Weezer – Pacific Daydream | Album Review

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►My review of alternative rock band Weezer’s 11th studio album “Pacific Daydream”. Definitely leaves something to be desired after a couple of phenomenal returns to form.

“Pacific Daydream”
Atlantic Records / Crush
Release: 10/27/17
Rating: 3/5

►Favorite tracks: Feels Like Summer, Weekend Woman, Mexican Fender, Sweet Mary

►Least faves: Beach Boys, QB Blitz, Happy Hour, La Mancha Screwjob, Get Right

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Andrew Khaleesie says:

Good thing I’m in Australia then

Usernames today suck says:

Personally like QB Blitz a lot, and dislike Feels Like Summer a lot. Switch those and we would have the same opinion.

Don Beck says:

This album is so boring that I almost wish some really bad, weird or cringy stuff was on it just to make for a discussion. But this time, instead of Rivers writing creepy or weird lyrics or doing collabs with Lil Wayne, they just went ahead and decided to be as boring as they could possibly be

Sam Roberts says:

HEY QUESTION, What’s your opinion on the Pinkerton Deluxe track “You Won’t Get With Me Tonight”? It’s personally my favorite Weezer song and I believe it deserves more attention. Now there are two versions and I am talking about the original Rivers Cuomo recording, not the full band “Crushing Version”.

Matt Whitaker says:

And this album is ass. Their worst of their career and maybe the worst of the year.

Daniel Neemann says:

Never was a Weezer fan but this album is amazing. Reminds me of Saves The Day’s In Reverie which was their masterpiece. Beautiful double tracked vocals reminiscent of Elliott Smith’s Figure 8 and of course The Beach Boys. Also, that I’m very amused by such playful lyrics on this album. There is a chance, though, that I’m biased because I’m in California and not experiencing cold seasons. This is great music for Pacific Coast Highway.

Andy Muñoz says:

Lame intro.

Sunforged says:

Remove Beach boys and this album is 10% better imo

DaSalt Mcfly says:

I mean personally I honestly think the songs were catchy but not very high quality

Gen Gray says:

This was a very accurate review and almost exactly how I felt. Although, Weekend Woman was actually my favorite song off of this album.

Zach Bechthold says:

Remember Hurley? yeah same

carlos delarosa says:

I’m sorry weezer but every day I’m a little bit closer to getting up and leaving

Dallas Goodreau says:

You should do a RANKED on this band since this album just came out… either that or wait for the black album. P.S. nice reveiw and Rivers Cuomo impersonation.

Euc says:

I actually like ratitude and Harley tbh

Matthew Fuller says:

And this album would keep my fingernails clean…

D says:

3/5 is definitely something I can agree with, it’s a solid album but it’s just super poppy, I prefer the classic weezer sound and I think the black album is going to be killer, I’m glad they’re experimenting because they’re actually very good at that “pop rock” sound. It’s just not for me :/

Haven Nelson says:

This album was 10/10 for me.

Fatty Bagg3r says:

I hate the beach boys and this album.

Sam Sagins says:

Yeah Weezer’s back to dropping turkeys


The instrument your talking about is called a wiro

MiaEquestrian says:

One of my fave albums they have

Zach Slaght says:


David Wayne says:

Weezer hasn’t made a Weezer album in 21 years. I’ve been trying to think of a way to say this without sounding like a grouchy old man stuck in the past, but I can’t, so I’ll just say it. This album is garbage along with every album they’ve released in the past 17 years. The Blue Album & Pinkerton are tits! Weezer set the bar insanely high in the 90’s and have never reached it again. For any young Weezer fans that hasn’t listened to their first two albums, please do. I guess they might be considered “classic rock” by now lol (I’m really crying inside), but those albums might just change your world, they are so utterly amazing! You will see that this band is now nothing more than a band that occasionally plays Weezer cover songs at their gigs. Weezer, hmph, one of the biggest disappointments in music history.

Andy Stecklein says:

I love pacific day dream! Seriously awesome. Even my chillins dig it.

Matt Whitaker says:

I own that same Green Day shirt.

PerryMac82 says:

Wanna review Gone by Red? That’d be pretty cool I guess

John Kay says:

I do think Sweet Mary is one of Weezer’s best. It stands out a lot, and is my favourite on the album. Weekend woman is fantastic, also grew on me. Mexican Fender stood out right away, I liked it immediately, and like it even more more. I love QB blitz, especially that perfectly placed bridge (I think that’s what did it for me.. and it’s only 30 seconds). The greatest thing about this album is actually the B side, the last 5 songs. Overall the album has a great flow, very consistent feel and themes. Interesting stories that don’t seem to be about Rivers at all really.. or they are about Rivers observations of others. I prefer Beach Boys over Feels like Summer. I agree that happy hour is a low point. It’s my least favourite song on the album. Thanks for posting this review!

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