Woolly Reviews: Aesop Rock – The Impossible Kid (Album Review)

In this edition of Woolly Reviews The Granddad talks about the new album from legendary underground emcee Aesop Rock entitled “The Impossible Kid”! The album is out now!

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Amanster says:

can you be any less redundant?

Ravenous Catalyst says:

i print out his lyrics and soak em up for hours even for songs i’v listened to daily for 20yrs DefJux put out lyric book for songs b4 None Shall Pass. i have it on my gdrive https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B23cZfo4Co6YbmVUNDZ5dTdsX3M?usp=sharing i’v done videos abridging his songs and vid of how i used to figure lyrics out b4 internet..

Ray Harper says:

Wow what single grade digit did you drop off to not understand his language? He speaks at a high school level for the most part, and the rest is easily inferred by context clues. Sounds to me like you’re literally illiterate, so you shouldn’t review art that isn’t in your wheelhouse. Maybe keep reviewing lil Wayne and his kindergarten vocab. And leave those who have both sick beats and such jokes you’re not smart enough to get to people who have read a seven letter word and understand it.

Mike Adkins says:

It was cool. Not hating just can’t get into him. Just not my flavor ig

thesimulacre says:

7:25 Yeah that’s what I love tho.. Just be listening like 4 years later and suddenly “OHHHH!”
I love it.

Oniz Janniere says:

dont forget lice 1 and 2
the verbal equivalent of a doodle for aes

L A says:

What a funny review..enjoyed this. Thank you

Kevin Ruta says:

Good to see people talking about Aesop, one of the dopest to do it. And your a funny dude haha I subscribed.

ricardo aleman says:

Aesop Rock is one of the best lyricist rapper, that enhances a deeper understanding of vocabulary and beats

Hive Mind 11 says:

His music is super stimulating to the brain. I found Aesop like 5 years ago, he’s my mentor for my music.

Ediseu Falcone says:

how do you mindfuck? xDDD

ScareynotHarry says:

I think he had no features bc he mentions living in a barn a lot in his songs and music videos, meaning exactly what you think it means

turtle4614 says:

I listen to this album at least once a day! He nailed this one! Buy it.

xXTurnAmericaIntoAGardenXx says:


Pie Progressive says:

Granddad’s list
1. Rabies
3. Lazy Eye
4. Water Tower
5. Molecules

Avry Anderson says:

Good review man

thefake bil says:

Shout out to O-Solo’s voice

Mario Lomeli says:

Thank you! Yes. Thank you for an honest review.

Scott Scheiten says:

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! good review.

Joshua Phillips says:

I think this album is actually a bit easier to understand lyrically. Sick album btw

Jake Morgan G says:

Your intro to this video is what made me subscribe. Lol

Johnny John says:

This album on vinyl sounds amazing

thomas hudson says:

I am only a minute into this vid and this guy gets it.. Takes a few hundred listens before you kinda get some of the lyrics.. some, not all… I love fucking Aesop! Good shit bro, nice vid.

Hive Mind 11 says:

This album is his best imo. His vocal production was mixed real good.

andrew 11 says:

that opening line is golden

Hooptie & Lil Crack says:

you need more subscribes

TodellisuusFeidaa says:

If you’re into Aesop, try Jam Baxter. The guy’s like Aes’s British counterpart, only with a nastier, darker and more depraved overtone.

Dennis myers says:

first video ever watched… best first sentence I’ve ever heard ….I draw and shit …. immediate subscription I haven’t even watch what you said I just paused it cause I’m laughing and subscribing …. Rings is something deeeeeep art shit

Johnny John says:

This album is amazing it’s art Aesop rock is art I really love this album

RunswithScissors says:

Lets not forget how hard “Lazy eye” goes that fucking baseline is 18+

Rebecca Marshall says:

Water Tower is about death, what I got was that his cat brought him the bird as a present (why he refers to it as being wrapped in a bow), as cats do. On another note, that song broke me because as he explores the theme of death he discusses a suicide attempt of his own and I just…want him to be okay, goddammit

Tike Manski says:

I seen him in Minnesota on his tour. This album kept up with his persona. Rhymesayers kept him and Hail Mary Mallonw/ Rob Sonic is a gem. He is authoritative when it comes to beats and ryhmes. He is the best around!

gqfiend says:

Sick pre-intro.

Curtis Maloney says:

…. Most of his stuff is metaphors and references to older books/stories/legends/mythology/ ect…ect but he uses them to describe his life and struggles in a lyrically, and introspective way it may be (if your not well versed in older novels/poems/ ect…ect…) hard to understand the point he is trying to convey. That being said…. Easily (at least for me) top five hip-hop/rap lyricist in the game at this point.

Jorts MacDonald says:

totally agree!

M Keith says:

Aesop fan for 19 years. I understand everything he says. You learn his language over time. Lazy Eye is about his health. His mindset in the face of health challenges. His opening line. “My spirit animal comes between pretzel rolls.” Chicken. To me he says “From a state of being nervous.”

chelsea6671 says:

one of my favorite albums to come out in this decade. There’s too much to talk about and you went over just about all the reasons i love this album. My top three are Dorks, Rings, and Defender. I also am glad to see some love for Molecules which i thought most reviewers unfairly hated on. Great review.

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