Weezer – Weezer (The Black Album) | Album Review

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►My review of alternative rock band Weezer’s long awaited sixth self titled album, aka “The Black Album”. Frontman Rivers Cuomo described his intentions to be experimental & dark, but really this just feels like another entry tacked on to the roller coaster ride that is their discography.

“Weezer (The Black Album)”
Atlantic / Crush Records
Release: 3/1/19
Rating: 3/5

►Favorite tracks: High As A Kite, I’m Just Being Honest, Can’t Knock The Hustle, Zombie Bastards, California Snow (watch the video, you’ll wanna know why)

►Least faves: The Prince Who Wanted Everything, Byzantine, Living in L.A.

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►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon: https://youtu.be/Wm-H2d_5FSg

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►Try it out: https://open.spotify.com/album/49cHEhh4pSeWvV0HW3OYo6?si=gYVCKDqtQrqo7ROrwMPtsg

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Weezer – The Black Album Tracklist

1. Can’t Knock The Hustle
2. Zombie Bastards
3. High As A Kite
4. Living in L.A.
5. Piece of Cake
6. I’m Just Being Honest
7. Too Many Thoughts In My Head
8. The Prince Who Wanted Everything
9. Byzantine
10. California Snow


Poppomatic64 says:

Personally, I really liked living in L.A. because the chorus is just so fun. Maybe not lyrically, but it sounds great! I agree with a lot of your review though, felt the same way. The album had problem and I find a lot of great moments, but also forgettable things.
I can see this album growing on me in the future

Michael Jones says:

I loved Living in LA though

Marcello Galdamez says:

So, when is your weezer ranked episode coming.

Enmanuel aguilera leon says:

ARTV was just being honest.

Tyler Raisl says:

What is the first song that starts out on this ? I dig that

Hirohito Araki says:

if its not a 10/10 ill die

Malcolm Morin says:

Why can’t people let bands just do whatever they want? They made music because it’s fun, not because you want it.

Luke Roberts says:

Hey art tvmy favorite song so far from weezer is the good life and of course high fly as a kite. And defitely on 5:20 I could defitely agree on you there. And high as a kite is one of my favorite songs to this day and a perfect movie soundtrack into it. Would you agree with that if high fly as a kite would go into the mr Rogers movie you are my friend?

Henry Sherman says:

Hey Jon you should really review the new Japanese House record “Good at Falling” I think you’ll really enjoy it.

a wetmore says:

Byzantine is their best song of the last few albums. California Snow is dope. They need a rock-rap album post-haste.

Chicken Carnage says:

Metallica reinvented

Commenter Jeff says:

I thought make believe was the black album

brian dunn says:

I completely disagree the whoo makes the song you’re a whoo hater lol They’ve always been a fun band I’m not surprise this album is more fun than dark they are what they are

TokyoBlue says:

1. I liked this album
2. Your Pink Floyd shirt is awesome

Grant Inskeep says:

You rate nearly anything at least decent lol

ARTV says:

WAS IT WORTH THE WAIT?! Comment your thoughts on Weezer “The Black Album” below!
Also, don’t forget to check out my new show that I’m super excited about “Common Ground”! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgwN1KqHr3E

Robbie Brewer says:

I like the Black Album

Robbie Brewer says:

5:04 to 5:07 I see want you did there Jonny boi ;). Dat Fall Out Boy reference

Tyler Raisl says:

I wish ozma would get back together is what I wish

Jonas Kauffman says:

You know, some songs from pacific daydream we’re supposed to go to the black album, but they thought that some songs didn’t fit to the black album, so they moved them and added a couple more songs to eventually make the pacific daydream.

aleonardoartz says:

Imo this is weezer’s best album aside of Blue and Pinkerton

Low-Top. says:

I dislike this album

Will Hush says:

You gave it wayy too high of a score tbh

TheKarsten75 says:

Rivers writes great songs (here: ‘High As A Kite’) but fails to deliver proper albums

Wally says:

I’d put this as a tied third in my favourite Weezer albums, I really like it.

3. EWBAITE/The Black Album
2. The Blue Album
1. Pinkerton

rohiogerv22 says:

Really, the only song I didn’t think was pretty great, especially lyrically, was I’m Just Being Honest, which I think is saying a lot about their progress, considering it’s on par with a lot of the stuff from EWBAITE.

I’m sad that The Prince Who Wanted Everything doesn’t really have a climax, but I guess that would have been kind of antithetical to the vibe of the song.

Probably the toughest thing about this album is that it doesn’t have the excellent bridges that the past few albums had, that straight-up saved songs like Summer Elaine and Drunk Dory from being average. Really I think the core ideas are better here, but they don’t travel as far here, or when they do they sometimes feel like a non-sequitur.

Tyl3r says:

Its not good.

MixelJack Studios says:

I like California Snow too.

Luis Tijerina says:

The Black Album: not as bad as Pacific Daydream, but still bland as fuck.

Matt Hunter says:

I like it. It’s a decent album. “Everything Will Be Alright” and “White Album” were better. I’ve never heard “Daydream”.

probably not real ooo says:

Sounds different from their old stuff probably because they were younger they still sound good though

Sir Penguin says:

The live version of living in la is better

Sam kogan says:

As far as an album goes, it sucks. Thanks for the false hype for a dark album.

Levi Stutzman says:

I liked this album. Id say 3/5 is fair. Its not a life changing album. I this its mainly what Rivers has been trying to do since Raditude, but its the best version there can be of that style. Honestly, if Weezer wanted to make another Blue or Pinkerton they need to lock themselves in a garage for 3 weeks and crank something out.

Christopher Bingham says:

I really don’t like this album

Cynical Scorpio says:

It had a few great songs, but it devolves into too many generic, disco-pop songs. It’s basically Pacific Daydream part 2.

No, my name is not Dave says:

worst weezer album yet

Justin Ainsworth says:

Blue > Pinkerton > maladroit > ewbaite > green > red > white > make believe > Hurley > raditude > black > pacific daydream

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