Weezer – Weezer (The White Album) ALBUM REVIEW

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Damn, Weezer! Back at it again with the White Album!

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8/10 http://www.theneedledrop.com/loved-list/

Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


VarynDar says:

Bro, Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori is my shit, definitely my favorite from the album

Cían Campion says:

Blue Album: 10/10
Pinkerton: 10/10
Green Album: 7/10
Maladroit: 8/10
Make Believe: 2/10
Red Album: 5/10
Radicate: 1/10
Hurley: 6/10
Everything Will Be Alright: 7/10
White Album: 8/10

A M A N D A says:

prom night

Banana Joe says:

Am I the only Yellow Album fan?

J-Roms says:

I personally think this is Weezer’s best album. I’m sorry

MAN says:

Weezer is probably the unluckiest band ever. Pinkerton ruined them. Of course now it’s a classic, but back then everybody hated it.

julianwhitee says:

Great review man!

Cringey Videos says:

I prefer Ewbaite

Garrett Morris says:

You’re covered in hair

Adam Tortellini says:

This album made me a Weezer fan

1994 says:

I liked White a lot at first but it has fallen somewhat out of favour for me.

Gisselle Nino says:

fuck off

Gabriel Cora says:

I want to love this album more than I do, but California Kids is so basic is just a weak opener. Thank God for Girls was such a weird choice for lead single over Do You Wanna Get High? Thank God is styled weird and i wish it was more like melodic Weezer. Lyrically its on par with Pinkerton stuff. Summer Elaine is just not good at all. The verse and chorus do not fit at all. But the rest is absolutely great. I wish the opener was better. I wish the lead single was different. They have all time greats on here but theres also some utter butt too.

Nintenwhore says:

Make Believe I thought was boring. Red I thought sucked. By then I gave up. Heard every album since but it doesn’t move me. I totally lost interest in Weezer. Their creative peak has passed long ago.

Zachary Haynes says:

The singles they’ve released in the past couple months have really worried me. White Album looked like a return to form for Weezer and they were back at it again finally. But with their singles Beach Boys, and more notably Feels Like Summer, they still haven’t learned from the early 00s.

signor e says:

does this boy youtube poop himself?

Snowfall Knight says:

Nice porn in the background

Raghul Sankar says:

pls review alter bridge records !

Nick Vaillancourt says:

why does everyone hate on Beverly hills its an awesome song

TheBlueEspeon says:

Dead god what the hell is this comment section.

I love it.

Keaton Ott says:

My favorite Weezer album up there with the first two and Maladroit

Magic Bagel says:

Make believe and red album were fucking great.

Barista Aaron says:

EWBAITE is a banger of an album.

MooseyFate says:

Endless Bummer is a sad song though

Ethan Ulintz says:

How can he say the red album is horrible

Cringey Videos says:

Weezer did try out quite a few new things in the white album

Corroderptor says:

The white album killed it, but I don’t think the OG blue will ever be beaten.

Kraig Adkins says:


1) Blue Album
2) Pinkerton
3) Maladroit
4) Everything Will Be Alright
5) White Album
6) Green Album
7) Hurley
8) Red Album
9) Make Believe
10) Raditude

MC Porge says:

haha I like Beverly Hills it’s fun

Sam says:

this white album will be the modern equivalent to the blue album and vice verse for the black album to pinkerton

Snoipeh says:

Okay I want to talk about Thank God For Girls for a while… I don’t get where Cuomo is coming from talking about how girls always go for the athletic types and how girls grade men to an unfair level even though men do the EXACT SAME THING! If a hot blonde girl doesn’t want to hook up with some neckbeard straight from the basement it’s the same thing as an unattractive girl complaining about how the hot muscular athletes go for the dumb blondie… Seriously Cuomo needs to grow up if this song isn’t some satire of the “nice guy” type person imo.

Angus Nasta says:

I really love this album, but my high and low points are completly flipped out compared to anthony’s. “Thank god for girls” and “jacked up” are my least favourite tracks BY FAR, and i still can’t get around “do you wanna get high” but I don’t hate it either; and actually “summer elaine and drunk dori” is one of my favourite tracks from weezer as a whole. But anyway, I really love and apreciate this record and the fact that so many people can enjoy it too

Cringey Videos says:

It’s endless bummer not endless summer


This comment is for the people who are 21 and older and who are DIE HARD Weezer fans only. Don’t you notice when MOST people describe any weezer album, you can tell they only paid attention to the singles or they never even heard a full album before? I’m just now getting into weezer and I’m 23. I’ve heard of them before while growing and playing guitar hero lol back then I didn’t care for rock like that but I heard undone and thought it was cool and checked them out. So I’ve been diving into weezers music now for like almost a year. I’m not a Weezer fanatic but I see why people would gravitate towards them, I don’t think there straight ass or trash. Now when it comes to blue and Pinkerton I also feel like its their best work hands down no debate. But when it comes to their other albums, including white. They lack focus, like its all over the place. It’s OK to be diverse but these guys wanna be poppy, then too silly, then really aggressive, then really sad, then try and revive things they did on Blue and Pinkerton. This makes pretty much every album after Pinkerton inconsistent. On this album it happens song after song. I don’t find it cohesive like there first two projects. I personally think Green day or even Fall Out Boy are better overall in there discography to. Weezer has the Nas(rap artist)effect. They had a classic first album but after that they been disappointing. Pinkerton is still good out of the rest but it not a classic or “cult classic” those songs are overhyped and yeah it’s heavier lyrically and sound wise but the songs aren’t great songs or classic or have that effect on me. I can think of many alt rock/emo/power pop bands that have a better discographys than them. Why are these guys in particular put on a pedestal ??? seriously their OK but there not that great either, with only one perfect album.

caleb s libretti says:

your teeth are slacking fantano

reg4321 says:

I couldn’t disagree. with you more. Weezer’s recent work falls short.

J eL says:

That explanation for why Weezer has been sucking since the early 2000s makes no sense. The internet meant they weren’t pressured to write radio friendly music? The internet didn’t pop up just before the White album. And I don’t see Weezer as the type of band who would be particularly pressured to make poppy music if they didn’t want to.

Fr3akymet4l says:

I want to experience weezer a little bit more, I only know 4 or 5 songs of them and want you to request me some good albums or songs 🙂
I really like their rock stuff like hashpipe or so. I’m definitely going to listen to the white album too.

John Bonham says:


Joshua Lindberg says:

Review Brian Eno – Reflection !

Tom l says:

its endless bummer not endless summer

Euan D-H says:

Surprised by the love for “Thank God for Girls”, it just doesn’t fit with a lot of the rest of the album and is out done by other songs recorded for the album that didn’t make the cut: “Prom Night” (Japanese exclusive track), “The Last Days of Summer” (Fan club exclusive) and “Fake Smiles and Nervous Laughter” (b-side on the deluxe edition). They had songs that fit more with the Weezer style (the good style, not the raditiude “style”) and fit better with the album, which is why “Thank God for Girls” doesn’t feel right as a single for this album for me. It’s my least favorite song and the album.

EARTH says:

Yes this is a top 3 weezer album for sure. Finally. Too bad I just heard a new song here in 2017 and it’s awful. Oh well.

Kevin Zaccaro says:

My dad, who was not a Weezer fan, bought The Green Album after hearing Island in the Sun and hated it. I can only imagine just how abusive a relationship it has been for fans in recent years.

Jimmy Lee says:

Who came here from FUNKe?

Jeremy Gray says:

What do you think of the new songs on the deluxe version?

† ѕтαявøу † says:

A strong 8…

Frankie896 says:

I thought that after the White Album we will be seeing some better stuff from Weezer but nope, Pacific Daydream isn’t looking as good as the White one.

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