Woolly Reviews: Jay Rock – Redemption (Album Review)

In this edition of Woolly Reviews The Granddad talks about the new album from TDE rapper Jay Rock entitled “Redemption”! The album is out now!

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l.m.a 463 says:

good review do you have any CDs from gift of gab ?

Naimon Valley says:

Bruh…. why he still didn’t get rid of Future’s part on King’s Dead? Dope album btw.

Justin Hughes says:

Bro, you are hilarious! Dig all your videos. I really like this album – good work out music!

Ocean Sage says:

Redemption is super bland. 90059 was amazing. Redemption has basic beats and pretty lackluster bars for Jay Rock. I’m disappointed. 6/10

BlackFlame450 says:

This is Jay Rock’s most focused project yet and he seems much better in his flows and cadences on here. The production is on the generic side but some of them really bump in the speakers. My favorite tracks is ES Tales, Broke+-, For What its Worth, Troopers because I like Cardo’s production, maybe OSOM. Specially ES tales could’ve have a Schoolboy Q feature. Jay Rock is very underrated MC and same goes to Ab-Soul both of them are dope artists in their own right. Thanks for the review Granddad. We need that Black Hippy album man i can feel it.

William Clarke says:

i’m trying to finish this album but nas, and the carters got in the way. ES Tales was begging for a schoolboy q feature. im very disappointed this is going to sell 26-27k jay rock deserved more

Vladimir Klizschko says:

Except the duds (Tap Out, Knock It Off, Rotation 707, Kings Dead) which were just overly commercialized this album was good

Joseph Bergeron says:

WIN was crap.

Nick Rubio says:

Nice review! Is it me or does ES Tales give a classic Ice Cube feel?

David Rowe says:

Personally I was really disappointed by this. 90059 was amazing to me, but this did absolutely nothing to me. I’ll take ES Tales, Redemption, and King’s Dead, but other than that? The beats on here were super mediocre and boring, Jay Rock’s attempt at singing on songs like Rotation, Troopers, Knock It Off, etc. was awful, and his rapping wasn’t anything too special either. Some nice content here, some cool flows there, but overall I think he really took a step back with this one. I know he can kill a track but outside of ES and Redemption I don’t think he did that.

Alec Ashby says:

It’s just a solid album it’s no 90059 but it’s still solid af a couple skippables and a couple forgetten tracks


That mainstream sound intially killed me at first as well as the first couple of tracks because they were a little underwhelming energy wise. I wanted him to start the album on some ES Tales shit. But after like the first two or three tracks and listens, the rest of the album picked up for me. C+ to a B- for me. Because that annyoing shouting like flow he did. But yeah it’s cool.

Wesley Rocco says:

This and 90059 prove Jay Rock should not be slept on. He’s a great rapper with a dope style and def deserves more recognition. I hope he blows up a lil more off of this latest project and Win and Broke+- were my favorite tracks. MOMMY!!!!!! (KENDRICK VOICE)

Dee says:

Definitely one of the best albums so far this year.Loved jay rock’s delivery has varied nicely

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