they commit suicide.

Joseph says:

nice battles shoutout

Muhammad Reyhan says:

Where is Mudboy review?

James Smith says:

This is why youre the best music reviewer. Blurry face made me feel like i was in a digital trailer park and legit sucks major asshole. This, even tho he sounds like a digital walking dead trailer park fan in some of his lyrics id have to say is not all that bad. Leave the city is underrated and altho not in love i can finally say they made some shit im not embarrassed to listen to.

El Franklo says:

Pretty much well deserved rating, I mean this album is amazingly awesome.

Timothy Watson says:

The story isn’t the story. The ending isn’t the ending. It’s supposed to end on a cliff hanger.

Automaton 1 says:

I like to here people tell me that what i like is good.

NerdOfVideoGames says:

I fucking love this album, easily agreed on this being their best one yet and for me, it’s a light to decent 9. I genuinely have only listened to tracks from this album since it got released. Everything (Except for Leave The City which i agree was kind of a dead ending and not as good as i had hoped) was amazing.

Automaton 1 says:

Love that flannel

Jibby Esuruoso says:

The flannel matches the album art!

Owen Murphy says:

/n/o/i/s/e ?

Bordje says:

I have said for years that TOP are the new LP

Big D says:

Sickthony coughtano

Grumbler says:

With the exception of two songs. The Trench album is garbage.

Marowik Darknight says:

Black and yellow album cover hinted black and yellow shirt… Who would’ve known?

Di*ks_b_floppen says:

The linken park and tøp comparison is pretty true

Chris Brooks says:

i still hope this guy dies in a horrible painful fashion.

slenderstone030 the real one says:

Bro the band’s breakout album Is the self titled album, then regional at best, then vessel, then blurryface, then trench. Do a little more research on that next time. Great review tho!

ChrisRogersIsMusic says:

Hey everyone.

Colorthy Coordinatetano here

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