Where the hell is rock going?

What is the current state of rock music? Is “guitar music” dying? What the hell does “guitar music” even mean?

I’m pondering this and more in this latest letter from a fan.

What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Destroyer says:

Rock musics dead and modern music is shit

locomotive147 says:


Xander says:

All Them Witches is one of the few modern rock bands that I actually enjoy listening to. There newest album was kind of lame to me, but the first three are great.

noahporter95 says:

IMO music just isn’t as intense as it used to be. And by intense, I mean intensive. A lot of newer rock music is pretty lackadaisical and melancholy with some albums that are really just noise for a solid 40 minutes. And if it is something catchy, its usually pretty repetitive and watered down. I think “guitar music” refers to the advent of writing songs based around the mechanics of guitars, not as ambiance to vocals or other instruments. Because of this a lot of older “rock” music had harder more sonically driving edge to it. Even Gilmour and Waters work with floyd was far more punctuated with dense musical guitar work that was more often catchy and emotion evoking than a lot of the white noise-esk stuff that’s passed of as psych rock today. A lot of what’s considered rock uses a lot of sonic coloration like reverb and effects that often really mask the raw sound of a guitar and set it up to act as more of an ambiance than a forefront melody. Anthony mentioned Queens of the Stone Age and I think if you listen to their songs for the deaf album it’s immensely different from the rest of the repertoire because the guitar is just in your face which is a result of melody driven by a guitar and subsequently lends it’s self to a darker possibly angrier sound, especially when distorted, which also makes it stand out more.

AJ Patterson says:

rock is a really young genre if you think about it. hip hop is even younger, but it’s dominating right now. Music genres are cylical (as well as subgenres i.e. trap) and rise and fall in popularity. 90s rock is so beloved I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a revival of rock in popularity. just give it time. rock may be waning, however the suggestion that guitars are on the way out is insane. It’s too important as an instrument.

maybe we don’t need innovative rock albums right now. Like melon said, the QotSA album was just quality without needing to innovate. I want to see more of that: huge rock bands of the 2000s not trying to reinvent the wheel but doing what they are good at.

As long as Trent Reznor is making music, rock is still alive. His new EPs are his best music in years and obviously he is always innovating. Of course some might classify him more as industrial/electronic/metal, but still.

Wait and see. I love hip hop, but people are getting burnt out on trap, and in the coming years I think we will see more experimental hip hop, more “comeback” rock albums and new rock artist that will cause it to get popular again. It may never be as popular as it was, but there’s a vacuum right now and musicians will always fill it.

Kevin McKernan says:

Listen to bvb

Hello my Name Is Rico says:

Anchovie fat nano

Mechaman365 says:

The whole argument about guitars is pretty simple, the timbre is exhausted, period.
It reached the point when you can not really make something new out of the same instrument that has been exploited for more than 70 years, My evidence on this are the +1000 effects and modules designed for guitar that clearly shows how hard the people want to make a guitar sound like something else.
the people want something new but at the same time it feels like the options are not as big as they were 50 years ago when synthesizers were coming up. these noise machines are still being tuned to work at the same chromatic scale as all other instruments to generate harmony and cohesion, but this is just cause our brains like and enjoy symmetry, dissonance works to provide nuance and interest in the sound but cannot and will never provide us with the aesthetic symmetry our brain wants, if you change the chromatic scale and rules, you will end up generating another chromatic scale and rules that will mimic what previously was there cause you will look for symmetry over and over again.

Evan Davidson says:

guitar will never die

Josh Reidy says:

Metal is worse than pop music

Miss Dolkapots says:

You know, I heard the same darn thing in the late 70s/early 80s when New Wave bands like Human League and Gary Numan invaded the charts. Rock was dead too, some even had keyboards in shapes of guitars to make a point rofl. oh wait, anybody remembers the electronic drums set that was supposed to be the death of the traditional version? Rock isn’t dead, it is underground. I have no problem with that, there are still interesting bands out there to listen to and I don’t care if they don’t make the top 40.

LuigiChannel50 - Just Watches Videos says:

it’s dying because Rock fans are picky and only want one thing

Linkin Park was the last major rock band and “Rock” fans killed them off real early, they are ashamed of that “emo” music, “electronic garbage that only emo’s like”, one of the biggest and best innovators for rock in the early 2000’s was written off as “emo” music despite having way more heavy sounding songs with harsh vocals, pretend With You, Points Of Authority, A Place For My Head, One Step Closer ect. don’t exist and act like Crawling defines them. to them if it is meaningful but isn’t 100% rock it’s emo. stupid logic.

Linkin Park > Nirvana
Linkin Park > AC/DC
Linkin Park > All Of Glam Metal
Linkin Park > All Of Post Grunge/All Of Screamo

not the best band by any means but way better than these

Satin Struthers says:

Rock is in the retirement home complaining about the youth not doing it like they used to.

vista7 says:

Good points. I think a big difference these days versus when I was hitting college is that there were so many bands with really ground breaking sounds. Stuff like the Pixies, Jane’s Addiction, My Bloody Valentine, and Nirvana. It was also around this time people really started to discover a lot of the college radio bands that stayed under the radar in the 80’s. Then you had music scenes all over the country. When I lived in Athens in the early 90’s; there were bands playing out just about every night of the week and people were going to see them. The new generation really isn’t into live music as much as previous generations. There are some really solid bands that I have heard the last few years like Parquet Court and Fleet Foxes but they just don’t see to have the same riveting edge or freshness that stuff had back in the early 90’s. I listen to to a local radio station and most of what I hear them playing is retro indie rock from the 80’s and 90’s.

Lupco Kotevski says:

In all genres of Western music, its all been done. Everything is derivative of the past, and stylistically there has been nothing truly original for decades. For example, if you know your music history, then its difficult to get too excited about Tame Impala or Lana Del Rey because its been done before. However, that is not to say that their music isn’t good, its just that its not new to those that know. Even combining music styles is a decades old idea – for example Laura Nyro’s revolutionary hybrid singing and songwriting on her pop masterpiece LP ‘Eli and the Thirteenth Confession’ (1968), with songs about love, sex, drugs, loneliness, lesbianism, etc was truly groundbreaking. But that was 50 years ago. The time is ripe for a new genius in popular music to emerge to freshen things up, but what is also lacking these days is truly great songwriting and soul, which are at the core of popular music, not the style or the sound. I think the last great singer/songwriter is Kurt Cobain – derivative, but extremely compelling. The problem with guitar based rock is that its reached its harmonic zenith decades ago with progressive rock.

Raul Tellegen says:

How can you NOT mention Fidlar and Pissed Jeans? And less traditional: Idles…what about Dream Wife, FUU most notably?
And Steel Panther are not quite dead (yet) and still pushing (dubious) boundaries…but that’s heavy metal, agreed…but Rock is also not dead.

Hello my Name Is Rico says:

Amber lee ass handle

Austin Bennett says:

King Gizzard is pretty cutting edge if you had to ask me

john williams says:

These comments are actually pretty good

ProfessorLaytonFifa says:

It’s funny how he made this video the day To Be Kind was released.

young braap says:

Rock isn’t dead it just went underground. Hip-hop is the mainstream and unless a rock band can get a pop hit and revive the genre and bring it back in style, it will remain underground.

CirE219 says:

Highly suspect, royal blood, qotsa`s new album, foo’s new album, all very much reasons rock is still alive and well

ValseMusic says:

Currently I would say that the mainstream is in a dance-based phase, which is always something that seems to happen in waves. The late swing era and the early rock and roll era going between the 50s and early 60s were all about dancing. Then came a reactionary, revolutionary period of blues rock and psychedelic rock in the late 60s, and all of the heavy metal kinds of bands of the 70s. This period was more about the music as a means in itself, rather than an aid to dancing. Then the mainstream experienced a resurgence in dance-based music all through the 80s. Then the 90s had a brief grunge period before dance music stole the throne again, and has been reigning ever since. I have great hope for the immediate future, given that we’re long, loooong overdue for a mainstream of absolute music rather than music for dancing. I’ve also observed that the kids coming generation, having been born with the infinite informational access of the internet ready at hand, seem to be especially intelligent, sensitive, insightful, and creative. Perhaps enough to break the mold of the overly-accessible, hackneyed, dull consumerist music popular today. They’re growing up with great, creative cartoons like Adventure Time, Korra, and Steven Universe. The mainstream movies they’re growing up with are getting better and better. Their video games are really good. And they’re growing their minds with crowd-sourced things like YouTube rather than commercialized cable TV. Hopefully these great things are popular enough with kids that they’ll become a generation of original thinkers, ready to challenge the previous generations’ musical taste.

Grzegorz . Marcisz says:

Check out Russian Circles – Memorial ,some good heavy music !

Adam says:

Except the in thing in rock/metal is X-core bands. Which is barley music at all.

Michael Egan says:

“Percussion is just so passé” HA

Kokac says:

Rock is actually shit. i only listen to hip hop and R&B, rock is cringy to be honest.

sonic jet says:


Tyler the G says:

I was feeling this exact way for the longest time, but now in 2017, I have high hopes. So far this year, three major rock albums (concrete and gold by foo fighters, villains by queens of the stone age, and Outrage! Is Now by Death From Above; argue with my choices all you want) came out that actually did well, not just old bands squeezing out content in their last years. Rock is in a place right now where it’s relevant enough for more bands to emerge and lots of music but not too popular that it becomes overplayed on the radio and saturated af

Hugo shiznit says:

rock is not dead. its just the people that dont “look” for new bands and support underground bands. they just kinda wait for them to pop up on TV or a big festival or something.

Allen Ellsworth says:

People who say Rock is dead probably don’t even listen to rock music.

MlgDolly says:

Wanna hear a joke?

Lil Wayne guitar skills

Hi I'm Andy says:

Melon why the fuck didn’t you review The 1975 album???

Konstantin Georgiev says:

I think the problem is in saturation. I mean rock was the most popular form of music for 60-70 or so years, it’s just natural that something different starts to replace it. And as a side effect you get thousands of artists that have created noumerous styles and sounds. In such a saturated field it’s very difficult to innovate. I think that in time Hip-Hop and Electronic music will reach the same state.

jayson sowers says:

It ain’t dead its just lenegering in the background ready to do something and better possibly i have a band im trying to the same thing. i grew up on mudvayne seether shinedown creed metallica and megadeth and pantera and my chemical romance and others. and yah its one big group trying make something different. i haven’t figure it out yet

Josiah Lovelace says:

In my humblest of opinions, the metal underground has been churning out more technically proficient and interesting music then the 80’s and 90’s did.

Joseph Billing says:

All I need to do is say two words. Highly Suspect. A great fucking band.

Gabriel Guardado-Reyes says:

I thought Fall Out Boy said they were saving Rock and Roll ?

Pants Jeanman says:

so many name drops lemme get my notepad

simsemillia says:

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard motherfuckerrrs

Fleisch Berg says:

Stoned Meadow Of Doom.

Jon Sutton says:

Prog-rock solved all of my “bored with rock” problems. Greatest (and most diverse) rock genre ever, because it can literally pull in from nearly everything and still work.

Mav Strike says:

Time all it takes is time.People don’t understand music has phases all it takes it just a certain amount of time then it’ll probably be really big or just regular it could take a day,a week, a month or maybe a year its just time.

Angus Thermopyle says:

The rock I grew up listening to is long dead, the good ‘ol radio days here in Boston 107.3 and 104.1 were the best times

Napkin Shoplifta' says:

I hate you… Progressivist slut

Matej Petkovski says:

A lot of rap is getting or got shit over this past decade, especially with mumbling rap. But its kind of the same with every genre. I like what I like, I watch this channel to branch out my music taste and not become one of those people that degrades others based on their music taste, although a lot of people deserve it. Last thing, can you tell us what your top 10 albums are or top 5 from genres like rock, metal, jazz, blues, rap, etc.

Dustin Anderson says:

I would listen to metal if all the singers didn’t do that growly screaming thing. The growling…it’s fucking cringy as shit, man. But the music behind it is fucking cool, and this is coming from an old ass middle aged shoegazer.

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